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Bedtime Stories - Summer 2022 [Free]

Parks around the City, Modiin
Last Updated: 4 days ago

Bedtime stories at 18:30.

Full program (upcoming event highlighted)

  • Sunday 14/8: "HaKol Ani Yachol BaChofesh HaGadol" in the Ya'arot Yisrael Park, opposite house no. 16 - sea, pool, sun, popsicles, hiking and friends. A celebration of songs and stories. With Ronen the storyteller.
  • Sunday 21/8: "Benzi HaPil" in the park on Emek Beit She'an, in front of house no. 22 - story about an elephant who was born colorful and different from his gray friends, but realizes that different is special. With Ronen the storyteller.
  • Sunday 28/8: "Aya, Ouch, Awa" in Emek Ayalon park, opposite house no. 2 - in a secret place, not far from here, lives a special family, mother Awa and her children Aya, Ai, Ach and Ouch. Everyone who gets hurt calls out the name of one of them and they immediately come to take care of them. With storytellers Oren Cohen and Ronen Goldfarb.

*The Modiin Maccabim Reut Iriyah reserves to right to make any changes.

Previous events:

  • Wednesday 6/7: "The Piper of Hamelin" on the grass outside Heichal HaTarbut - the story of the wise piper who saved the city from a plague of rats. With storyteller Oren Dessau.
  • Wednesday 13/7: "Kofi HaKof" on the grass outside Heichal HaTarbut - Story based on the classic book 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson. With Teatron Keren Or.
  • Wednesday 20/7: "Shlomo HaMelach VeHaDvora" on the grass outside Heichal HaTarbut - King Shlomo is the wisest of all people, knows and understands the language of all animals. What happens to Shlomo when he naps in his garden? With Orit VeNadav Yachdav.
  • Wednesday 27/7: "HaLev Shel Aba" on the grass outside Heichal HaTarbut - Yonatan and his father go on an adventure to find his father's bundle of keys and find out what each key opens. Inspired by Mafteach HaLev. With storyteller Dekelona.
  • Sunday 31/7: "Dira LeHaskir" in the Emek HaChula park opposite house no. 95 - in a beautiful valley between vineyards and fields stands a five-story tower... Mr. Mouse has left, who will live in his place? With Ronen the storyteller and his friends the actors Yaron Menashe and Shirley Lilu.





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