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Delicatessens in Modiin

All the delis in the Modiin area, for buying cheeses, meats, salads, and more
Delicatess - Boutique Deli
Keizer Center
Open on Shabbat! Shabbat at Delicatess - real jachnun, hot and fresh - only 10₪! Beautifully designed, high quality, clean boutique delicatessen and convenience store. Large selection of nuts and seeds, delicious, special cakes, cheeses fro
3 Ice Creams for 11 ₪ / 1 Kilo of Candies for 16.90 ₪!
HaMakom Shel Beni - Ready Made Food
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
For weekly menu click here! Wide selection of home style cooked food to eat on the premises or to take away, made with high quality ingredients. Menu includes: Home style cooked dishes according to a changing daily menu Daily set dishes: s
Business Meal Deal for Only 39 ₪!
Kashtan Deli - Minimarket & Delicatessen
Solomon Center
Not Kosher. Open on Shabbat. Food store specializing in the import and sale of gourmet food products in Israel. Working with well-known manufacturers of meat and meat products, fish and seafood, cheese producers wine, and confectionary. But
Lechem Erez - Cafe, Bakery & Deli
For the full menu click here! 2nd Series of Lecture/entertainment Events - Get out for an evening of good food and entertainment without all of the hassle of heading into the big city! Click here for the schedule and sign up for those event
5% Off Party Platters & Private Events!
Dinner for Two for Only 119 ₪!
Breakfast for Two for 89 ₪!
Mashiach Olam HaYayin - Spices, Alcoholic Drinks & Deli Foods
Modiin Center
Shuk Levinsky has come to Modiin! NEW! Cheeses, meats (Meshek Lagziel), fish eggs. Come enjoy the aroma of the spices. High quality spices at shuk prices, with extra-special care taken to preserve their freshness. Also in the store: Special
1 Kilo Walnuts for 39.90 + Crazy Discounts also on Almonds, Cashews and Brazil Nuts!!
Shum Pilpel Shemen Zayit - Deli & Cooking and Baking Equipment & Ingredients
Huge range of spices, dried fruit, natural and organic products, deli products and professional equipment for cooking and baking. Your favorite products from the UK, South Africa and USA including: Marmite Twinnings tea Sally Williams Nouga
Basher Fromagerie Modiin - Cheese Deli
Azrieli Mall
The delicatessen is a branch of the best and leading fromagerie chain in the country! At the delicatessen you can discover over 1,000 types of boutique cheeses, unique wines, butters and delicacies from all across the world. In addition, of
Biga Cafe - Shilat Branch
Now Kosher LeMehadrin! For the full updated menu click here! The Modiin branch of a chain of boutique cafes that include a delicatessen with challot, breads, cakes, pastries and desserts baked on the premises. You are invited to come and en
Ma'adanei Tzidkiyahu - Deli
Moriah Center
Deli, ready made food and catering.
Mashani Salatim Modiin
Deli and ready made food.

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