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Sunnysurf - Surfing Courses for Children, Youth & Adults

Palmachim National Park
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For info on surfing camps over the Summer school vacation (ages 9-18) - click here!

Starting on Friday 5/7/24 - Adult (18+) and youth training sessions on Friday mornings! Both will take place at the same time, to allow parents who want to surf to do it at the same time as their kids, without additional waiting time.

Call for more information: 055-9707556

Special, challenging surfing courses for children, youth and adults in the Palmachim national park, known for its natural beauty.

Courses run from September to the end of May. Unique course that reveals the world of surfing, as well as the magical nature of the sea in winter.

Classes are designed to develop each surfer's personal skills. Each surfer is given personal goals for progress. Groups are divided according to level and age.

Instruction by a mature and experienced training team, with professional certification for surfing instruction from Wingate.

The class is intended for surfers aged 10 and up.

Full supervision by senior lifeguard, approved by the Ministry of Education.

Chugim take place from September 2024 until the end of May 2025, on the weekends:

  • Dates:
    • 1) Fall session - 6/9/24-27/12/24
    • 2) Spring session - 7/3/25-30/5/25
    • Total of 7 months of surfing
    • January + February - winter break
  • Hours - Fridays:
    • 12:00-14:00 - Youth group ages 10-18
    • 14:30-16:30 - Youth group ages 10-18
  • New! Custom course. Build your "dream group", choose the number of sessions and the date of the first lesson, and from then on you will continue coordinating directly with your personal instructor. Each session is 2 hours and includes all the necessary equipment.


  • Learning and practicing correct surfing fundamentals - both theoretical and practical.
  • Lifesaving course - understanding the dangers of the sea and learning rescue methods and survival skills.
  • Meteorology - the wind system and its impact on the sea and surfers.
  • Improving technique and formulation of a personal 'style'.
  • Advanced techniques for advanced surfers.

Groups are divided according to age, ability and experience.

At each session, surfers will be given a learner surfboard. Surf wear (lycra shirt and wetsuit) can be borrowed from the club for a fee.

Basic knowledge of swimming is required. Participants without surfing experience will be asked to do a preliminary individual/group lesson so in order to be able to participate in the group activities.

The goal is to create a feeling of belonging to this wonderful world, that is filled with nature, sports, friends, challenges and water!

Call for more information: 055-9707556


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