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Eli Yemini, Law Office & Notary - Tort
אביטל פלורה ואבנר
ממליצה על עו''ד אלי ימיני שעזר לנו המון ואפשר לסמוך עליו במאה אחוזים כי הוא עושה את עבודתו נאמנה.מי שיקבל עזרה ממנו ירוויח ויצליח.
Eli Yemini, Law Office & Notary - Tort
Milo Elias
עוד מקצועי, אמין, סובלני ומשיג תוצאות טובות ללקוח. בכל המובנים מגיע לו תעודה יצאתה צדיק
Eli Yemini, Law Office & Notary - Tort
תיקי עזר
אלי מדהים .איש צנוע ישר .מדבר בגובה העיניים .מקסים .נכנס ללב . קיבל אותנו בסבר פנים יפות .אמין מאד . יופי של שירות .כן יירבו אנשים טובים כמותו .אמן
Yael Agami, Lawyer & Notary - Real Estate, Insolvency Law and Family
אהרון כהן
עורכת דין מקצועית ואיכותית דאגה לכל האישורים בקבועי זמן שהתחייבה להם מומלץ!!!
Amira Solow Adv. and Notary - Real Estate & Inheritance Law
Tracey Roome
Thank you Amira for your wealth of knowledge and patience Wills are not an easy thing and your attention to detail was amazing Regards Tracey Roome
Amira Solow Adv. and Notary - Real Estate & Inheritance Law
Tracey Roome
Thank you Amira for your wealth of knowledge and patience Wills are not an easy thing and your attention to detail was amazing Regards Tracey Roome
Albert (Avi) Peretz, Adv. & Notary - Family, Property Law & Bankruptcy Law
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Long established law office offering professional solutions based on extensive experience with a focus on: property law, family and inheritance law, bankruptcy and civil and commercial law - offering professional services with no exceptions
ALM LAW - Attorneys & Notary
Azrieli Mall
Property & Real Estate - Contract Law - Inheritances and Wills - Notary services - Litigation. Notary services Property & real estate - sales, private and commercial rentals, tabu registration. TAMA 38, agricultural farms and more Civil law
Amira Solow Adv. and Notary - Real Estate & Inheritance Law
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Native English speaker, specializing in: Real estate law Inheritance law Notary services Endurable power of attorney Offering you legal services by a bilingual Israeli trained lawyer with over 13 years of experience in all matters relating
Basmat Perry Simhayoff - Attorney, Notary, Mediator: Real Estate, Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney
City Center (Ma'ar)
Lawyer and notary with over 20 years of experience, specializing in real estate, tort, wills, inheritances and lasting power of attorney / living wills. Committed to professional, reliable, thorough and excellent service of the highest stan
Dmitry Vernitsky, Adv. & Notary - Traffic Offenses & Criminal Law
Azrieli Mall
Exclusively and frequently representing clients in a large variety of criminal and traffic offenses. The office also offers a wide range of notary services and notary translations. Representing clients in traffic offenses: traffic accidents
Dotan Levi Law Firm - Real Estate, Real Estate Taxation & Notary
City Center (Ma'ar)
Specializing in real estate and real estate taxation, with over 21 years experience in the field. Service provided in both English and Hebrew. Services provided include: Representation in real estate transactions - for those buying from con
Dub & Co. Law Offices & Notary - Real Estate, Commercial Law, Wills & Inheritances
City Center (Ma'ar)
Boutique English speaking law firm specializing in real estate, wills and inheritances, and commercial law. Offering services in the following areas: Real estate deals Property tax Urban renewal Investments in real estate abroad Estates, wi
Eli Yemini, Law Office & Notary - Tort
Dimri Towers
Dealing with tort cases in Modiin for the last 20 years - one of the first law offices in the city! Specializing in personal injury claims due to a variety of causes: Car accidents Work accidents Accidents due to damage on the sidewalk Bitu
Hana Marmor - Advocate, Mediator and Notary
Practising since 1980. Dedicated, personal service, according to the client's circumstances and requirements. Family law Inheritance law - wills and inheritances Mediation Certified for ongoing power of attorney Real estate Notary services
Likol Tamsut, Law Offices and Notary - Military, Criminal and Traffic Law
Ligad / The Technological Park
Personal and dedicated legal assistance for clients dealing with the legal and military system. In addition, offering notary services and preparation of lasting power of attorney. Taking into account the people behind the cases, and providi

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