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Garages in Modiin

All the musachim and authorized services centers in the Modiin area, offering every type of car repairs, servicing, diagnostics, electrical repairs, car bodywork and more.
Guy Motors
Yoni Bill Carson
Best mechanic and garage I have used in Modiin. Guy is knowledgeable and absolutely honest. Anglos can feel at ease if their Hebrew is not up to scratch as Guy and his wife both speak good English. Strongly recommend, as an engineer the professionalism is obvious as soon as you enter and see how the workshop is run.
Gold Motors - Authorized Mazda Ford Service Center
Opher Aviran
היו לי מכוניות רבות לאורך השנים, גם בארץ, וגם במהלך שליחויות בחו"ל, מטעם משה"ח. השירות, האדיבות והמקצועיות של צוות גולד מוטורס, בראשות המנהלת לירז זכריה, הם בסטנדרט בינל'. זה מתחיל בלירז ומחלחל כלפי מטה, דרך כל הצוות, כולל עובדות הקבלה, ויקי ורחלי היעילות והחביבות, צוות עובדי המוסך המקצועי והאדיב וכך גם צבי, הנהג של המוסך, שאסף אותי מהבית, או שהחזיר אותי לבית והוא תמיד מקסים, מנומס ויעיל. מוסך גולד מוטורס - שירות איכותי שלא נתקלים בו רבות במדינת ישראל כיום. אמליץ לכל חבריי !
A.A.L Modiin Car Service Center
יובל ברוש
מוסך ברמה גבוהה . עבודות יצרן צביעת רכבים בצומת לב מיוחדת מנסיון שלי זה המקום היחדי שבו אתקן את הרכב ואסף איש יקר וישר שנותן תחושה מרגע שאתה מגיע תחושה שהגעת למקום הנכון יחס חם הגון ומיתחשב. ממליץ למי שאוהב את הרכב שלו אומנם לא זול לתקן אצלו אבל הרמה של התיקון אומרת הכל❤❤😊
Musach Shilat
Michal Seri
שרות מעולה! אדיב והכי חשוב אמין. בכל פעם שאני מגיעה לטיפול, אני יוצאת מרוצה.
Musach Ilan Bason
Gal Mor
מחיר הוגן, הנחות ומבצעים, שרות מהיר ומצוין
Autopia - Toyota Modiin Dealership
Yael Ella
אמינים, מקצוענים, משקפים הכל ללקוח לפני טיפול, אווירה נעימה במוסך, פינת המתנה משקיפה על אזור התיקונים, קפה טעים, אנשים טובים.
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
Shirley Sender
Fantastic friendly service. Repaired my 20 year old car promptly and efficiently at a fair price. Allowed me to remove repaired vehicle with out paying as it was closing time with the request to call next day to pay. The trust that I would pay later reflects the character of the owner that any repairs he did were necessary.
Gil Niv Service Center - Licensed Garage
Harry Rubenstein
Gil has been servicing our cars since 2003. I call him “the thinking mechanic.” They never start any work without contacting you first and letting you know what needs to be done and why and what it will cost. All the mechanics are personable and Keti the front desk administrator is lovely as well. I’m not going to say they are the cheapest, their prices are fair. But their work is guaranteed and you never have to second guess it. Trusty mechanics are hard to find!
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
Tal Muscal
עודד הוא ״המוסכניק״ הכי מסור והגון שאי פעם פגשתי . טיפל בשני רכבים שלנו ״והציל״ מספר פעמים. ממליץ עליו בחום .
Musach HaAchim Gez - Garage
Mechanical services for all types of cars, as well as electrical work, air conditioning, diagnostics, towing and rescue, preparation and passing of annual car tests and more. The garage is equipped with one of the most advanced computerized
Gold Motors - Authorized Mazda Ford Service Center
You are invited to Gold Motors Modiin, a professional and advanced service center, including a testing center for the purchase of new cars and and a wheel alignment center. The official Mazda and Ford garage in the Modiin area. Authorized s
Kia Motors Modiin - Authorized Service Center
You are invited to Kia Motors Modiin, one of Israel's most advanced authorized professional service centers. The center's expert staff will offer you service as you have never experienced before - with an emphasis on professionalism, reliab
150 ₪ Off Car Servicing
Liad Car Services (Oded Harati)
Garage licensed by the Transportation Ministry, offering general mechanical work for all types of vehicles. Managed by Oded Harati, with 25 years of experience in the field, and a wide variety of up-to-date certifications, including servici
Jumper Cables for Only 80 ₪!
Liad Puncture Services (Oded Harati)
Full range of services for car tires and wheels, at the puncture services shop next to the Liad garage, managed by Oded Harati. Services include: Tire repair Front alignment Radar and camera calibration system (ADAS) Replacement and sale of
Musach 443 - Garage
Professional repair services for all types of vehicles, at importer level. Professional and skilled team with over 30 years of experience in the field. Services include: General car mechanics for all types of vehicles Electrics Air conditio
Musach Daniel - Garage
General car mechanics. Servicing for all types of cars. Collection of car from the customer's home. Offering a wide range of car services: 10,000 km check up Tires Car batteries Preparation and passing of tests Body work and painting Fillin
Musach Dima - Authorized Garage and Towing Services
Specializing in air conditioning, diagnostics and general mechanics for all types of cars. Garage is licensed by the Transportation Ministry. Rescue and towing services within 15 minutes in the Modiin area! Range of services includes: Gener
25% Off Towing Services!
Musach HaMechaletz - Modiin's Gear and Engine Refurbishment Experts
30 years of experience in general car mechanical services, specializing in the refurbishment of engines and automatic, AMT and CVT gears. Also offering repair services for all types of cars. The garage's services include: Engine refurbishme
Musach Shilat
The first and longest established garage in Modiin, since 1992. General car mechanics department Periodical servicing Electrics department Diagnostics department Air conditioning department Service garage for Shlomo Sixt group cars Hybrid d
Musach Shlomi - Authorised Garage
Repair and servicing of all types of vehicles: General auto mechanics Computerised troubleshooting MOT/vehicle-safety-inspection ('Test') Servicing Option for replacement vehicle Gas filling for air-conditioners Batteries Tires Exhausts Gar
Rafi Musach Shilat - Car Batteries, Electrics, Airco & Audio Systems
Highly respected and trusted reputation for 35 years. Specializing in all fields related to car electrics: sale and installation of car batteries, diagnostics, air conditioning and audio systems. Emergency services: towing and rescue servic
Amit - Car Service Center
Everything for your car under one roof! Arrangements with insurance companies. Repairs carried out by carefully selected team of experts: Mechanics Electrics Air conditioning Bodywork Painting Diagnostics Exhausts Glasswork Car batteries Sp
Free Summer / Winter Car Check Ups + Test Prep!
Autopia - Toyota Modiin Dealership
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Service center and showroom. Range of services for your car: mechanical servicing, electrics and diagnostics, body work and paint, trade-in and more - and showroom for new Toyota cars. Autopia's mechanics are the best in the field, and have
Bar Shirutei Rechev - Authorized Garage
Mevo Choron
Professional garage services for all your car's needs. Expertise in the field of German cars - proven experience! Garage services include: Repair of all types of cars Periodical treatments Test passing services Service to the customer's hom
Free Summer and Winter Car Checks!
Doron Shirutey Derech - Mobile Car Mechanic
Modiin General
BS"D. Please do not call on Shabbat. Mobile car repairs services for car mechanics and electrics, with over 25 years experience. Guaranteed arrival time of up to 40 minutes within Modiin! 24/7 car rescue services (excluding Shabbat and Jewi
10% Off All Car Repairs!
Dror's Tires Garage Shilat
Your garage in Shilat! New at "Dror's Tires Shilat": authorized garage certified by the Transportation Ministry. Everything you need under one roof. Car repairs Test preparation including transportation service to test Sale and installation
Electricar - Electric Garage
The first electric car garage in the Modiin area. Specializing in electrics and diagnostics for all types of vehicles from all companies. Also serving as a center for installations and accessories. Areas of expertise: Advanced diagnostics:
Gil Niv Service Center - Licensed Garage
Specializing in Kia and Hyundai cars at importer level. Offering service to 10,000 satisfied customers from throughout the area, with 30 years of experience as a legally licensed garage by the Transportation Ministry and the Israel Garage A
Galgalei HaMagen Tires
Repair and sale of all types of tires, at the best prices in the area. Forty years of experience in the field. Open until 21:00 Sunday-Thursday for your convenience! Range of services for your car: Tires for privately-owned cars Tires from
55% Off Michelin Tires!

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