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Pesach Times in Modiin 5778

Info according to Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Rabbinate.

2nd Chag & Shabbat - 5-7/4

  • Thu 5/4: Candle lighting 18:44, sunset 19:04
  • Fri 6/4: Candle lighting 18:45, sunset 19:05
  • Shabbat 7/4: chag comes out and end of Issur Achilat Chametz 19:36.

Bdikat Chametz:

  • Thursday, 13 Nissan, 29/3, immediately at nightfall after Maariv.

End of eating Chametz:

  • Friday, 14 Nissan, 30/3 - 10:14.

End of burning Chametz:

  • Friday, 14 Nissan, 30/3 - 11:29.

Shabbat & Pesach Times - 1st Chag 30-31/3:

  • Candle lighting 18:40, sunset 19:00, out 19:31.

Latest time to eat Afikoman:

  • (Chatzot Leil Seder) - 24:46.

Info according to Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Rabbinate

(The times are specific to Modiin, as set and published by Rabbi Elcharar on the booklet "Davar BiZmano" and the Iriya website).

Chag Pesach Same'ach veKasher :)

The ModiinApp team.


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