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29/01 : Open Day for Visiting Ganim 2017

Come get a look and familiarize yourselves with the daily routine in the municipal ganim, at an 'open door' event that will take place on Sunday 29/1/17 between 17:00-18:30, at a number of ganim throughout the city (see list below).

Purpose of the visit: to get a general impression of the educational environment in the municipal ganim.

The visit is intended for parents only, and does not guarantee a placement in that gan.

There will be no entry to the ganim other than on the specified date.

During the visit, the parents will get to know the daily schedule, core programs taught, enrichment programs, support systems, and more.

The list of ganim which participate in the open door event:

  • Kramim Neighborhood: Gan Noga (dati), Gan Nitzan - Iyar 11.
  • HaNeVi'im Neighborhood: Gan Yona (dati) - Gan Yarkon - Micha HaNavi 3.
  • HaMeginim Neighborhood: Gan Almog (dati), Gan Anafa - David Elazar 18.
  • Avnei Chen Neighborhood: Gan Shrakrak (dati), Gan Barbur - Avnei HaChoshen 90.
  • HaPrachim Neihborhood: Gan Harduf - Tiltan 4.
  • Nechalim Neighborhood: Gan Shaked (dati) - Nachal HaYarkon 15 / Gan Karkum - Migdal David 11.
  • Mesoa Neighborhood: Gan Levana (dati) - Nachal Tzin 11 / Gan Shikma - Nachal Sorek 56.
  • HaShvatim Neighborhood: Gan Argaman - Dan 20 / Gan Tavor (dati) - Binyamin 51.
  • Moriah Neighborhood: Gan Yahav (dati), Gan Charuz - Shlomtzion HaMalka 4.
  • Maccabim: Gan Ye'elim - Maoz HaMaccabim School.
  • Reut: Gan Tziv'oni - Sachlav St.

For more information, you can call the Education department in the Iriya:

08-9726123 / 08-9726081.

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Sun 29/1/17, 17:00-18:30.


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