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Tal Systems - Networks, Smart Homes, Audio Video and Security Systems

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All telecommunication solutions, including stable, fast and secure internet networks in all areas of your home, as well as remote control and automation for smart homes, improving your quality of life and saving unnecessary costs!

It happens in almost every home: suddenly there's a spot where the WiFi doesn't work so well any more, you move a little further away, and there's no reception at all, or the internet speed is very slow...

Your usage is high and the router you got from your internet provider crashes and is not strong enough for all the devices that an average house runs, so the internet gets stuck, the smart TV doen't work smoothly, and in the meantime the router constantly emits radiation into the home...

There are solutions to all these problems, and it is important that they are done right, with a guarantee that they will last over time.

Come and enjoy comprehensive solutions, based on extensive experience, expertise and knowledge of the field.

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Areas of specialization include:

  • Internet networks for your home or office - set up of infrastructure for stable and fast communications network with full coverage for WiFi reception, without disconnections. Personally customized, creative solutions that will put an end to connectivity issues and high radiation.
  • Smart electricity and smart homes - full control from your phone for all the systems in your home (lighting, electrical water heater, television, airconditioners, blinds, etc.). Cost savings and remote control for the optimization of electricity use, also for when you are not at home.
  • Smart Shabbat clock - full automation using the 'smart home' for turning on and off different areas and connections in the home at different times (including for example electric blinds, water heater and more). Personally customized and easy planning for a system that you can schedule and change by yourself. Kosher, certified by 'Tzomet'.
  • Audio-video - planning and installation of in home cinema systems for optimal viewing and sound, suited to the size of the space and with an emphasis on aesthetic and elegant work. Comprehensive, A to Z service, from the moment you describe what you want from the system, until the moment you see your dream come true...
  • Security systems for buildings, businesses, institutions and private homes - installation of cameras, alarm systems, intercoms, code pads and entry systems. Guidance and support for remote control, easy and simple control from your phone or computer.

15 years of expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the field.

Courteous, professional service with a smile, 24/7.

Guidance, support and warranty for all services.

Managed by Tal Yakah.

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Sun-Thu: 08:00-20:00, Fri: 08:00-14:00.



Ilan Albocher
טל התקין אצלי רשת אינטרנט ביתית וחיבור לקולנוע ביתי, ביצע את העבודה במקצועיות רבה, עבודה נקייה ואיכותית טל סייע בתמיכה טכנית גם לאחר סיום העבודה. מומלץ!
אלי חיים
טל הגיע אליי לטיפול בתקלה של עיניות שליטה במערכת שמע ובטלויזיה ,תיקן במקצועיות ,ממליץ
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