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Electricar - Electric Garage

Gilboa, Shilat Industrial Area
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

The first electric car garage in the Modiin area. Specializing in electrics and diagnostics for all types of vehicles. Also serving as a center for installations and accessories.

Areas of expertise:

  • Advanced diagnostics: Advanced technology diagnostics laboratory for all types of vehicles, including hybrids and electric cars, high-voltage battery replacement, battery repair, electric vehicle malfunctions.
  • Servicing for all electric cars: also during warranty period (without damaging warranty).
  • Installations for security vehicles: Roof racks, sirens, flashing lights, loudspeaker systems, communication systems.
  • Electrics: starters, charging issues, power leaks, starter issues, engine fans, lit warning lights, short circuits.
  • Air conditioning: computer malfunctions, gas filling.
  • Additional services: ABC engine warning lights, steering system, tires, engine and gear lights, car battery replacement, repair of electric windows, mechanisms and control buttons, installation of multimedia systems, audio and stereo.
  • Car interior accessories:
    • Car upholstery, bins, mats, covers
    • Variety of mobile phone holders
    • Phone chargers
    • Steering wheel covers
    • Multimedia systems: advanced multimedia systems, including Wave and YouTube, with a more comfortable interface then the small smartphone screen
    • Range of speakers and sound systems.
  • Car exterior accessories:
    • Exterior car covers for sun protection
    • Fluorescent vests and hazard signs
    • Windscreen wipers
    • Sun protectors
    • Roof racks
    • Ignition booster (boosts battery)
    • Regular booster cables
    • Reverse system
    • Small / large (for all wheel drive) compressors.
  • Car cleaning: scents, window cleaning liquids and more.
  • Additional accessories: mirrors, headlights, fuses, headphones, wheel brace wrenches, license plate holders, batteries for remote controls, bulbs, key pads, wind deflectors.

Also offering service for other garages requiring support with electrical and diagnostic problems.

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Sun-Thu: 07:30-18:00, Fri: 07:30-12:30.


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