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Natanel Peretz - Licensed Air-Con Technician and Installer

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Repair, sale, service and installation of all types of air conditioners.

Dedicated and reliable service with nine years of experience in all areas of air conditioning.

  • Licensed installer and technician for all companies, including: Tornado, Tadiran, Electra, Family, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Elco.
  • Repair of all types of air conditioners.
  • Installation of VRF air conditioning systems, and general air conditioning for private homes and businesses.
  • Installation in all rooms of the home - including Mamad
  • Consulting and preparing air conditioning infrastructure for apartments under construction
  • Installation of Mini Merkazi air conditioner including drywall ceilings

Clean and neat work, guaranteed!

Advice and guidance based on extensive experience and knowledge in the field, solving every type of problem related to air conditioning systems, to help you save money where possible and invest where it matters.

Warm recommendations from thousands of customers.

Affordable prices. Punctual. Courteous service.

Modiin resident.

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