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Municipal Absorption Department

Irusim 29, Reut

Due to demand, the absorption department will be holding special sessions to ease the minds of English speaking olim about the current situation in Israel.

The sessions will be led by professional psychologists in English. The sessions will include discussions on the situation, how to deal with it, how to separate between personal situations and situations pertaining to the state, where to find relevant information, how to talk and how to explain to the children the situations and learn the Hebrew words associated with the current situation.

During the sessions, wonderful activities will be available for the children in the different age groups, so you can be free to join the sessions.

The first session will be this week on Wednesday 16/7/14, 10:00-12:00.

* Please click on the Facebook icon to join the Modiin Absorption Department Facebook group, and receive updates on events, information and activities *

Offering personal guidance for new Olim, including many activities for adults & children:

  • Olim Clubs in different languages (Russian, Spanish, & English).
  • Workshops - courses & training programs (e.g. MATI – for entrepreneurs in Israel, transfer from culture to culture, education in Israel).
  • Lectures: e.g. Israeli history, current affairs, health, army service….
  • Tours around the country, Israeli holidays and more.

Children's Study Center

For Olim children between ages 6-18 (up to 10 years in the country) - twice a week in the afternoons with professional teachers and bnot shirut volunteers.

Includes assistance with homework, social activities, extra Hebrew lessons and a course to prepare kids for Grade 1 (Kita Aleph).

Volunteer activities

The department works together with volunteer families who assist new Olim with their integration process into the community and day to day life.

Assistance with job searching and entrepreneurship

The department connects Olim with different HR offices and guides them through the process of finding a job / entrepreneurship.

English speaking hosts

The Modiin Absorption Department provides English speaking host families to help assist in the absorption process.

Discount in Arnona

The Modiin Municipality subsidizes Arnona Municipal Tax for the first year (on the first 100sqm you get a 90% discount).

For more information:

English Speaking Olim Coordinators:

  • Cherie Albucher: 08-9726196 / 050-7663080
  • Lee-at Salomon: 073-2326440

Aliyah Department:

  • Rozita Berlin - head of department
  • Orly Ochayon - Secretary

Ministry of Absorption Representative:

  • English speaking co-ordinator - meetings by appointment only: 02-6214512 / 02-6214551.
  • For any unsettled issues regarding the following: Absorption basket payments, rental assistance payments, unemployment payments, Olim rights, reimbursements for courses, other issues.

Coordinators for other languages:

  • Carine Limberg (French & Spanish): 073-2326441
  • Shulamit Reznik (Russian): 08-9707529
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Click here for more details on the working hours of each coordinator.


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