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Dental Care

Full list of dentists and dental clinics in the Modiin area (see related category for Orthodontists below)
Dr. Lam Dental Clinic
Ligad / The Technological Park
The clinic offers a wide range of treatments, including orthodontic treatments, implants, periodontal surgery, teeth whitening and treatments for children. The treatments are carried out by a trained and professional team of dentists, gradu
Dr. Ariel Teicher - Dental & Aesthetics Center
Country Center
Specializing in: Dental surgery and implants Oral rehabilitation and preventative dentistry Teeth whitening and oral aesthetics Zirconium crowns and porcelain laminates Treatment of children Insurance accepted: Menora, Harel, Dikla and Phoe
Dr. Boaz Borsuk D.M.D. & Dr. Mary Borsuk D.M.D. - Dental Surgeons
Dimri Towers
Dental aesthetics. Teeth straightening. Oral rehabilitation. Root canals. Dental surgery and implants.
Dr. Eitan Aizic - Dental Clinic
Specializing in dental aesthetics and teeth straightening. Native English speaking dentist practising root canal treatments. All dental treatments under one roof performed by an especially skilled and courteous staff with many years of expe
Dr. Elisha Reichenberg - Orthodontal Specialist, Ph.D, D.M.D.
City Center (Ma'ar)
The clinic has moved from Kipodan to the new City Center in Binyan Rakia! Expert orthodontist, graduate of the Orthodontics Department of Hadassah Jerusalem, The Hebrew University, in 2009. Extensive experience with innovative techniques o
Dr. Isaac Filler - Dental Clinic
Dimri Towers
Native English speaker, speciality from the University of Maryland in Oral Rehabilitation and Implants. Extensive and long-term experience in the field, Range of professional dental treatments, implementing the most advanced technologies an
Dr. Noam Birman - Children's Dental Specialist
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Private and professional dental care, with high availability. Specialist for 10 years. Graduate of Hadassah Jerusalem. Services provided: Dental treatments with the assistance of laughing gas Treatments for dental injuries Removal of tartar
Dr. Rafat Zi'en - Dental Clinic
Highest quality of dentistry in a relaxed, warm and gentle environment. Personal attention to each and every patient. Range of dental aesthetics treatments Preventative dentistry Restorative dentistry Oral surgery Implants Orthodontics New
Dr. Sharkiya - Multi-Disciplinary Dental Clinic
Modiin Center
Emergency dental treatments - 24 hour emergency hotline. Specializing in professional dental and medical aesthetics treatments. Gentle and thorough dental treatments, including: Implants Dental rehabilitation treatments Dental aesthetics Te
Dr. Shmuel Katz - Extraction of Wisdom Teeth
Beit Shemesh
Dentist specializing exclusively in the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, nothing else, with more than 18 years of experience. Recommendations available from thousands of patients. These recommendations repeatedly note the professional trea
Dr. Tamar Adahan - Dental Clinic Specializing in Laser Treatments
Azrieli Mall
Dental treatments using innovative laser technology, making treatments faster and easier - less pain, fewer injections, no drilling, conserving the teeth, neutralizing bacteria, and contributing to a fast recovery! Advanced and leading dent
Schneider Specialists Center - Multi-Disciplinary Dental Clinic
Merkaz Renanim
Team of specialist dentists, graduates of Hadassah Jerusalem, all with extensive experience and reputation in their field. Practice areas: dental implants and periodontics, rehabilitation and aesthetics, dentistry and orthodontics for child
Smiles Experts - Advanced Dental Clinic
Moriah Center
All the experts under one roof. Consistently high quality, top level, uncompromising treatment for all, including emergency dentistry and first aid with a free check up*! English and French speaking dentists and specialists. The clinic incl
Cosmetic & Family Dentistry - Dr. Lange & Dr. Abboudi
Dimri Towers
Native English speakers - 19 years in Modiin. General dentistry. Cosmetic work. Children. Crowns. Root canals.
Dental Clinic - Dr. Naama Matz
Solomon Center
Dental Clinic - The Art of the Smile. Dental aesthetics Teeth straightening Oral rehabilitation Dental implants Facial aesthetics
Dental Laboratory Ami Shalem
Permanent and removable rehabilitative dental solutions and the meticulous production of prosthetic devices. The lab also offers repair and renewal services for dentures. Extensive experience and expertise of 30 years in the field. The lab
Dr. Joshua Wachspress - Orthodontist
Dimri Towers
Providing orthodontic care for children and adults in a friendly and comfortable environment.
Dr. Pearl Unterman – Smiles Experts Advanced Dental Clinic
Moriah Center
Native English speaker. Dental experience for the whole family, in a warm caring environment for all your dental needs, by a general dentist from the United States. Come and enjoy the relaxing bedside manner you are accustomed to but strugg
Reut Dental Clinic
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Clinic's staff: Dr. Julian Zilberman DMD - Clinic Manager Dr. Adam Renert DMD - Orthodontist, Specialist in Teeth Straightening Dr. Daoud Abed Elrazak DMD - Specialist in Oral and Jaw Surgery Dr Michael Meir DMD - Dentist
Dr. Adam Renert - Teeth Straightening & Jaw Corrections (Orthodontist)
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Expert orthodontist in teeth straightening, graduate of the Dental School of the Hadassah University Medical Center and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1979. Treating children and youth, and offering personally customized treatment for

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