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Stock Matok - Baking Products, Birthday Products & Candies for Events

Mitcham R (Rami Levi), Yishpro, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Largest store in Modiin and the surrounding area, offering a huge variety of candies in a range of shapes and colors, and a variety of tableware, decorations and products for birthdays, events and baking.

The wide range of products you can find in the store includes:

Baking products

Everything for the beginner and professional baker: sugar dough, piping tips, bags and accessories for icing, cupcake molds, baking pans, rings, food coloring, decorative candies, and a wide variety of packaging and platters for cakes.

Variety of ingredients: spreads (Kinder spread, Ferrero spread, nougat powder, pistachio paste, and more), ready made macaroon halves, meringues, fillings, powders and more. Quality chocolate for baking from the best companies: Callebaut, Lubeca, and a variety of Poliva products with Badatz Kashrut.

Sweet bar

Celebrating a Hinna? Bar / Bat Mitzvah? Brit / Brittah? Birthday? You can design a perfect sweet bar, easily! Variety of transparent utensils for sweets, large utensils, cupcake stands, table skirts, ornaments and more.

Large range of chocolates, candies, pralines and gummy candy - in a wide variety of colors, shapes and flavors. Huge packages of Badatz candies and marshmallows for Shabbat Chatan and Aliyah LaTorah. Special sweets for Hinna celebrations - gold dragées, pralines, Chatan and Kallah chocolates and more.

Party accessories

A huge variety of stunning flower arrangements, fireworks, confetti and balloons. Pinatas, pennants, birthday bags and more. Special branded items (basketball, dragons, farm animals and more).

Fancy disposable tableware: hard plastic festive sets - plates, bowls, cutlery, designer glasses, and more.

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Sun-Thu: 09:30-20:00, Fri: 09:00 - varies.


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