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The New City Center of Modiin

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Modiin Maccabim Reut's new main business center (MAR) has started to open, and is now open to traffic!

The new city center is planned to be the city's main leisure and recreation area, featuring a kilometer-long avenue (Sdera) with wide sidewalks, and a central area with paths, landscaping, benches, water fountains and more.

In the center of the avenue, there will be five eateries: a hamburger restaurant (ASAP, from the owners of More Than Bar), a branch of Pasta Basta the chain from Machane Yehuda, Kasba (kosher grill restaurant) which is already open, a cafe operated by the Momento coffee company, and the first Modiin branch of the national chain of ice cream parlors Leggenda, which started in Nahariya and an ice cream parlor.

This is in addition to the various businesses that will operate along the sides of the avenue. All businesses in the city center will be permitted to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The opening of the city center is expected to happen gradually, with, in the first phase, the avenue opening to pedestrians and vehicles, and stores and eateries opening according to the progress of the builders.

The new avenue will create an urban continuum for pedestrians, and will connect all the main sites of the city center: Kikar HaTachbura (the public transportation circle), Anava Park, Modiin's central railway station, Azrieli Mall and various public buildings.

At the bottom of the avenue there will be a crossing to Azrieli Mall, as well as a square and an area designated for the establishment of a city market.

Other institutions and attractions

  • A multi-functional cultural center - hosting various performances and a music studies center, as well as an auditorium with modular seats and a stage, a gallery, a large lobby and restaurant, alongside classrooms.
  • A hotel - the city's first hotel, being built by the Azrieli company.
  • A young adult center - entrepreneurs hub with dedicated programs for young adults in the city.
  • A Hasmonean Heritage Museum - presenting the story of the city from the days of the Hasmoneans, throughout the various historical eras, and up to the founding of the modern city of Modiin, in an interactive way that will provide visitors with a multi-sensory experience.
  • Culture and events: planned events include: a Yom Ha'atzmaut party, artistic performances inspired by the Circus Festival on Sukkot, alongside the creation of customized events for the various communities of the city, such as storytelling for the little ones, playgrounds, family oriented performances in the afternoons, happy hours for adults in the evening and more.
  • A senior living facility - residential facility withing walking distance of the mall and train station, being built by the 'Ad 120' chain.


As part of the construction of the city center, an underground car park for about 400 vehicles has also been built, providing parking for visitors, along with the other existing public car parks (the Iriyah car park and the various train car parks) and the nearby streets.


Approximately 470 housing units are being built along the avenue in buildings of 5 floors, with the bottom floor as commercial space, including stores, restaurants, pubs and cafes. Above them are 4 floors of residential space, with around 60% 2-3 room apartments and the rest 4-5 room apartments.

On the side of the avenue facing Arar and the continuation of Dam HaMaccabim, there are buildings with two floors of retail stores and offices, with 3 additional floors of residential space above them.


The cafes and restaurants on the avenue will be surrounded by tall shady trees, which were purchased by the municipality several years ago to grow to the required height to provide shade for those spending time on the avenue, as well as the shade of buildings on both sides of the street, that create shaded areas for most of the day.


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