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Balloons, Haftaot & Supplies for Birthday Parties in Modiin

All the stores in the Modiin area for balloons, candy, party supplies and more.
Siba LeMesiba - Party Supplies Store
Keizer Center
Your celebration begins here! Wide variety of products for every type of party: birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Brit, Simchat Bat, family events and more! Helium balloons, rubber balloons, pinatas, fireworks, candles, confetti cannons, soap bub
Bake & Cake - Products for Baking & Birthdays
The 2nd "Shum Pilpel VeShemen Zait" store. Unlike the main branch, the new store is dedicated entirely to utensils and ingredients for baking, birthdays, sweets and chocolates (previously only a small section of the original branch). The sh
Dana Land - Activities and Equipment Rental for Birthdays and Parties
Modiin General
For a fun and unforgettable party! Years of experience in running events in Israel and the US based on original and fun concept kits for Britot and birthday parties from age 1-16. In order for you to host a fun and high quality party, based
Hachi Matok SheYesh - Boutique Store for Baking Supplies & Ingredients
Modiin Center
The place where love and baking meet! Baking products and ingredients for professional and amateur bakers. Widest range of top quality fresh ingredients in the baking industry, for the preparation of cakes, desserts and pastries, chocolates
Sugar Paper/ Transfer Printing Kartisiyah - 5 for Only 100 ₪!
HaMetukim Shel David - Candy Store (Previously HaMetukim Shel Erez)
Modiin Center
Your candy store in Modiin! (Same ownership, only the name is new). Sweets, snacks, birthday party bags and gift packages. NEW! Printed sugar paper available All types of gummy candies, sweets and chocolates by weight Large range of snacks
It's My Party - Bounce Houses & Entertainment Supplies
Modiin General
Making every event extra special! It's My Party bounce houses and entertainment supplies offers you a wide variety of choices and styles that will make everyone excited! Whether it's a birthday party, family reunion, fundraiser, celebration
Joy - Birthday & Party Goods Store!
Modiin Center
Helium balloons, balloon deliveries in Modiin. Helium gas cylinders (disposable for home use). Helium balloons with personalised text Letter and number shaped balloons for self-inflation. Cake baking & decorating: tools and products. Gifts,
Printed Sugar Paper - 1 for 25 ₪ / 2 for 40 ₪!
Mashoo - Chain Store with Gifts, Favors and Good Things
Huge range of products at unbeatable prices (including a "One shekel" section): Party products Gifts Prizes Stationary Disposables Helium ballons Care products Packing boxes Cake decorations Party favors And more... Come and see for yoursel
Metukim Merlaz - Candy Store
Everything sweet in one place! Store specializing in all kinds of candies, accessories for birthday parties, gifts and more! Candies and sweets Chocolate Snacks Sweet gift packages Candy by weight and for events Accessories for parties, hel
Olam HaMamtakim Modiin - Shilat Branch
All the candy in the world! The flagship branch of Olam HaMamtakim, now in Shilat! 400 square meters of exceptional shopping experience at the best prices on the market. Special department for gift packages for Va'adim and public institutio
Plastic Shop - Center for Disposables, Baking Products & Birthdays
Keizer Center
Huge range of disposables for perfect hosting, table designs for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, for Chinnot, Shabbat Chatan and any other event! Vast variety of baking ingredients, baking products, cake decorations, frosting, whipped creams, food colori
Shumbala - Birthday Party Magician, Balloon Arrangements, Food Stands & Fireworks
Modiin General
Magician and medical clown, winner of the second place in the Israel Children's Magic Championship. Committed to providing you with a perfect, top level event. 21 years of experience in running birthday parties and events, including additio
Stock Matok - Baking Products, Birthday Products & Candies for Events
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Now in the store: Purim Carnival! Huge range of candies starting from only 1 ₪, and wide range of pampering Mishlochei Manot! Largest store in Modiin and the surrounding area, offering a huge variety of candies in a range of shapes and col
Box Sour Candy Strips Only 30 ₪, Kilo of Gummies 19.90 ₪ & More!
Huge Range of Candies for Purim From Only 1 ₪!
CakeAway – Sarit Dimbort
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Boutique cakes and cookies. Designed cakes for every occasion and holiday, including weddings, birthdays, conferences, businesses (with logo!), brit, simchat bat, chagim, bar/bat mitzvah. Please place your order a week in advance. Individua
10% Off Unique Mishlochei Manot!
Eurostock Shilat
Discount store.
Mamash - Crazy Toys
Keizer Center
Closed down.
Super Party
Azrieli Mall
Party hosting and decoration supplies store. Located where 'Keds - Kids' used to be.

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