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Photographers & Videographers in Modiin

Photographers, videographers and magnets in the Modiin area, for celebrations, businesses, portraits and more...
Ingrid Muller Photography
Farrah Dobuler
Ingrid is one of the best photographers out there!! We loved our Bat Mitzvah and our family portraits!!
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Meital Shechtman Nahri
מעין סבלנית ונעימה מקצעית מאוד עשינו אצל מעין צלומי משפחה יצא נדיר תודה
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Rinat Idelman
עשיתי מתנה לגיסתי בוק הריון אצל מעין, מעין הייתה נעימה, שירותית ומקצועית! יצא לגיסתי בוק מעל המצופה, איכותי מאוד, כולל ההדפסה! והתמונות יצאו מושלמות! ממליצה בחום!!!
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
ענת אספאו
עשיתי אצל מעין בוק אישי, יצאתי מרוצה מאוד! התמונות יצאו מהממות לשביעות רצוני! ממליצה בחום רב
Maor - Photography Studio
Adva Giladi
החוויה עם מאור הייתה נהדרת, היא עזרה להרגיש בנוחות ובטבעיות עם המצלמה, והתמונות יצאו נפלאות ומיוחדות, ממליצה בחום!
Maor - Photography Studio
חגית בן נר
איזה תמונות מושלמות. גישה לילדים. מגיל 0 אנחנו מצטלמים בסטודיו והתוצאות מושלמות
Maor - Photography Studio
יעל גלסטר
מאור מהממת. צלמת מעולה עם נשמה וגישה לילדים ולכל המשפחה. פשוט תענוג לעבוד איתך והתמונות יצאו הורסות. מומלצת מאודד
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Haya Oazana
ממליצה בחום על הצלמת מעיין עשינו צילומי משפחה בחוץ לנכדים שלי והיה מהמם מעיין מקצועית שירותים ומוכשרת מאוד אין ספק שנחזור אליה לצילומים בקרוב
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
אלעד מסורי
שירותית, מקצועית סובלנית ומלאת רעיונות - בקיצור מניסיון אין עליה - בפעם הבאה אחזור אליה
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Tal Sharvit Hovel
מעיין צילמה אותנו בפורים מקסימה וחייכנית עם שירות מקסים!!
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
אורטל זפרני
ממליצה מאוד על מעיין מקצועית מאוד, עשינו אצל מעיין את הבוק הריון 😊מעיין מאוד סבלנית,קשובה ,התמונות יצאו מהממות כולם החמיאו לנו,ובעקבותי חברה שהייתה בהריון עשתה אחריי גם תמונות אצלה והייתה מרוצה.
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Shai Eisenberg Gutman
מעיין צילמה אותי צילומי תדמית, והייתה לי חוויה פשוט מהממת. הרגשתי נינוחה, כמו בילוי עם חברה 😊 התמונות יצאו מדהימות, באיכות ואני משתמשת בהן בכל מדיה אפשרית. ממליצה בטירוף!
Klik Centre Modiin Branch
Carine Dekel
הגעתי בדקה ה 90 להכין אלבום.. ברוך האיש מאחורי הדלפק - עזר וכיוון ונתן מחיר הוגן וביצע בשלמות את האלבום - תודה על שירות אישי ומקצועי. קרין
Ingrid Muller Photography
Navah Shumacher
Ingrid is not only an incredible photographer, but she is so fun to work with - a photo shoot with her is fun and relaxing - she is amazing with kids and gives us photos that we will cherish forever. Cant wait for our next shoot!
Ingrid Muller Photography
Deborah David Solomon
Ingrid is my photographer for years! She did photo shoot for my family many times. She even managed to put a smile on my teen! She also does photo shoot for me and my Interior design business. I love her touch! She's makes it easy and fun!
Ingrid Muller Photography
Martine Maron Alperstein
Ingrid is an incredible photographer (& a pleasure to work with) who has captured multiple family celebrations & momments for us over the past few years. We have memories that will last forever.
Ingrid Muller Photography
Alana Slot Stern
Ingrid's photos are a family treasure. Her lovely personality brings out the best in people and then she captures that like pure art. Highly recommended.
YBD Yosef Ben David Photography - Event, Profile & Family Photography
Great moments at great prices! Specializing in photography for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and britot (also at the Kotel), weddings, events, birthdays, chinnot and sheva brachot. Design of digital albums according to the customer's instructions. Video
500 ₪ Off Brit / Zeved HaBat Photography!
Hadar Media - Book Photography, Clips & Events
Merkaz Sharbat
The photographers for your next event, close to home in Modiin. Hadar Media company has been in the field of private and business event photography since 2012. The company's photographers filmed the series: "HaMisada Shel Miki" (YES), "Noy
Herschel Gutman - Professional Photography
Modiin General
Exceptional images and services, exceeding expectations! Event and family photographer, based in Modiin. Creating natural footage that reflects the true ambiance of your special day - going about the day in a discreet manner, without hinder
Ingrid Muller Photography
Modiin General
Professional photographer specializing in portrait and event photography - always in a warm, calm and personal atmosphere! Portraits Family, children, Bar/Bat Mitzvah portraits, couples & maternity sessions. All shot outdoors in beautiful s
Lenser Studio - Family, Business and Events Photography
Specializing in studio, outdoor and events photography. Committed to great service and high quality at fair prices. Events - weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Britot, wedding proposals, Chinnot and also private and corporate events. Family photog
'Book' Photo Session + Digital Album for Only 1,250 ₪!
Maor - Photography Studio
Kfar Rut
Boutique studio in Kfar Rut. Specializing in children, family, maternity and newborn photography. Extensive experience of 12 years working with children. Patience, calm and a unique way of communicating with every child, from the most shy t
Mauricio - Photography, Video and Editing
Modiin General
Bezalel graduate, with over 10 years of experience, photographing Bar/Mitzvahs, events, portraits, modeling books, profile and atmosphere pictures. Artistic and professional photography, with no compromises on quality. Working in full coope
Photography & Fun - Shlomit Twizer
English speaker. Specializing in family, Bat Mitzvah book, children and baby photography, in the studio and out in nature. Building a concept for perfect and magical results, taking care of all the details, in an experience filled with love
10% Off Family Photography & Bat Mitzvah Books!
Shilo Video and Stills - Artistic Wedding Photography
Mevo Choron
Everything you need to perfectly record your wedding: professional video recording, high quality stills, designed digital albums and magnets on the spot. Click here for recommendations! Artistic-documentary style photography, that loyally p
Studio Maayan - Professional Photographer
Mishmar Ayalon
Specializing in portrait photography - Bat/Bar Mitzvah, pregnancy, families and children, couples, corporate profile photography and personal 'book' for any purpose, photographed in the studio and in nature. Professional photography in a pe
10% Off Bat Mitzvah 'Book' Photography!
Double Shot - Events Photography
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Specializing in video and stills photography for all types of events, both private and business, with a commitment to the best and most courteous service, at fair prices. Many years of experience photographing weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvot,
Klik Centre Modiin Branch
Modiin Center
Providing solutions for all photography needs. Photo-printing on Kodak paper, while focusing on the quality of the print. Photo-printing on canvas and enlargements. Passport photos. Gimmicks department – printing on different products: glas
MagneTeam Modiin - Magnet Photography for Events
Unlimited magnets throughout your event! Includes enlargements for the celebrating family! Live printing without ink Use of most advanced technology in the field of photography Warm and courteous photographers Additional services: White Scr
Orly Danieli Photography
Modiin General
Making the ordinary extraordinary! Photography for personal photo books, business profile portraits, shows, events, family and pregnancy photography. Special moments should be eternalized in a special way. Whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime
Zvika Liberman Video Productions - Videography, Direction & Clip Editing
Watch a sample Bar/Bat Mitzvah clip Specializing in the production of family movie clips as exciting content for events, such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. Also providing production, direction, shooting and editing services for profile
Digital Bar - Photography Store & Printing Services
Solomon Center
Event photography, photo development, and printing services. To send pictures to develop click here! The various services of the store include: Easy and convenient picture printing through store website Quality printing on canvas Super-size

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