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Religious Services in Modiin

All the religious services in the Modiin area, including shuls, mikvaot, mohels and chief rabbis.
Women's Mikve - Shimshoni
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
To book online click here! A modern and renovated mikveh, which includes three organizing rooms for immersion and another room, designed, intended for brides. As part of the renovations carried out in the mikveh in the spring of 2021, the f
Yekir Efraim Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Noam Fried.
Yeshivat Hesder Meir Harel Modiin
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Established in 2005 and part of the Hesder Yeshiva world devoted to both traditional Torah values, national and community service. The yeshiva runs several community programs, in which they work with olim, prepare for bar-mitzva, run shiuri
Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah - Yeshiva Program for English Speakers
Yeshiva gap year program offering a unique and extraordinary experience for post Yeshiva high school students, since 2012. The core program is intended primarily for overseas students, however, the program is open to Israel based students a
Yom Kippur Ashkenazi Minyan in Maccabim
Gabai - Amitai Ritter.
Yom Kippur Services for Everybody in Nachal Zohar
Contact person - Alon Chazani.
Yom Kippur Services in Reut (Sephardi)
Gabai - David Betzalel.
Yosef Li (Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Shay Tomarian.
Nekudat Chen Keizer Center - Judaica, Embroidery & Engraving
Keizer Center
The long established store at the lower floor of Keizer Center. The wide range of products include: Gold and silver imprinting done on the spot: siddur, tehillim, wallets and more. Computerized embroidery: towels, robes, sheets, clothing, l
Rabbanut Office Modiin Macabbim Reut
Religious affairs department of the Modiin Maccabim Reut municipality, responsible for providing religious services for the residents of the city. Areas of responsibility include: supervision of Kashrut, Eruv, Mikvaot, marriage registration
Shabbat Times in Modiin - Kislev 5784 / December 2023
Modiin General
Shabbat Parashat VaYishlach, 19 Kislev, 1-2/12/23. Shabbat times: Candle lighting: 16:18. Sunset: 16:38. End of Shabbat: 17:09. Info according to Rabbanut Modiin (The times are according to the specific horizon of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, as p
Simchat Torah Times in Modiin 5784
Modiin General
Fri-Sat, 22 BeTishrei, 6-7/10/23. Candle lighting: 18:01. Sunset: 18:21. End of Shabbat & Chag: 18:51. Info according to Rabbanut Modiin (The times are according to the specific horizon of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, as published by the chief Rab
Achdut Modiin Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Doron Levi.
Achva VeReut Synagogue (Sephardi)
Gabai - Uri Menasheof.
Adir BaMarom Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Dror Zerem.
Adir Nachum Minyan (Nosach Sephardi Yerushalmi)
Gabai - Michael Cohen.
Ahavat Israel Synagogue (Nosach Edot HaMizrach + Combined)
Led by Rabbi David Alima. Please note! The minyan has moved from the Mitcham HaCaravanim on Dam HaMaccabim to No' 4, HaNevi'im Street (see map - there's also a large sign at the address with directions).
Amalel Shir Synagogue (Yemenite Baladi)
Gabai - Oren David.
Amir Kreiter - Certified Mohel
Modiin General
Mohel certified by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Health Ministry (Licence no: 967). Courteous and dedicated service including: Home visit around two days before the Brit to check the baby, giving full explanations about the process
Ariel Synagogue (Ashkenazi - Achid)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Amatzia Brener.
Avital Zur - Make Up and Hair Styling
Modiin General
Make up and hair styling for brides and events in a pleasant atmosphere, with a smile! Personally suited for a bright and flattering look. Option to come to you. Bridal and evening hairdos and make up Bat Mitzvah hairdos and make up Hair st
Ayala All About Beauty - Makeup and Hairstyling
Professional makeup for brides and events, hairdos, brushed Babyliss and all types of blowouts. Available at the studio: Professional makeup for brides and bridal party Hairstyles for brides and events All types of blowouts Bat Mitzvah care
20% Off Hairdos with Booking of Makeup for Event!
Free Lack Gel with Purchase of Bat Mitzvah Package!
Ayelet HaShachar Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Contact: Rabbi Ariel Vilner. Synagogue and Beit Midrash of the organization Ayelet HaShachar led by Rabbi Shlomo Ra'anan.
Azrieli Mall Modiin Synagogue
Contact person: Rabbi Yehoshua Sharabani. The synagogue is located in the car park of level -1, next to 'La Auto' on the south-west side of the parking lot.
Beit Chabad Reut Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Contact: Rabbi Noyman.
Beit HaRambam Synagogue (North African)
For service times and list of activities - click here! Gabai: Eyal Suderi. Shul activities include Chevrutot, shiurim in "Mesilat Yesharim", "Sha'arei Orah", Parashet HaShavu'a and more... (see list in Hebrew below). שיעורי התורה בבית הכנסת
Ben Porat Yosef Synagogue (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Nissim Peretz.
Bubale - Girls' Designer Dresses
Ligad / The Technological Park
Bohemian style designer dress brand for girls. Bat Mitzvah dresses, bridesmaid's dresses, Shabbat and Chag dresses, party and birthday dresses, or dresses for any other happy occasion. Bubale's motto is to let girls be girls, to add some ma
20% Off All Girls' Designer Dresses!
Buchman Minyan (Sephardi Yerushalmi Edot HaMizrach)
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Gabai - Gabi Yesayev.
Burial in Modiin-Maccabim-Reut
Modiin General
Contact person: Shlomo Chanina - 052-2913213. You can also contact the municipality's moked: 08-9726020. Information on burial in the Modiin Maccabim Reut cemetery, including forms and costs, can be found on the Iriyah's website.
Chabad Men's Mikve Modiin - Prachim
Prices: Single entry 10 ₪ Memberships: Entry chip 25 ₪ (one time charge) Monthly membership 80 ₪ Personal locker rental 200 ₪ For members - two entries on Fridays and Erev Chag. To purchase membership and more information: Avi Moas - 054-54
Choshen Modiin (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach - Yerushalmi)
Minyan for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Gabai - Moshe Hartman.
Choshen Modiin Synagogue (Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Moshe Hartman.
Darchei Noam Synagogue (Egalitarian - Ashkenazi)
Gabai - Irit galantz.
Debitzuvim - Judaica and Gifts
Practical Judaica items that are different from what you will find in stores! Beautiful and colorful products, created by designer Debbie Gevir, most of which incorporate a short "lesson" based on Jewish sources in Hebrew and English. New i
10% Off First Purchase of Havdalah Trays, Unique Judaica & Gifts!
Dr. Roni Gilad - Mohel & Doctor
Modiin General
Surgical and urological specialist, with 13 years experience as a mohel. High standards Option for local anesthetic Use of advanced bandaging materials Ensuring sterility and attention to every detail Modiin resident. Specialist doctor at K
Dvir Modiin Synagogue (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Yaakov Ezra. The synagogue is also called "The bunker", due to its location under street level.
Eitan Tzadok - Certified Mohel
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Dedicated care before, during and after the Brit Mila. Personal tools for each baby and strict sterilization. For more information click here! Certified by the Chief Rabbinate and the Health Ministry - Certificate Number 303. Expertise and
Eretz HaTzvi Synagogue (Ashkenaz)
Gabai - Chagai Golan.
Eruv Modiin Maccabim Reut
Modiin General
Eruv supervisor: Eliyahu Haddad - 050-9861471. The Modiin Maccabim Reut Eruv includes all the neighborhoods of Modiin Maccabim Reut, except for the Nofim neighborhood, which still only has a partial Eruv (details below). Most of the Eruv co
Etz Chaim Synagogue - Gan Itam (Indian Minyan Nosach Sephardi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Gabai - Aharon Talker.
Gan Barkan Synagogue (Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Aharon Mualem.
HaBen Ish Chai Synagogue (Sephardi)
Gabai - Shalom Dvash / Gilad Ben-Baruch.
HaKav LaRav - Hotline for Modiin Residents on Halachic Questions
Modiin General
Telephone hotline supervised by Rabbi Eliyahu Elharar, the chief rabbi of Modi'in. The hotline, which was established following the Corona virus, gives the city's residents a quick and immediate answer to any halachic questions and Jewish i
HaKehilati Maccabim Synagogue (Combined)
Gabai - Asher Trabelsi.
HaMeginim Synagogue - Dimri Towers (Ashkenazi)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Nosach Ashkenaz on HaYamin HaNor'iim, Nosach Achid during the rest of the year. Gabai - Gershon.
Heichal Binyamin Synagogue (Sephardi & Edot Mizrach)
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Also known as "Dimri Sephardi". Gabai - Avraham Mor.
Heichal Michael Nachum Synagogue (Yemenite)
Gabai - David Cohen. On Yom Kippur only - Yom Kippur service for everybody (For more information: Alon Chazani - 050-3567930).
Heichal Shmuel Synagogue - Shevet Achim (Sephardi & Edot HaMizrach)
Gabai - Yoni Malka. שיעורי התורה בבית הכנסת שיעור לגברים: חברותות עם אברכים - כל אחד לומד מה שהוא רוצה בקצב שהוא רוצה. מעביר השיעור: אברכים תלמידי חכמים. קהל יעד: חילוניים ודתיים, מתחזקים ומתחילים (אפשרות לחבורתא בצרפתית). זמן: ימי חמישי בי
Judaica Online
Modiin General
Online boutique for the Jewish home, especially for you - for every Jewish occasion in day to day life, Shabbat, holidays, gifts and for home decor! Deliveries - minimum order 100 ₪. For the full catalog click here! For phone orders call: 0
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