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Mini-markets & Convenience Stores in Modiin

List of all the makolot and kiosks around the city for quick and convenient shopping
Kashtan Deli - Minimarket & Delicatessen
Solomon Center
Not Kosher. Open on Shabbat. Food store specializing in the import and sale of gourmet food products in Israel. Working with well-known manufacturers of meat and meat products, fish and seafood, cheese producers wine, and confectionary. But
Pitzutziat Chai - Kiosk
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Large selection of kiosk products, in a convenient location. Open until late! Products in store include: Lotto and Toto Cigarettes Alcohol Snacks Candies and chocolates Balloons and gift baskets Basic grocery products ATM on premises. Also
HaKol MeHaKol - Azrieli Palace Complex Minimarket
For your convenience - free parking is available through the Azrieli Palace main gate. The supermarket is located in the Azrieli Palace retirement home, by the main entrance to the city, and offers a huge range of products, a large undergr
Pitzutziyat Vegas
Keizer Center
Kiosk and lottery tickets. Located on the second floor, next to the stairs facing the street. Also serves as a postal collection point - for opening times click here!
Convenience store.
Deli Pri
Merkaz Sharbat
Closed down. Greengrocer, makolet, meat, alcohol and more. Located in Merkaz Sharbat, where "Lomito" used to be for many years.
Gold Market
Convenience store.
Modiin Center
HaPitzutzia BeMalibu - Kiosk
Malibu Center
Kiosk and lottery tickets. Also serves as a postal collection point - for opening times click here!
Idan HaPri VeHaYerek

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