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Moshe Tennenbaum - Video Editing, Promotional & Documentary Movie Production


Producing promotional movies and clips for businesses, and documentaries.

Screenplay, filming, directing and editing.

Thorough understanding of the needs of every business, in order to promote it in the field of promotional videos.

Thinking outside the box and also encouraging the customers to do so.

Producing also documentaries and family clips - from presentations to full documentary films.

Ability to connect original and relevant ideas that will bring home the message the movie is seeking to convey.

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Production process for promotional clip:

  • Choosing a product, service or idea to focus on.
  • Researching the chosen product or service including market competition, type of potential customers, goals.
  • Writing a script including a description of the company, choosing locations (photo studios, company offices, or others). Keywords for film promotion, and more.
  • Filming: up to date equipment including all important gear such as tripods, sliders, wireless microphone, and more.
  • Editing using professional and most up to date software available on the market today.

Promotional clips can also focus on a single product (or product line), presenting in a clear and focused manner how to correctly use the product in order to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Clients include:

  • Information systems companies and start-ups
  • PR companies and advertising and marketing agencies
  • Expert optometrist in the area of vision focus
  • Dental clinics
  • Event production companies
  • Expert agronomist in Israel and abroad
  • NGOs and various organizations
  • Modiin anti-drug and alcohol authority
  • Schools and institutions
  • Video editing services for photographers, producers, television channels and for the internet.

Graduate of Ulpanei Geva in Givatayim in photography and editing (1988), many years of experience in a variety of positions related to the field of photography and editing: video photographer, video editor, image router, stage manager, mobile broadcasting unit and more, for tv channels and large private studios.


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