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Vets in Modiin

All the veterinary clinics in the Modiin area, including emergency services
Mahmadi Dimri Branch - Socially Responsible Veterinary Medicine
Dimri Towers
Open until 23:00, at regular prices (Sun-Thu, and on Fri from 09:00-15:00) and now also on Saturdays (from 18:00-21:00)! Join a real revolution! Advanced medical services and quality pet food, with a significant subsidy! There is no need t
50% Off Medical Treatments for Your Pet!
Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Naama Horvitz
Country Center
Fluent English speaker. Clinic, house visits, hospitalization. Conventional and alternative treatments and therapy for your beloved pets (cats, dogs, rodents). Membership packages are available with many bonuses and discounts - call for mor
4Pets - Medical Veterinary Center for Pets
Kfar Rut
Dedicated, loving, professional, round the clock medical care for pets in Modiin and the surrounding areas. The 4pets medical veterinary center - the oldest in the area with 30 years experience - is managed by Professor Eran Lavi, an expert
AlfaVet - Advanced Veterinary Center & Emergency Services for Pets
Malibu Center
One of the country's most sophisticated veterinary centers, part of the AlfaVet chain, managed by Dr. Adrian Bulata. The center offers advanced medical services, preventative medicine including inoculations for puppies and cats, periodical
Dr. Arik Elhalal - Veterinary Doctor
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Veterinary clinic for pets with over 18 years of experience in Modiin. The clinic offers a variety of treatments and services: Preventive medicine Routine treatments Emergency medicine Surgery Laboratory and imaging services Visits by outsi
HaMirpa'ah Shel Yael - Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Modiin General
Advanced medical treatments in the comfort of your home! Veterinary service fully dedicated to home visits, offering all check ups and treatments for your pets: periodical check ups, preventative treatments, vaccinations, internal medical s
Mahmadi Maccabim Branch - Socially Responsible Veterinary Medicine
Join a real revolution! Advanced medical services and quality pet food, with a significant subsidy! There is no need to collapse under the financial burden of caring for your pet, or to compromise on their care. All you need to do is choose
50% Off Medical Treatments for Your Pet!
Pet-Meds - Veterinary Clinic Under the Management of Dr. Sharon Barel
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Extensive experience in the various fields of veterinary medicine. Professional, dedicated and loving care for pets. The clinic offers a range of advanced veterinary medical services, including: Internal medicine Emergency medicine Surgery
Terminal 4 Pets - International Pet Transportation
Merkaz Renanim
The Israeli agency for international pet transportation, offering a full range of services to people traveling internationally with their pets. Services include: Document preparation Veterinary services Cargo shipments Airline approved kenn
The Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Tali Shaani
Kfar HaOranim
Professional and courteous service, based on true love of animals. Warm and personal attention for each patient. The clinic treats dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, parrots and more, with love and dedication. Service offered at the

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