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How to Write a Great Text for Your Business Page on ModiinApp

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Keep it short! [Approx 150-200 words]
ModiinApp users generally prefer to scan (rather than spend time reading) your text to find the solution to their problem as quickly as possible!

Keep it simple!
Potential clients don't want to waste time (and brain-cells!) trying to understand what you offer / how you can help them. They tend to choose the business that they can understand the quickest!

Keep focused on the client!
Don’t use first person narrative.
Move the focus away from yourself, and onto your clients' needs, e.g. ”Offering legal services in a variety of fields, including….”

Keep the following questions in mind:

  • Who is your client? i.e. consider their age, gender, interests, etc
  • When might they need you? e.g. for a Simcha, or when moving home
  • What do they need / want?
  • Is price important to them?
  • How highly do they value quality & service?
  • What special concerns might they have?


Page Title:

This should be your business' name with a very short and clear description of what you do/sell (bearing in mind what people may be searching for).
e.g. 'Car Parts & Accessories for all Vehicles'
or "Fashion Store & Cosmetic Products for Women".

Page Text:

1. Start with one clear line that summarises your business.

2. Identify your number one differentiator!

  • What makes your service/product unique?
  • Why should people choose you over other similar businesses?
  • What is the one most important message you want the customer to take away?

Make sure to phrase this in terms of the benefit to the customer!

E.g: unique expertise or methodology / extended hours / luxurious premises / organic ingredients / native English speaker...

3. What specific services or products do you offer?

Keep this clear and simple - in most cases a short list of ‘bullet points’ is best.

E.g: electric & manual triss repair / Japanese hair straightening / real estate law / workshops for teenagers...

4. What other benefits do you offer the customer?

  • How are you going to make life better for your customer?
  • How will you solve their problem(s)
  • Make it all about them!

E.g: creative problem solving / fast response time / exceptional service / guaranteed work / fair pricing...

Think about the adjectives that define your service style.
(Eg. professional, dedicated, meticulous...).

5. What experience or authority do you have in your field?

Keep this section brief!

E.g: number of years in the field, relevant work experience, professional qualifications.

6. Call to Action - What do you want people to do now?

  • What are you trying to achieve with your ad?
  • Phone Calls
  • Walk-in Customers
  • General Brand Awareness
  • Product / Service Awareness
  • Clicks (to your menu/ website, facebook/ etc)

To achieve this goal, you need to add a clear call to action.

E.g: “Call now for more information!”, ”Come and visit!”

Our content writing team can help you edit your text using 14 years of combined experience in marketing writing for digital platforms!

We want your ad to work as well as possible, so we are always happy to revisit & revise your text any time :)



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