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Disposables in Modiin

All the options in Modiin for disposables and party supplies - including disposable tableware, baking items and wholesale options.
Siba LeMesiba - Party Supplies Store
Keizer Center
Your celebration begins here! Wide variety of products for every type of party: birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Brit, Simchat Bat, family events and more! Helium balloons, rubber balloons, pinatas, fireworks, candles, confetti cannons, soap bub
Plastic Shop - Center for Disposables, Baking Products & Birthdays
Keizer Center
Huge range of disposables for perfect hosting, table designs for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, for Chinnot, Shabbat Chatan and any other event! Vast variety of baking ingredients, baking products, cake decorations, frosting, whipped creams, food colori
Stock Matok - Baking Products, Birthday Products & Candies for Events
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Largest store in Modiin and the surrounding area, offering a huge variety of candies in a range of shapes and colors, and a variety of tableware, decorations and products for birthdays, events and baking. The wide range of products you can
Box Sour Candy Strips Only 30 ₪, Kilo of Gummies 19.90 ₪ & More!
Joy - Birthday & Party Goods Store!
Modiin Center
Helium balloons, balloon deliveries in Modiin. Helium gas cylinders (disposable for home use). Helium balloons with personalised text Letter and number shaped balloons for self-inflation. Cake baking & decorating: tools and products. Gifts,
Printed Sugar Paper - 1 for 25 ₪ / 2 for 40 ₪!
Mashoo - Chain Store with Gifts, Favors and Good Things
Huge range of products at unbeatable prices (including a "One shekel" section): Party products Gifts Prizes Stationary Disposables Helium ballons Care products Packing boxes Cake decorations Party favors And more... Come and see for yoursel
Shulchan Mevorach - Disposables
Mevo Choron
Factory store for disposables.
Modiin Ilit
Disposables wholesale store.
Chad Peami
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Eurostock Shilat
Discount store.
Kelim VeItzuvim (Dishes & Designs)

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