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14/07 - 06/08 : Batei HaSefer VeGanei HaChofesh HaGadol 2020

Last Updated: 4 days ago

Corona Update 9/7: The camp continues to work as planned in accordance with the latest Ministry of Health guidelines.

To sign-up on the iriya website click here!

Please note! Due to the end of the school year being brought forward, the last day to sign up for the Batei Sefer VeGanei HaChofesh HaGadol will end on Thursday 25/6/2020 at 12:00.

As a result of the decision to shorten the school year the program has been extended to 1/7/20-6/8/20, at no additional charge.

For details on the updated costs, see 'Hours and costs' further down the page.

This summer, the city will be operating the 'Batei Sefer VeGanei HaChofesh HaGadol' project with many significant improvements for parents.

The program is intended for children in the municipal Ganim and Kita Aleph to Daled, from 1/7 to 6/8.

Registration will be entirely online on the municipality's website, from 17/6 to 25/6.

To sign-up on the iriya website click here!

Hours and costs

The schools and Ganim will operate Sunday - Thursday, 08:00-13:00. The subsidized price of the program is 540 ₪ for the whole period (1/7-6/8).

For those interested in option of Tzaharon during this period:

For students already enrolled in Tzharon during the current school year

A. Registration is required only for the period between 14/7-6/8. Registration is on the Iriyah website and costs 550 ₪ (subsidized for all participants).

B. For the period between 1-13/7, the payment will be to the operator of the Tzaharon of the framework where your child is enrolled, with no need to register again. Cost for this period is 320 ₪ for Ganim, 250 ₪ for Kitot Aleph-Bet.

For students who are not enrolled during the current school year, two registrations are required:

A. For the period from 1-13/7 with the operator of the Tzaharon of the framework where your child is enrolled.

B. For the period from 14/7-6/8, registration is through the Iriyah website with the registration for the morning program.

For all participants - Tzaharonim will be 13:00-16:30 during both periods of the summer program.

For the first time, Ganim will also be a part of the project, based on the theme 'Yaldut Yisraelit', while the schools will be focused on the theme of 'Shirim Yisraeli'im', which will include daily educational and interactive content.

Another important improvement is that for the first time, the program days have also been extended from 15 days in previous years, to 18 days, which means that the program will run until 6/8.

The project will be operated in the Ganim and schools according to Health Ministry guidelines, as has been done so far in educational institutions - signing health statements every morning, wearing masks for Kitot Bet-Daled, and increased cleaning at the end of each day. In addition, every child must bring breakfast and a personal drink bottle.

Alongside these new improvements, the municipality is currently putting major effort into recruiting educational staff that the children are familiar with - teachers, Gananot, Saya'ot and Tzaharon workers. The municipality wishes to inform parents that external instructors may also be recruited, both because of the increase in the number of days, and because of the extent of the age groups that will be participating in the program.

For question and answer page on the city's website click here!


Registration from 17/6-25/6 at 12:00.

For questions and enquiries please contact the education department (phone service on Sun-Thu between 10:00-13:00): 08-9726070, or email Edna Flus:

For Amutat Sachlabim call: 08-9702210, extension 0.



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