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Local Elections 2024 for the Modiin City Councils - Full List of Parties

Information on all the parties participating in the Modiin Maccabim Reut city council elections, including ballot letters, number of seats in current council, and links to party platforms and additional information.
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

The elections will take place on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

Modiin Maccabim Reut elections 2024 in numbers:

  • 1 candidate for head of local council (mayor)
  • 12 parties
  • 21 council members (19 in current council)
  • 74,626 eligible voters
  • 104,244 residents

Candidate for head of city council (yellow ballot paper):

Haim Bibas (ballot paper: חיים ביבס)

Parties - listed alphabetically (white ballot paper):

Ba'Im Yachad led by Shahar Mei-On (ballot letters: יד)

1 seat in current council.

Gesher Mechubarim LaToshavim led by Yossi Avivi and Moshe Sadia (ballot letters: גש)

1 seat in current council.

Ilan LeModiin led by Ilan Yair Ben Saadon (ballot letters: ס)

3 seats in current council.

HaDor HaBa led by Elad Shimonovich (ballot letters: כן)

2 seats in current council.

Haim BeModiin led by Haim Bibas (ballot letters: חי)

4 seats in current council.

HaMachane HaLiberali led by Or Grinfeld (ballot letters: פה)

New party led by current council member (Grinfeld's previous party was joint with Shachar Osim Chinuch).

Kehilat Maccabim Reut led by Kfir Cohen (ballot letters: ק)

New party.

Mechubarim LeModiin led by Amiad Taub and Amichai Zelig (ballot letters: בעד)

New party led by 2 current council members who were in different parties (Taub in HaBayit HaYehudi and Zelig in Shachar Osim Chinuch).

Modiin Chofshit led by Itai Almog-Bar (ballot letters: א)

3 seats in current council.

Nashim BeModiin led by Keren Bin Nun and Liat Menchel (ballot letters: ל)

New party.

Shachar Osim! led by Idan Hemi (ballot letters: שחר)

3 seats in current council (formerly called: 'Shachar Osim Chinuch')

Si'at A.Nashim led by Adi Man (ballot letters: נ)

New party led by former council member of Shachar Osim Chinuch.



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