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Sports & Martial Arts Chugim for Adults

The first place for Sports & Martial Arts Chugim for Adults in Modiin including current local deals! Always up-to-date with the latest information.
Sunnysurf - Surfing Courses for Children, Youth & Adults
דניאל דגן
הבת שלי כבר שנים במועדון מעבר לאינספור חוויות. יצא לי להכיר מועדון מיקצועי, אחראי, ומקום של העצמה אתגרית. שמנוהל ע"י אנשי מקצוע מהשורה הראשונה. שאפו ענק.
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
גיא טץ
מתאמן כבר כמה שנים והגעתי להשיגים שאני גאה כושר ספורטיבי וכושר לחימה גבוה בזכות מיכאל ממליץ עליו מאוד הוא מאמן מדהים שלא מוותר על אף אחד האימונים בקרב מגע פתחו אותי לעולם שאני לא יכול לדמיין את עצמי בלעדיו
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
עומרי שמחי
כל מי שמגיע לאימון מבין מהאימון הראשון שזה לא רק הגנה עצמית ברמה הכי גבוהה זה נותן לך ביטחון עצמי מטורף מלמד אותך לשלוט בכוח שלך ובמחשבה וככה עוזר לא רק בללכת מכות אלא בחיים האמיתיים בחוץ בשיקולי דעת וכו' וכמובן באימון כולם הם כמו משפחה אחת גדולה
Modiin Capoeira School - Amos Doyev
Mandi Zaidel Brandriss
My son has been learning capoeira with Amos and his team for 8 years and won’t miss a lesson. Besides for learning Capoeira, Amos empowers the kids and really cares about them. It’s a great non competitive chug that builds strength and coordination
Liat Kassirer - Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes in Modiin
Modiin General
Group and individual movement lessons to foster and improve physical and mental health, through exercise based on the principals of Chinese medicine. The classes are suitable for both men and women, with no age limit. Intended for anyone in
Modiin Capoeira School - Amos Doyev
Modiin General
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acting, rhythm, acrobatics, strength, stamina, flexibility, culture and history. The Modiin Capoeira School invites you to join one of the learning centers in the city. Ne
Free Month of Capoeira Chug!
Modiin's School of Basketball - Managed by Eyal Mizrachi & Nimrod Cohen
Modiin General
Basketball chugim, teams and training for players from gan chova to yud alef, as well as women's and men's league teams. Great reputation and 21 years of experience in Modi'in! Learning, training and improving personal basic basketball skil
Ofer Mandil - Private Tennis Lessons
Modiin General
Senior tennis instructor and coach for private morning classes. Personal training and guidance to achieve your goals. Dozens of years of experience playing and coaching tennis. Manager of Neve Ilan and Har Adar tennis schools. Call for more
Otzma Modiin - Basketball Club & Chugim
Modiin General
The leading and most professional basketball club in town, representing Modiin since 1997. The club has 24 league teams, playing in the Basketball Association's league. In the youth department - from mini basketball (kita heh) to youth (yud
Sunnysurf - Surfing Courses for Children, Youth & Adults
Special, challenging surfing courses for children, youth and adults in the Palmachim national park, known for its natural beauty. Courses run from September to the end of June. Unique course that reveals the world of surfing, as well as the
Yoav Shor - Tai Chi Gong Instructor: Movement for a Healthy Life
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Group Chi Gong classes, in person or via Zoom. Chi Gong is the Chinese name for the art of movement for self healing and strengthening the body and the soul, originating in the Far East from Ancient China. The benefits of Chi Gong include r
Anatomic - Running Groups For All Levels + Personal Training
Modiin General
Focused abdomen workshop - summer 2021. Come and join a workshop focused entirely on strengthening your stomach. Challenging, varied and focused exercises to strengthen your core. The workshop will take place during the summer months, with
Free Personal Training Session with Registration to Running Group!
Avichai Ze'ela Tennis School
Modiin General
For info on the August Tennis camp - click here! For info on the free Tennis course - click here! Tennis chugim for beginners and advanced players - children from age of gan chova, youth and adults - on tennis courts in Maccabim and Keizer.
Beit HaSefer LeTennis - Reut Water Park
Reut Water Park
For info on the summer camp - click here! Unique and professional tennis club, promoting competitive tennis. Programs for all levels: beginners, advanced, goal-focused and competitive - for all ages from kita aleph to yud bet and adults. T
Bikeguide - Cycling Instruction
Modiin General
Cycling Chugim and groups for children, youth, women and adults, parents and children. The oldest and best-known biking club in Modiin, operating in the city for over a decade. The club offers: Chugim for children - beginners and advanced,
10% Off Cycling Lessons!
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Azrieli Mall
Groups and individual training session in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children, youth and adults - from the basics to competitive level, with instruction by Roey Levy, certified teacher with 30 years of experience. Adult and youth track: Learn
Bsafe Krav Maga - Krav Maga & Self Defense
Azrieli Mall
Krav Maga and self defense Chugim for children, youth and adults. Separate courses for women, and personal training. Krav Maga is an easy, effective method to: Strengthen self confidence Improve physical fitness Strengthen concentration and
Chok Dee - Thai Boxing & Full Contact Kickboxing Club
Dimri Towers
Professional Thai boxing and full contact kickboxing club for children, youth and adults. Oldest and most professional club in Modiin and one of the top Thai boxing clubs in Israel. Over the years, the club has produced (and still does) Isr
10% Off Thai Boxing & Kickboxing Training for Family Members!
Fight Club Modiin - Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Rumble Kickboxing
Academy of martial arts managed and coached by Ilya Grad, professional boxer who returned to Israel after 11 years abroad with numerous world titles, together with a team of international-level coaches. Large and spacious club with the newe
Free Week of Martial Arts Training!
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
Modiin General
Come and develop your fitness and fighting skills! Krav Maga and self defense training at a high level for children from age 5, youth and adults. Option for private or group sessions. The Krav Maga method taught in the X Arts sports clubs i
EMS Private - Fitness Revolution in Your Own Home
House Calls in Modiin & The Area
Unique, effective and efficient fitness training, in just 20 minutes a week, with a personal trainer in your own home - in your living room, balcony or garden! EMS is an intensive training method, equivalent to 4 hours of training in a gym.
Aikidojo - Aikido & Martial Arts
Ligad / The Technological Park
Center for aikido and martial arts.

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