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Letterlanders - English Lessons with Elly Waller

35 Yehudah, Modiin
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Teaching children (also English speakers) the basic skills for reading and writing.

Programs include:

Letterlanders - Meet the Letters

Most basic program that matches letters to their sound and shape. The children will learn to identify key words. This is a multi-sensory program that incorporates arts, crafts, stories, music, drama, food and games.

Letterlanders - The Basic Building Blocks for Reading and Writing

Phonic based program that aims to teach all the English consonants, the long and short vowels, diagraphs such as /th/ and /sh/ and silent /e/. There is a strong emphasis on improving handwriting skills. The program aims to have the children reading and also writing 3, 4 and 5 letter words from dictation by the middle of the year. During the classes students will create and read simple books. Most importantly, while doing this serious learning, the children are having an enjoyable experience immersed in English.

Letterlanders - Advanced Course 1

Covers all kinds of more complex vowel combinations such as /ai/ /ea/ /or/ /air/ /ay/ /igh/ /oo/. Students will read books in class and at home. Spelling practice of age appropriate words is always drilled. Students will present creative written work orally in class.

Letterlanders : Advanced Course 2

Involves even more complex letter combinations, exercises in grammar and punctuation. Students will work on spelling, comprehension and writing skills, and will read, read and read some more! Students will also work on units involving extensive research and presenting projects in class. The grandparent unit is always a favourite!

Letterlanders is run by Elly Waller, and has been successfully teaching children to read and write since 2001.

Call now for more information and to register!

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Classes on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 15:15, 16:15 and 17:15, for 45 minutes.


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