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Menino Bom - Modiin Capoeira School

HaEla School, Chut HaShani School and Reut Water Park

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acting, rhythm, acrobatics, strength, stamina, flexibility, culture and history.

The Modiin Capoeira School invites you to join one of our learning centers in the city.

The lessons are designed for all levels, from the age of 4 and above (children, youth and adults).

*Birthday party activities available, as well as drumming shows, dancers and capoeira performances for events.

Learning Centers (see links at the bottom of the screen):

  • Modiin - HaEla school sports hall (Emek HaEla 40)
  • Modiin - Chut HaShani school (Sani 80)
  • Reut - water park

Instruction by Amos Doyev and team of trainers.

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