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31/10 : Story Time at the Public Libraries - HaArnav SheRatza Knafaim

For addresses see links for each of the libraries at the bottom of the screen.

Inspired by the book of Carolyn Sherwin Bailey. A story of a rabbit who struggles to fit in with the other rabbit and wants to be something else. Will he succeed? If so, will it solve the problem? Charming story about creating relationships and self empowerment. Told by Chen Giberstein.

Tue 31/10, 17:30 at the Central Library, Emek Dotan 49. Free.

Upcoming events

Mon 6/11, 17:30 [Kramim Library] - HaArnav MaMushi. Teatron Sipurey Tamari, based on the story by Shlomit Cohen Asif. Mamushi sets out on a trip with three balloons. Along the way, he meets animals who promise him friendship in exchange for the balloons, but what will happen when the balloons burst? Mamushi is left with no friends and no balloons, but in the end meets a true friend. Charming story about unconditional friendship. The children are active participants in the story and at the end will have a balloon party.

Tue 14/11, 17:30 [Main Library] - HaMesiba Shel Shablulik. It is Shablulik the snail's birthday, and his friends are planning a surprise party for him, but the plans go wrong... Will they succeed to throw him a party? Performance about listening to others and the importance of cooperation between friends. Told by Shira Filosof.

Mon 20/11, 17:30 [Kramim Library] - HaKisim Shel Anati. Anati really loves pockets, more than anything else. Do her favorite overalls have 12 pockets? See if you can guess what is in them. Told by Einat Charush.

Tue 28/11, 17:30 [Main Library] - LeHapil Pil. 'A punctured balloon, a paper umbrella, one glove?! What a strange chest, what can you do with one glove?'. Gali is bored in her room. She is fed up with all of her toys, but suddenly discovers a mysterious chest that takes her away to an enchanting fantasy world. With Teatron Papiyon.

Wed 29/11, 17:30 [Reut Library] - LaKof Yesh Ba'ayah (The Monkey Puzzle). 'I've lost my mum!'. 'Don't cry little monkey', said a friendly butterfly. 'We will find you mother at once. Let's think together. Tell me, how big is she'. 'Bigger than me, what a question!'. The little monkey give the butterflies clues to help him find his mother, but the butterfly just gets more confused. Will they find the monkey's mummy among all the animals? With Teatron Keren Or.


For children aged 3-6. Children under the age of 3 will not be allowed to enter.

Ticket price: 15 ₪, one accompanying parent free. Tickets are available at the Heichal HaTarbut 08-9737333 or on the website.


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