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Dog Training Chugim & Therapy for Kids at Emek Ayalon Ranch

Chavat Emek Ayalon, Mevo Choron (see map).

Chug that provides children with preparation and an introduction to the world of dogs, breeds, characteristics and everything else you need to know about man's best friend.

The Chug deepens the connection between the dog and its owner, teaching a high level of control of the dog and its abilities.

Basic dog training Chug

16 sessions teaching positive training methods. The chug greatly benefits participants, teaching the importance of rules and offering the experience of success as they learn how to communicate with the dog, as well as providing many practical tools for handling the dog in daily life.

Advanced dog training Chug

In the advanced dog training Chug, participants learn to bring the dog to their maximum possible ability, working without a leash, and with commands given by means of signs, without external aids. Teaching the dog to retrieve objects, be focused on its target, and be able to ignore external stimuli. The Chug includes 16 meetings.

The classes are held in a classroom in the dog kennel complex, and are taught by a professional dog trainer.

In addition, the ranch offers dog therapy services with a senior therapist.

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SMS and WhatsApp messages can be sent to 050-6329779.


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