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Sports & Martial Arts Chugim for Adults in Modiin

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Boxing Therapy - Therapy, Workshops and Chugim
Rachel Bernstein
I don't know how I could possibly recommend Danielle anymore! She's been instructing me in Krav maga and boxing for a year and I can't wait until my pregnancy is over so I can go back! You will get in shape, but be too busy laughing and having fun to realize that you're doing so.
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Asaf Masada
מאמן נפלא עם מומחיות לאימון ילדים ונוער.
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Ofek Ginzburg
כל אימון חוויתי ומאתגר ורועי מאמן מקצועי שנותן יחס אישי וחם לכל מתאמן לא משנה הגיל או הוותק. הידע של רועי בג'יו ג'יטסו ברזילאי ואומנויות לחימה בכלל הוא אינסופי ואם יש לך זיקה לתחרותיות וספורט זה המקום בשבילך.
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Kseniya Rubinstein
מאמן רציני, מקצוען, משקיע בכל תלמיד ותמיד בחיוך וגישה חיובית
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Gal Dayan Sion
רועי מאמן מדהים ומסור ודמות חינוכית שתשרה ביטחון על הילדים שלכם ותכווין אותם למצוינות מתוך שקט נפשי. מתאים גם למתחרים (יש כמה מדליות זהב לקבוצה) וגם למי שרוצה להתנסות או להנות. אווירה טובה.
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Cadya Levy
ממליצה בחום על רועי , מאמן מקצועי , רגיש , מלא תובנות חוכמה וידע לא מכירה מאמן בישראל שמתקרב לרמה שלו תודה רועי על הכל תמשיך לאמן ותהפוך את הדור הזה לאלופים כמוך
Daniel Fitness Studio - Fitness Training and Apparatus Pilates for Women Only
Ilona Goldman
תוכנית עם מגוון של סוגי אימונים, שעות נוחות, מאמנות מעולות... ליווי אישי של דניאל שתמיד תומכת ונותנת מוטיבציה! כיף לבוא לאימונים! מומלץ בחום
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Ofer Tovy
אני מתאמן ולומד ג'יו-ג'יטסו אצל רועי לוי כבר תקופה. אחרי נסיונות באומנויות לחימה אחרות ומאמנים שונים, בחרתי ללמוד ג'יו-ג'יטסו מרועי. אימוני ג'יו-ג'יטסו משפרים את הכוח והכושר הגופני ומקנים יכולות הגנה עצמית ברמה גבוהה. רועי הוא מאמן מקצועי, ותיק ובעל ידע רב. תלמידיו נהנים מאיכות אימון גבוהה, קבוצה מגובשת והתפתחות אישית.
Sunnysurf - Surfing Courses for Children, Youth & Adults
דניאל דגן
הבת שלי כבר שנים במועדון מעבר לאינספור חוויות. יצא לי להכיר מועדון מיקצועי, אחראי, ומקום של העצמה אתגרית. שמנוהל ע"י אנשי מקצוע מהשורה הראשונה. שאפו ענק.
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
גיא טץ
מתאמן כבר כמה שנים והגעתי להשיגים שאני גאה כושר ספורטיבי וכושר לחימה גבוה בזכות מיכאל ממליץ עליו מאוד הוא מאמן מדהים שלא מוותר על אף אחד האימונים בקרב מגע פתחו אותי לעולם שאני לא יכול לדמיין את עצמי בלעדיו
Anatomic - Running Groups For All Levels + Personal Training
Modiin General
Running at your speed! Your running group and personal training in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut! Fluent English speaker. Running groups are open to all ages and all levels, both women and men, beginners and experienced runners, one-on-one or as a g
Free week of Running Training!
Avichai Ze'ela Tennis School
Modiin General
Tennis chugim for beginners and advanced players - children from age of gan chova, youth and adults - on tennis courts in Maccabim and Keizer. Playing safely in the open air! Managed by Avichai Zeela, senior tennis trainer with 26 years exp
Beit HaSefer LeTennis - Reut Water Park
Reut Water Park
For info on the Summer camp for ages 6-16 - click here! Unique and professional tennis club, promoting competitive tennis. Programs for all levels: beginners, advanced, goal-focused and competitive - for all ages from kita aleph to yud bet
Bikeguide - Cycling Instruction
Modiin General
For info on the Summer camp for ages 7-14 - click here! Cycling Chugim and groups for children, youth, women and adults, parents and children. The oldest and best-known biking club in Modiin, operating in the city for over a decade. The cl
10% Off Cycling Lessons!
Bsafe Krav Maga - Krav Maga & Self Defense
Azrieli Mall
Krav Maga and self defense Chugim for children, youth and adults - men and women, and personal training. Self-confidence is part of your success! Join self-defense training using the original Israeli Krav Maga method, to strengthen self-con
Daniel Fitness Studio - Fitness Training and Apparatus Pilates for Women Only
Modiin General
Join the biggest community in Modiin now! Fitness training program including apparatus pilates for women instructed by Danielle Yitzhak, fitness trainer. If you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, gain muscle mass and lose fat, make y
Fight Club Modiin - Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Rumble Kickboxing
Academy of martial arts managed and coached by Ilya Grad, professional boxer who returned to Israel after 11 years abroad with numerous world titles, together with a team of international-level coaches. Large and spacious club with the newe
Free Week of Martial Arts Training!
GMax - Gym & Fitness Club
Ligad / The Technological Park
Gym offering brand-new equipment and a wide variety of interesting, body toning classes, with the best trainers and instructors in Modiin. Classes at the studio include: Pilates Zumba TRX Yoga HIIT Tabata Bootcamp CORE Interval training Fun
Impact Body & Fitness - Women's Fitness Studio
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Boutique studio for women's personal and group fitness training. Offering a unique method for obtaining maximum results, with a personalized, energetic experience, and using a unique and varied training method adapted to the female body str
Krav Maga X-Arts - Chugim for Kids, Youth, Adults & Women
Modiin General
Come and develop your fitness and fighting skills! Krav Maga and self defense training at a high level for children from age 5, youth and adults. Option for private or group sessions. The Krav Maga method taught in the X Arts sports clubs i
Liat Kassirer - Chi Gong and Tai Chi Classes in Modiin
Modiin General
Group and individual movement lessons to foster and improve physical and mental health through soft and flowing movement, attention to breathing and mindfulness - to strengthen the body and flexibility, to reduce stress and bring calm, to i
Modiin Capoeira School - Amos Doyev
Modiin General
Capoeira chugim for children, youth and adults. Acrobatics classes and Afro-Brazilian style movement, rhythm and drumming classes. Also offering activities and shows for events. To send a Whatsapp message for more information click here! Ca
Modiin's School of Basketball - Managed by Eyal Mizrachi & Nimrod Cohen
Modiin General
For info on the Summer sport camp for ages 6-12 - click here! Come and join Modiin's basketball family! For players from gan chova to yud alef, as well as women's and men's chugim -basketball chug for girls starting from Gan Chova! The sch
Otzma Modiin - Basketball Club & Chugim
Modiin General
For info on Summer camps in the morning and evening and for all ages - click here! The leading and most professional basketball club in town, representing Modiin since 1997. The club has 24 league teams, playing in the Basketball Associati
Performance Rock Modiin - Climbing Wall
City Center (Ma'ar)
For info on Summer Kaytanot for ages 6-12, and Summer camps for ages 13-18 - click here! Bouldering complex with over 100 climbing routes updated on a weekly basis, suitable for ages 4 and up, and for all levels. Bouldering is a branch wit
Reut Water Park - Swimming Chugim & Competitive Teams
Come join a family of swimming champions! Swimming lessons from first grade and up, yearly swimming chugim for children and youth, competitive teams and adult lessons. Agudat Maccabi Park HaMayim Reut is one of the leading swimming clubs in
Running & Fitness Club with Yoni Showalter
You are invited to join the Moreshet neighborhood's running group! In the group, you will have the opportunity to improve your running abilities and physical fitness, with a winning combination of enjoyment and perseverance. During the trai
Sunnysurf - Surfing Courses for Children, Youth & Adults
For info on surfing camps over the Summer school vacation (ages 9-18) - click here! Starting on Friday 5/7/24 - Adult (18+) and youth training sessions on Friday mornings! Both will take place at the same time, to allow parents who want to
Tennistars - Pro Center for Tennis Instruction & Training
Modiin General
New tennis center, with instruction by Ofer Mandil and Ben Cnaan, senior and veteran tennis instructors in the city. Training locations: Keizer tennis courts (next to the municipal pool) Nof Harim school (Nofim neighborhood) Inbalim school
The Center for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense
Azrieli Mall
Groups and individual training session in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children, youth and adults - from the basics to competitive level, with instruction by Roey Levy, certified teacher with 30 years of experience. No prior experience required!

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