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21/05 - 22/05 : Lag Ba'Omer 2019 - Designated Bonfire Lighting Areas in Modiin

The full list of areas permitted by the Iriya for the lighting of Lag B'Omer bonfires in Modiin Macabbim Reut.
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In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, this event is cancelled.

In the framework of the Iriyah's preparation for Lag BeOmer the areas in which bonfires may be lit have been designated.

Lighting bonfires will only be permitted in open areas at a distance from city neighborhoods and homes.

Bonfires may be lit on the following days only:

  • Tuesday 21/5/19 - for Ganei Yeladim
  • Wednesday 22/5/19 - for all residents

Designated Lag Ba'Omer bonfire lighting areas:

  • Open area along Emek HaEla, west of Churshat HaNoflim up to Yehuda HaMaccabi.
  • End of Emek HaEla from the corner of Yehuda HaMaccabi west up to Rechov HaYa'ar.
  • Open area next to the entrance to the access road to the ecological farm (east of road) - corner of Emek HaEla and Emek Zevulun / HaSdera HaMerkazit.
  • Open area on Rechov HaMaayan south of Rechov HaNevita (according to signage).
  • Open area along route 4 from the directions of the logistics area / technology park, west of the traffic circle next to the bridge.
  • Gravel lot in Merkaz Einav, east of Rechov HaNapach, next to the Mangalim Park and south of the Mika gas station.
  • Open area next to the Yehuda HaMaccabi / 431 / Sderot Rabin junction (south of junction).
  • Open area south of the access road to the Nofim neighborhood, behind the neighborhood's administrative offices, south of the traffic circle next to the bridge.

During the days of the bonfires there will be increased surveillance by the municipal and security departments.

Security patrols will not allow the lighting of bonfires in areas within city neighborhoods and next to homes.

Lighting bonfires in unpermitted areas will not be allowed.

Bonfires lit in unpermitted areas will be put out and the persons who lit the fire will be dealt with and fined by the police.

In areas with a large amount of people and bonfires that may endanger those attending, entry will be forbidded to additional participants and no additional bonfires will be permitted.

Vehicles will not be permitted to enter open areas where bonfires are lit.

Guards will be stationed at unpermitted sites to prevent bonfires being lit.

Safety precautions:

  • Residents are requested to make sure the area they choose for their bonfires is clear of thorny plants and grasses, and at a safe distance from other bonfires.
  • Flammable materials should be kept away from the bonfires.
  • At the end of the festivities bonfires should be fully put out by pouring over water or sand.
  • Garbage should be collected and put in a central location in order to enable easy removal the following day.
  • The fire brigade should be called at 102 for any incidents.



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