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Polina Polei - Naturopathy, Reflexology, Herbalist and Bach Flower Therapist

Migdal HaLevanon, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

New - prenatal course! Instruction by Polina - naturopath and reflexologist who guides women through fertility and pregnancy, and Avigail - doula, nurse, ambulance driver and HKG preparation instructor.

Here for you with a box full of creative tools!

Call for more information: 054-2007277


Wide range of alternative medicine treatments, using naturopathy, reflexology, medicinal herbs, Bach flower remedies and more - for the treatment of a wide range of medical and emotional issues, support for women before childbirth and during pregnancy, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment is based on a holistic approach, that treats the person as a whole, with body and mind working as one unit, and therefore always treats both the physical side, through a comprehensive diagnosis, nutritional adjustments, medicinal herbs and supplements and also the emotional side through reflexology and Bach flowers.

Treatments in a large range of fields:


  • Diagnosis based on blood tests, symptoms, foot diagnosis/iridology.
  • Nutritional adjustments based on the diagnosis.
  • Adjustment of supplements to remedy the deficiencies and treat the disease / disorder.
  • Special program for couples dealing with fertility treatments and preparation for pregnancy, with the aim of creating optimal conditions for becoming pregnant, and a normal pregnancy, continuing to support the couple during and after pregnancy.


  • Treatment of a variety of diseases and disorders through reflexology massage.
  • Support in emotional situations and with behavioral difficulties, such as stress and anxiety, ADHD.
  • Support during fertility treatments and during pregnancy from day one.

Treatment with medicinal herbs

  • Personally customized herbal extract treatments to treat a variety of diseases and disorders.
  • Preparing the body to become pregnant using medicinal herbs.

Bach flower treatments

  • Emotional therapy to treat situations such as stress, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, depression, social difficulties, insecurity, obesity, ADHD and more.

Polina Polei - graduate of the naturopathy track, including reflexology studies, at Michlelet Tiltan, a branch of Ariel University, and of a pregnancy and childbirth specialization course at Adi Assaf - Merchav Lemida VeRipui.

Call for more information: 054-2007277

The treatments take at the WeCare welness center in the Ma'ar, or in your home, as needed.


Sun-Thu: 08:00-19:30, Fri: 09:00-16:00.



Alex Masycheff
I really enjoyed the treatment. Very relaxing and stress relieving. The foot pain I had for weeks has gone. Polina has great expertise in everything related to naturopathy and reflexology - you'll feel it from the very first seconds of the treatment.
Tony Anton Levanov
מצטרף להמלצות על פולינה. מנסיון אישי הטיפולים שלה מרגיעים. עם השפעה חזקה וארוכה.
Dana Raz
פולינה היא בעלת ידע נרחב בתחום, רצון כן לטפל ולסייע, וידיים נהדרות! בזכות התוספים שעליהם היא המליצה אני חשה הקלה משמעותית בכאבי צוואר וגב. כמו כן, בזכות המלצתה הבן שלי עבר את החיסונים בקלות וללא תופעות לוואי כמעט. אני ממליצה מאוד לפנות לפולינה לייעוץ ולטיפול!
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