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Ice-Cream, Sweets & Chocolates in Modiin

Al the candy stores and ice cream parlors in the Modiin area.
Golda Keizer Modiin
Keizer Center
Boutique Italian ice-cream, subsidiary of ANITA, made daily from natural and fresh ingredients, with a large selection of unique flavors - all prepared on the premises. In addition to ice cream, you can also enjoy low-fat yogurt, Italian co
Golda Azrieli - Modiin Mall Branch
Azrieli Mall
Italian-style boutique ice-cream, offering unique flavors - all home-made. You can find rare tastes, such as: Hersheys, limoncello, pistachio with white chocolate and more... as well as a variety of flavors from three different types of ice
HaMetukim Shel David - Candy Store (Previously HaMetukim Shel Erez)
Modiin Center
Your candy store in Modiin! (Same ownership, only the name is new). Sweets, snacks, birthday party bags and gift packages. NEW! Printed sugar paper available All types of gummy candies, sweets and chocolates by weight Large range of snacks
La Goffre - Ice Cream Parlor
Neighborhood ice cream parlor serving homemade ice cream, with a range of daily changing flavors. Using the highest quality ingredients imported from Italy and France. Variety of ice creams, including sugar-free ice creams and soy-based veg
Frozen Yogurt - Second One 50% Off!
Free Half Kilo of Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt with Purchase of Kilo on Fridays!
Mamtakei Kobi - Candy, Gift Baskets and Birthday Supplies
Keizer Center
Cheapest candy supermarket in the country! Huge variety of types of candy, chocolates, gift packages, cigarettes, snacks, birthday gift bags, ice creams and gifts. Special prices for group purchases for workers' unions and public institutio
Metukim Merlaz - Candy Store
Everything sweet in one place! Store specializing in all kinds of candies, accessories for birthday parties, gifts and more! Candies and sweets Chocolate Snacks Sweet gift packages Candy by weight and for events Accessories for parties, hel
Olam HaMamtakim Modiin - Shilat Branch
All the candy in the world! The flagship branch of Olam HaMamtakim, now in Shilat! 400 square meters of exceptional shopping experience at the best prices on the market. Special department for gift packages for Va'adim and public institutio
2 Boxes of Sour Candy Belts for Only 60 ₪@
Stock Matok - Baking Products, Birthday Products & Candies for Events
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Largest store in Modiin and the surrounding area, offering a huge variety of candies in a range of shapes and colors, and a variety of tableware, decorations and products for birthdays, events and baking. The wide range of products you can
Box Sour Candy Strips Only 30 ₪, Kilo of Gummies 19.90 ₪ & More!
Waffle Bar - Cafe
Euro Shops
For the full menu in English click here! For the special breakfast menu click here! For party platter menu click here! For gluten-free menu click here! A different kind of cafe, with an extensive dairy menu filled with unique flavors and ge
Friday Breakfast for Two for Only 99 ₪!
Aldo Shilat - Ice Cream Parlor & Desserts Restaurant
The flagship branch of the most beloved ice cream - now in Shilat! New branch, spacious and cozy with 40 seats inside and another 24 outside. Offering a large selection of tasty and high quality ice creams and sweets: Ice cream in a variety
Feldman Ice Creams Modiin - Kipodan Branch
Outlet store. Large selection of fine ice cream, ice lollies, single serve ice creams, diet ice creams, ice cream sandwiches, family-size servings and the winter "Manbo" dessert. Feldman has been manufacturing ice cream in Israel since 1945
Gelarte Boutique - Ice Cream Parlor
Huge variety of sweet treats created by chef Nahar Gefen. Selection includes: Knafe Ice cream Sorbet (parve) Yogurt Decadent desserts Ice cream cakes And more! Indoor and outdoor seating. Kashrut Rabbanut Modiin. Come and visit!
Discounts for Heichal HaTarbut Audience Members!
Mashoo - Chain Store with Gifts, Favors and Good Things
Now in store! Huge range of special products for Chanukah: Chanukiyot, Svivonim and oil jugs Chanukah-themed disposables Table decorations Craft sets Large Svivonim that play Hebrew songs and light up - for only 10 ₪ Huge range of products
Moreno - Mishpacha Shel Pitzuchim
Keizer Center
Established nut and seed store, founded in 1966 as a stall in the Machane Yehuda Shuk. The special flavor of Moreno's nuts and seeds start with choosing the freshest and highest quality products, and with a special roasting method developed
Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker
Modiin General
High-quality, hand-made pralines and chocolate workshops. The pralines and chocolate products are created and designed with love of aesthetics and of the ongoing search for new, special and exciting flavors. The pralines are created using t
Metukim - Country Center
Country Center
Sweet shop.
Sal Matok
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Aldo Ice Cream - Moriah Center Branch
Moriah Center
Ice cream parlor.
Daizy Ice Cream Story
Azrieli Mall
Ice cream stall. Replaced Sweet Bar.
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Ice cream parlor.

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