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Chok Dee - Thai Boxing & Full Contact Kickboxing Club

Yigael Yadin, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago
10% Off Thai Boxing & Kickboxing Training for Family Members!
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Special deal on Thai boxing and kickboxing training for children, youth and adults at the oldest and most professional club in Modiin:

10% off for family members!

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Professional Thai boxing and full contact kickboxing club for children, youth and adults.

Oldest and most professional club in Modiin and one of the top Thai boxing clubs in Israel. Over the years, the club has produced (and still does) Israeli champions, European champions and medalists at the world championships.

Specializing in training athletes and fighters in real Thai boxing and kickboxing.

Option to join a variety of training tracks:

  • From two days a week to daily, depending on the goals you set for yourself
  • Groups for children, youth and adults
  • Duration of each workout from one and a half to four hours depending on the goals and groups

Seeing it as an obligation to view every student and athlete on a personal level, and to take care of their needs and talents, with close guidance and professional instruction. Based on this the focus is on small and high quality groups. Limited number of participants.

Offering professional and high quality instruction, whether the goal is reaching competitions, learning self-defense , enjoying a great and challenging sport, or improving stamina and weight maintenance / weight loss.

Emphasis on physical fitness and strengthening the body, as well as a big emphasis on the mental side of training. A large amount of work is dedicated to strengthening the mental side of the athlete / fighter.

The club has a very strong competitive team that regularly competes in national competitions and often competes around the world and represents Israel proudly, most of the athletes are in the Israeli national team.

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Sun-Thu: 16:30-22:00, Fri: 13:15-15:00.



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