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Home Renovations, Maintenance & Repairs in Modiin

All the businesses you need in the Modiin area to maintain, style and repair your home and garden.
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Cam's Aussie Plumbing
Native English speaker. Quality workmanship at competitive prices! Services include: Renovations and construction Maintenance specialist dealing with the installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of taps, toilet suites, shower outl
10% Off All Plumbing Jobs!
Tzidky Locks - Fixing, Sale & Installation
Modiin General
Fair prices, dedicated service, local and available 24 hours a day, apart from Shabbat & Chag. For current recommendations! Replacement of all types of locks Opening of home and car locks Installation of steel doors Installation of safe loc
Tzora Global Odafim Outlet - Chairs & Seating
Outlet store for Tzora products - Israel's leading company in the field of chairs and seating areas (every third person in the country sits on a Tzora chair!). The store offers a wide range of office chairs, computer chairs and more - in a
Over 50% Off Tzora Chairs!
Tzvi Air - Air Conditioning Repairs, Sales & Service
Modiin General
Top-notch air conditioning services including repair, maintenance and installations. Providing excellence in the entire experience, from initial consulting, design, engineering and planning to the installation and after, service is the top
Weitz Airconditioning
Modiin General
Technician for all types of air conditioners. Sale, installation, repairs, cleaning. Trustworthy and professional, over 10 years experience in air conditioning.
With Love Yael - Tailor-Made Fashion
Offering tailor-made and hand made pieces with a touch of elegance and good taste that you won't find anywhere else! A mix of vintage, a pinch of fast-fashion, new trends and tons of good taste make every creation the main part of a stunnin
Y.Y. Locks & Shoemakers - Store & Locksmith Services 24/7
Modiin Center
Now in a new location in Modiin Center - in the former location of Misperet Express. Range of services and repairs for doors and locks, shoe repair services and repairs for leather products and bags. Courteous service with a smile! Immedia
10% Off All Installations + Key Cutting!
Yam Tzvaim - All Paint Jobs
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Painting of apartments, stairs, offices and more. Clean, quality work, courteous service, extensive experience and many recommendations (see picture gallery). Use of quality materials Protecting your home and covering furniture Stick to wor
Yaniv Building & Renovation
Modiin General
Mostly working with English-speaking clientele. Specializing in luxury renovations for overseas clients with property in Israel as well as local clients with high renovation standards and expectations. Focusing on quality and reliability, w
Yaron Hadbarot
Modiin General
Certified pest extermination services, including cockroaches, ants, ticks, rodents, fleas, bedbugs, termites, and moths. Using advanced equipment and quality products with high toxicity to insects and low toxicity to humans, licensed by the
Zev Grossman - Dudim, Airconditioning & Water Filters
Modiin General
Native English Speaker. Professional workmanship and unrivalled prices and service. Installation of airconditioners, and offering all services required for Dudei shemesh and solar panels: Sale. Installation. Repairs. Transfers. Checkups. In
A.D. Dlatot - Door Sale, Production and Supply
Modiin General
Sale, production and supply of entry and interior doors for your home or business, and special, innovative locking solutions. Personal consultation services in the customer's home. Emphasis on quick delivery times and prices without middlem
Interior and Entry Doors from Only 999 ₪!
A.D. Itzuvei Modiin - Parquet, Curtains and More
Modiin General
Wide range of quality products for home design, service to the customer's home. Supply and installation of parquet, curtains, carpets, PVC, decks and synthetic grass. Among the products offered: Variety of quality laminate parquets at diffe
Free Delivery & Installation when Buying Curtains!
Avi Turgeman - Licensed Electrician & Air-Con Technician
Modiin General
Your first call, also for emergencies. Trustworthy, professional, courteous, fair prices. Repair of electrical problems and short circuits Distribution boards – installation and repair Upgrade of electricity supply Garden lighting Electrici
Eti Raichert Hadbarot BaTzameret - Extermination Services
Modiin General
Managed by English speaker Eti Reichert. License no': 1980. Extermination services for all types of insects in the home and outside: cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mice, rats, flies, termites and moths. Specializing in fleas and ticks. High
10% Off Extermination Services!
FIX - Plumbing & Dudim
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
No competitors in terms of pricing and service! Unblocking pipes and drains with electrical equipment. Locating pipe and sewage leaks. Installation of dudei shemesh and electrical boilers. Installation of special water filters. Replacement
10% Off All Plumbing & Dudim Jobs!
Fresh & Clean - Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Polish, Deck & Pergola Renewal and Cleaning
Modiin General
English speaking workers. Cleaning of rugs, carpets, fabric & leather sofas, as well as specializing in deck and pergola renewals and cleaning after shiputzim. Deep cleaning with professional vacuum and cleaning machines that will leave you
Green-Land - For a Greener Garden
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Quality gardening and reliable service at affordable prices. Garden design, development, renovation and maintenance services. Landscaping & development of water efficient gardens. Maintenance of current gardens. Desi
Free Garden Fertilization for Every New Customer!
Lang Yvan Architects - Architecture and Interior Design Services
Ligad / The Technological Park
Native English speakers. Architecture and interior design services for a range of projects – from putting up an office block to refurbishing an apartment. Committed to a collaborative process that pays close attention to your dreams and pri
Lavender Dry Cleaners Modiin - Moriah Center Branch
Moriah Center
Professional launderette with a homely feel! Ironing Dry cleaning Laundry Rugs and curtains Sale of supplemental products for home textiles Unique shirt folding and packing service for trips abroad and Shabbat Express and delivery service S
2+1 Free on Duvet/Comforter Cleaning!
Nesher - Pigeon Removal
Modiin General
Permanent solutions for your pigeon problem. Pigeons trapped in lofts Laundry hanging areas Roofs, roof tiles and gutters Balconies Window sills Railings * Modiin resident. Special prices for Vaadei Bait, using rappeling for tall buildings.
10% Off All Pigeon Removal Jobs!
Pisgat HaZchuchit - Glass Work, Mirrors, Showers & Wall Cladding
Modiin General
Creative and professional glass work solutions at the highest level, and with fair prices. The range of services includes: Glass shower doors - custom made with glass of 8-10 mm thickness Glass showcases and doors Glass wall cladding - in c
10% Off All Glass Work!
Rami Hovalot Modiin - Large & Small Removals
Moving services for homes and offices at unbeatable prices! Professional work: carefully look after your furniture and possessions Courteous team of workers Move all types of items! From pianos to valuable objects Packaging and storage serv
15% Off All Moving Services + Free Kitchen Packing!
Raz Hadbarot - Exterminator
Modiin Resident. License no': 1283. No need to move things Green materials Special extermination treatments for pet owners Spraying before events Special treatment against mice Innovative treatment to prevent ants Termites extermination Sna
10% Off Extermination Services!
Ronel - 24/6 Sewage Truck
Modiin General
Emergency service for floods and sewage pipe blockages. Clearing blockages in sewage pipes in homes and gardens, using high water pressure from a 'Biuvit' sewage clearing truck. Pumping of water and sewage from floods Pumping water from she
10% Off All Jobs!
Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi Rechimi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Modiin General
Including appliance sale and renovation. One call could save you hundreds of shekels! Call before you replace an appliance. Authorized technician with 25 years of experience in the repair of washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, f
10% Off All Appliance Repair Jobs!
The HandyMench - A Premier Handyman Service
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Doing virtually every kind of job needed to upkeep the home, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices, and a 'wor
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Handyman Jobs!
The HandyMench - Premier Air Conditioning Services
Modiin General
Native English speaker. All types of air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance jobs, with exceptionally dedicated customer service, and beautiful clean finish. Reliable, trustworthy, punctual and attentive, offering fixed prices
Extended One Year Guarantee on all Air Conditioning Jobs!
Trissei Michal
Modiin General
Range of professional services for the repair and replacement of trissim (blinds) and screens (reshatot). Tested and approved by 'Yatzata Gadol' - stamp of quality. Repair of all types of trissim Replacement of trissim Electric trissim Alum
Electric Tris Repair for Only 120 ₪!
Tuvia El'or Modiin - Boilers & Electrical Work
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
20 year reputation in the city. Committed to the lowest price! Repair and installation service for all types of solar, electrical boilers (dudim) and electrical work. Authorized installer for the leading brands of solar and electrical boile
20% Off All Boiler & Electrical Jobs!
Yairo Nagarut - Carpentry
Modiin General
Specializing in the upgrade of kitchens and carpentry repairs. Replacement of kitchen cabinet doors of all materials, shapes, colors and models. Installation of soft-close drawers. Adapting cabinets for new electronical devices. Adding unit
10% Off Kitchen Upgrades!
Yedey Oman Renovations (Yossi Avitan) - Building Contractor & Renovations
Modiin General
Solutions for all your renovation needs - from building work, with high level finishing, to specific handyman jobs. Over 20 years of experience in Modiin. Services include: Renewal of shower units Drywall design and closing wall niches Perg
10% Off All Renovation and Handyman Jobs!
Zohar Sealing - Roof Sealing and Tarring
Modiin General
Comprehensive and professional solutions for all types of damp problems - for roofs, buildings and shelters (miklatim). Over 40 years of expertise in roof sealing and tarring services. Wide range of professional jobs: Roof tarring Roof plas
A. W. Cooling - Appliance Repair (Aharon Wolf)
Modiin General
The goal: satisfied customers! Repairing: Refridgerators and freezers. Washing machines. Dryers. Dishwashers. Reliable - Fair - Professional. Aharon Wolf - at your service! English speaking. 30 years experience.
A.A. Electrical Engineering (Gadi Cohen) - Electrical Work, Intercoms & Boilers
Modiin General
20 years of good reputation in electrical work. Carrying out all types of electrical work, including closed circuit cameras, intercoms, code pads and boilers. Locating and repairing electrical faults Installing of all kinds of home and gard
A.A. Nachum Gas - Certified Gas Technician
Modiin General
Range of services for homes and businesses: Moving and adding gas outlet points Installing new gas outlet points for homes and apartments Installing gas stove tops Installing new gas outlet points for barbecues and heaters Service and relia
10% Off All Gas Repairs and Installations!
A.S. Electronics - Aharon ben Shabbat
Lab specializing in fixing TVs and LCD, LED and plasma screens. Also expert experience in fixing microwaves and all models of computer screens. In addition, sells and installs Idan digital satellite receivers with 5 channels. Professional,
Ad HaGag - Hardware Store & General Repairs
Keizer Center
Everything you need for the house!!! Building materials, bathroom fittings, garden and watering equipment, key cutting service, locks, vehicles and gate remote-control duplication, coded keys, ready made grass ('MarvaDeshe'), and more. Offe
Adir Electrics - Store & Home Appliance Repair
Lev HaEmek
Sale center and repair service for vacuum cleaners, kettles, irons (incl. steam), shavers, hair clippers, hair removal devices, hair dryers, hair straighteners, microwaves, toaster-ovens, LCD screens, food processors and more... Reliable an
15% Off Home Appliance Repairs!
Air Modiin - Airconditioning
Specializing in consultation, sale, installation and professional repairs for all types of airconditioners, for the private sector in Modiin and the surrounding area. Under the management of Zeev Berlin, a licensed installer for central air
Aleph Ayin Nikayon Ve'Achzakot - Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Keizer Center
High quality, professional and reliable cleaning services for apartments from contractors, apartments after renovations and before moving in, polish work, as well as cleaning and maintenance services for buildings, offices and tower blocks.
Free Thorough Cleaning For Buildings!
Aleph Bet American Appliance Repair
Modiin General
Eliezer Ben Baruch, American technician specializing in the repair, installation, and maintenance of American major home appliances (gas and electric). 30 years experience. Servicing all major brands: Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, General Elect
Alum Modiin - Production & Sale of Aluminum Systems
> Now in a new location - behind Beit Lotem. Leading brand in the Modiin area and the center of the country, specializing in the production and installation of luxury aluminium systems. Authorized installer of "Klil" Designer Windows. Alum
Amazing Drapes - Custom Curtains and Blinds
Modiin General
Specializing in all types of curtains and blinds, in a huge range of colors as well as modern and classical designs. Personal consultation in your home, to present you a range of options to perfectly suit your living space. Products include
Amidor LTD - Experts on Home & Office Computer Infrastructure
Modiin General
Computer infrastructure and network solutions for businesses and homes for over 15 years! Nowadays, when the average home has more than 10(!) devices connected to the internet, a simple router provided by Bezeq or Hot is no longer sufficien
15-Year Warranty on a Home Network!
Amit - Pest Control and Pigeon Removal
Modiin General
Extermination services for all types of pests: ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, rodents and pigeon removal. *Odorless materials! Spraying services before entry into a new home. Professional and courteous service. Licensed exterminator - li
Amit - Trissim & Reshetot
Modiin General
BS"D Repair and installation of trissim (blinds): Electrical trissim Replacement of trissim / cords / springs / lifting mechanism / wheels Window screens: Installing screens Repair of ripped screens Roller screens for Mamad windows Clear sc
Anglo Israel Landscapes & Garden Maintenance - Brett Roome
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Qualified horticulturalist (agronom) with more than 30 years experience. Landscape design, setting up and maintaining private gardens. Personalized service with attention to detail Water-economical gardens Cost efffi
Anthony Rose - Modiin Plumbing
Modiin General
Native English speaker. Range of plumbing work and repairs, including: Clearing blocked pipes Location and repair of leaks Toilets and sinks Replacement and repair of taps Filter installation
Ariel Gardening
Modiin General
Native English speaker. High quality gardening work for private homes and va'adei bayit, with reliable service and 30 years experience. Ongoing maintenance and cleaning Garden renovations Watering systems Synthetic grass Garden lighting - d
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