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Cohen-Orgad & Partners Law Offices - Divorce Mediation & Parental Coordination

Beit Shimon - 5th Floor, Azrieli Mall, Modiin
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Optimal mediation services for the entire divorce process, including parental coordination for the solution of issues that come up after the signing of the agreement.

These alternative methods give couples who are in the process of getting divorced the option to avoid long, exhausting, expensive and unpleasant legal battles in court - that create a traumatic experience for both sides and also usually have a negative effect on the children - and manage on a daily basis according to agreements that were signed in a good, respectful spirit outside the courts and the Rabbinical Beit Din.

Divorce mediation

Regulates all the important and relevant aspects in order to finalize the ending of the marriage, such as: property division, alimony payments, visitation arrangements, custody, etc., on the basis of formulating mutual agreements and a written agreement that is signed outside the courts.

Advantages of mediation over conducting the process through the courts and the Beit Din include:

  • Quick and economical process
  • Maintaining a better relationship between the parties and especially with the children after the divorce
  • More creativity and flexibility in the items contained in the agreement
  • More control for both parties in the divorce process

After the finalization of the mediation process, the signed divorce agreement, formulated by the two parties with the assistance of the mediator, is submitted to the family court or Beit Din to endow it with binding legal force.

Parental Coordination

Relatively new process for divorced parents, with the goal of creating a good and pleasant environment for the children, based on creating point by point agreements on all the issues on which there are disagreements.

The purpose of the process is to minimize the damage that is caused to children as a result of their parents' divorce and the disagreements between them. This process is intended for couples who, after the divorce agreement has been certified by the court, encounter difficulties in upholding the agreements on caring for their children.

Parental coordination is carried out with a parental mediator - a professional who is certified by the authorities to manage this process. It is possible to arrange parental coordination through the court or directly with a lawyer and other professional specializing in the field.

Advantages of parental coordination:

  • Short and focused process to solve specific problems - with the child's interests as the main focus
  • High success rates
  • Provides parents with tools to solve problems that may arise in the future

The office has been trained and is authorized to manage divorce and parental coordination mediation, and also has knowledge and extensive experience in the field.

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