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‭01/05-02/05‬ : Lag Ba'Omer 2018 - Designated Bonfire Lighting Areas in Modiin

The full list of areas permitted by the Iriya for the lighting of Lag B'Omer bonfires in Modiin Macabbim Reut.

Due to the weather conditions - please note the following links regarding bonfires in Modiin:

In the framework of the Iriyah's preparation for Lag BeOmer the areas in which bonfires may be lit has been determined.

Lighting bonfires will only be permitted in open areas at a distance from city neighborhoods.

Bonfires may be lit on the following days only:

  • Tuesday 1/5/18 - for Ganei Yeladim
  • Wednesday 2/5/18 - for all residents

Designated Lag Ba'Omer bonfire lighting areas:

  • Open area along Emek HaEla, west of Churshat HaNoflim up to Yehuda HaMaccabi
  • End of Emek HaEla from the corner of Yehuda HaMaccabi west up to the Nyar Chadera compound and the city football fields (recommended for Ganei Yeladim on Tuesday).
  • Open area next to the entrance to the access road to the ecological farm - corner of Emek HaEla and Emek Zevulun / HaSdera HaMerkazit
  • Open area on Rechov HaMaayan opposite the Shufersal logistical center in the the Technology Park (according to signage)
  • Open area along route 4 from the southern traffic circle to the ecological farm up to the traffic circle adjacent to the bridge to Pa'atei Modiin
  • Open area south of Yehuda HaMaccabi and 431 junction - along entrance road to Nofim neighborhood and up to the traffic circle adjacent to the bridge under road 431.
  • Open area along Sderot Ben Gurion (internal route 4) from the direction of Ligad, west of the traffic circle adjacent to the bridge.
  • Old helicopter landing area next to Givat HaBroshim.
  • Open area next to tennis court opposite Ma'alot / Mitztaynim (under HaEla street) in Reut.
  • Open area close to 'Maccabi Tza'ir' on Nof Kedumim in Maccabim.

No bonfires will be allowed in non-approved areas. Bonfires lit in areas that have not been approved will be put out and the persons responsible will be fined.

During the days of the bonfires there will be increased surveillance by the municipal and security departments.

City inspectors / guards / attendants will be stationed at all the non-permitted sites in order to prevent the lighting of bonfires.

It will not be permitted to light additional bonfires that can endanger participants in areas with a large amount of people and bonfires.

It is highly recommended to coordinate bonfires with the city hotline / security hotline at 08-9726217 or 08-9726020 or 106.

It is recommended to organize one large bonfire per school and not per class, grade or gan.

It will not be permitted to save spots.


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