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Pubs, Bars & Nightlife in Modiin

Your guide to Modiin's nightlife! Pubs, bars, breweries, and the best places to go out for a good drink!
HaMivshala - BishiQ Boutique Brewery
Mishmar Ayalon
Coming soon! Boutique beer and tapas concept evenings on Mondays! Unique Kosher restaurant, with quality beers and meats prepared on the premises. Click here to read an article in English about BishiQ An 'all you can eat and drink'-style r
Jem's Beer Factory Modiin - Restaurant & Pub
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
For the full and updated menu IN ENGLISH click here The home of fresh Israeli beer and food. Alongside Jem's freshly produced beers, you can enjoy a high quality, well thought out and cheerful dining menu, in a unique and relaxed atmosphere
Beers: 1+1 Free!
More Than Bar
Ligad / The Technological Park
Young pub with a unique atmosphere, and choice of seating in the designed pub or the new deck outside. To reserve a table inside click here! To reserve a table outside click here! Reservations are available only via the More Than Bar websit
O'Sullivan's - The Irish Pub
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
For the full menu click here! Upcoming gigs and events (For tickets click here!) Shows marked with * include further information at the bottom of the screen. Sun 27/10 - Live music: The Morrisons in a tribute show to The Doors* Sun 10/11 -
Alexander - Israeli Beer Garden
Ligad / The Technological Park
Click here for menu! Click her for lunch and iskiyot menu! Notable upcoming gigs and events (For full list and tickets click here!) Events marked with * include further information at the bottom of the screen. Doron Medley: "How to win the
Geppetto Bar - Bar & Restaurant
Ligad / The Technological Park
For food menu click here For drinks menu click here Looking for a place to go out in Modiin? Geppetto Bar Modiin - a neighborhood friends' bar, with a unique atmosphere, offering a kosher dairy menu including pastas, salads, snacks, classic
Bottomless Wednesdays and 20 Shekel Mondays!
Portofino - Italian Bar & Restaurant
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
New food & drink experience in Modiin, offering fine Italian food, and a bar with a wide range of alcoholic drinks. Includes a full menu of gluten-free dishes. Main menu Iskiyot (Meal Deals) menu Dessert menu Morning menu Alcoholic drinks m
Roza - Bar & Meat Restaurant
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Greek Night every Tuesday, including a live Greek band, special Greek dishes and discounts on alcoholic drinks. It's recommended to reserve your seats in advance! Main menu Iskyot (Lunch meal deals) Dinner menu Bar & restaurant, serving yo
Aroma Modiin Espresso Bar - Yishpro Center Branch
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Open 24/7. For the full menu in English click here! The branch includes indoor and outdoor seating areas. For details about 'Aroma Card' click here! Aroma Espresso Bar is among the largest and best-known café chains in Israel and has contri
HaKaveret Beit Choron - Visitor Center, Boutique Store, Coffee Bar & Events Venue
Beit Choron
Center for beekeeping and honey production, boutique shop, coffee bar on Thursdays and events venue. Country experience in the center of Israel with guided, interactive tours that emphasize the importance of bees in the modern world, the pr

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