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11/05-14/05 : Lag Ba'Omer 2017 - Designated Bonfire Lighting Areas in Modiin

The full list of areas permitted by the Iriya for the lighting of Lag B'Omer bonfires in Modiin Macabbim Reut.

The lighting of bonfires will only be permitted on Thursday 11/5/17 and Sunday 14/5/17.

Lighting bonfires in non-permitted areas or on other dates is strictly forbidden.

Please note! Below, under the list of permitted sites, is a list of sites that were permitted in previous years and are no longer permitted this year due to building and city development.

Designated Lag Ba'Omer bonfire lighting areas:

In general, the decision was made this year to only allow bonfires in sites outside the neighborhoods.

Northern side of city:

  • Open area behind 'Hagag HaAdom' - up to the line of rocks/incline.
  • End of Emek HaEla from the corner of Yehuda HaMaccabi up to the Neyar Chadera compound.
  • Open area next to the entrance to the road to the ecological farm on the left side.

Western side of city:

  • Open area south of Yehuda HaMaccabi and 431 junction -along entrance road to Nofim neighborhood and up to the traffic circle adjacent to the bridge under road 431.
  • Open area along Sderot Ben Gurion (internal route 4) from the direction of Ligad, west of the traffic circle adjacent to the bridge.

Eastern side of city:

  • Old helicopter landing area next to Givat HaBroshim.
  • Open are next to tennis court opposite Ma'alot / Mitztaynim (under HaEla street) in Reut.
  • Open area close to 'Maccabi Tza'ir' on Nof Kedumim in Maccabim.

Areas where it is strictly prohibited to light bonfires

  • Open area opposite Adar street between house no' 9 and house no' 11. and opposite house no' 39.
  • Gravel area next to Kikar HaShoter (east of the traffic circle) at the end of Shderot Menachem Begin, next to the Sportek and entry to Southern hills.
  • Open area on Emek HaEla opposite house no' 13 and up to house no' 25.
  • Gravel area (truck parking lot) at the end of the western side of Emek Beit Shean opposite the scouts.
  • Gravel area on Yigael Yadin opposite the Democratic school.
  • Open area on Tiltan opposite the entrance to Kipodan.
  • Devorah HaNeviah and Chativat Sheva along their entire length.
  • Open area at the end of Yitzchak Rabin - opposite the Mesu'at Neriah school.

City inspectors / guards / attendants will be stationed at all the non-permitted sites in order to prevent the lighting of bonfires.

It is highly recommended to coordinate bonfires with the city hotline / security hotline at 08-9726217 or 106.
For all issues or questions please call the security department at 08-9394666.
During the days of the bonfires there will be increased surveillance by the municipal and security departments. Bonfires lit in areas that have not been approved will be put out and the persons responsible will be fined.

In order to enjoy the minhagim of the chag, while minimizing the damage to air quality, the municipality's environmental department recommends taking the following steps:

1. It is recommended to combine bonfires for grades and groups of ganim. The intention is for the class committees of each of the grades of the schools / committees of adjacent ganim, to combine and organize joint bonfires (the refreshment tables can be organized separately by each class around the bonfire). This is not a common practice, but you are encouraged to initiate this for the benefit of your children and for the environment.

2. When joint bonfires cannot be organized, it is possible to settle for more modest bonfires, for the good of your children and the city's residents. There is no need to break new records every year.

3. Only wood is to be burnt, and not materials such as MDF, melamine, formica, wood painted with laquer, plastic and tires. These materials release poisonous and cancerous gasses and greatly increase air pollution, which endangers the health of the children at the bonfires, and especially the health of babies, the elderly and the sick.

Please contact the 'green mail' at with any questions / ideas / suggestions / requests for information on environmental activities.


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