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Education & Hobbies in Modiin

All the options in the Modiin area for chugim and education. Including schools, libraries, sports, arts, science and music.
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Bereshit Tnuah - Dance Studio
Azrieli Mall
When you dance out of love, from the passion to dance, everything is possible! For ages 3-90. Groups are small, allowing personal attention for each student, as well as the development of meaningful social connections. Come learn and enjoy
Bikeguide - Chugim, Training & Cycling Groups
Modiin General
The oldest and best-known biking club in Modiin, operating in the city for over a decade. NEW! Duathlon group for running and cycling. Offering: Chugim for children - beginners and advanced, until competitive level Cycling groups all over M
Free Trial Bike Riding Training in Women's Riding Group!
Bnei Akiva "Orot Modiin" Ulpana
Principal: Rabbi Asher Kursiya. Founded: 1999.
Bnei Akiva Lapid Modiin Yeshiva High School
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Principal: Rabbi Shmuel Rozenblum. Founded: 2000.
Boutique LeOmanuyot Studio - Art Chugim for Girls and Teens
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Art classes for girls and teenagers who love to craft. Small groups with warm personal attention, in an intimate and homely atmosphere. This year's art chug is divided into five different subject areas: Knitting Scrapbooking Sewing Creating
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Azrieli Mall
Groups and individual training session in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for children, youth and adults - from the basics to competitive level, with instruction by Roey Levy, certified teacher with 30 years of experience. Adult and youth track: Learn
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Martial Arts Classes for Children, Youth & Adults
Modiin General
Want to protect yourself, get in shape and have fun? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - BJJ - is the martial art and self defense system that has revolutionized the martial arts world in the last 30 years. Using both standing and ground-based self defen
Bsafe Krav Maga - Krav Maga & Self Defense
Azrieli Mall
Krav Maga and self defense Chugim for children, youth and adults. Separate courses for women, and personal training. Krav Maga is an easy, effective method to: Strengthen self confidence Improve physical fitness Strengthen concentration and
Cafe BaPark - Teens Cafe at Park HaShchenut
Youth club that functions in a manner that doesn't desecrate Shabbat, and offers activities for youth on Friday evenings. The place includes seating areas, table top games and board games, together with great atmosphere and light refreshmen
Chava BaKfar - Therapeutic Horse Riding
Kfar Rut
Therapeutic farm, attended daily by students of all ages, as well as professional riders. The farm which was founded in 2006 in Kfar Rut, specializes in several types of horse riding: Therapeutic riding English style – jumping and dressage
10% Off Sport & Therapeutic Horse Riding Lessons!
Chavat HaMa'alef - The Horseman Riding School
Mishmar Ayalon
Professional farm with a warm and calm atmosphere. A variety of different activities are available at the farm: Riding school for Western and English style riding, as well as therapeutic riding - for all ages (from age 4 and up) and all lev
Chavat Yitzchak - Therapeutic and Western-style Horseriding School
Kfar Rut
Positive and safe encounters between horses and humans! Western-style riding lessons Therapeutic riding lessons* At Chavat Yitzchak riding stables you will meet a variety of horses and professionals, and learn from them, in a professional a
Chugim at the Maccabim Sports Center
Wide range of sport, dance, martial arts and other chugim for children and youth, led by experienced instructors: Gym - for ages 10-14. Capoeira - groups for ages 4-5, aleph-gimel, with Amit Yahav. Judo - for gan, aleph-bet, with Eldad Ben
Chut Hashani - Elementary School (Mamlachti)
Principal: Ilana Rachmilevitz. Founded: 2006.
Confectionery and Baking Courses for Youth with Vivi Arfi
Yearly confectionery and baking courses for ages 8-12 and 12-16. Small groups, up to 6 participants. Weekly meeting of around one hour. Learn the foundations of confectionery, bake muffins, cookies, desserts, yeast pastries and other sweets
Crocheting Chug for Women at the 'Boutique LeOmanuyot' Studio
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Come and discover the secrets of crocheting. Small groups with warm personal attention, in an intimate and homely atmosphere. In the interactive sessions you will learn how to create beautiful crocheted object that will decorate your home a
Darchei Yehudah Elementary School (Mamlachti Dati)
Principal: Ilana Rozen. Founded: 2010.
Democratic Nadav Elementary School
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Principal: Roni Hernik. Founded: 1999.
Dog Training Chugim & Therapy for Kids at Emek Ayalon Ranch
Mevo Choron
Chug that provides children with preparation and an introduction to the world of dogs, breeds, characteristics and everything else you need to know about man's best friend. The Chug deepens the connection between the dog and its owner, teac
Dolphinim BaMayim - Swimming School
Want to learn how to swim? Yuval Yarden's 'Dolphinim BaMayim' swimming school was created exactly for this, and this year, like last year, it will be located at Moshav Shilat's new, heated swimming pool! For more information (in Hebrew) and
Dorot Elementary School (Mamlachti)
Open for 'Al-Ezori' registration, accepting registration from all Modiin Maccabim Reut residents. Principal: Shulamit Ganon. Founded: 1996.
Dr. Lego - Chugim, Activities for Schools & Birthdays
Modiin General
Lego engineering and robotics chugim and birthday parties! Are your kids crazy about Lego? Dr. Lego offers fun enrichment chugim, cool Lego birthday parties, interactive laser challenge birthday parties and a range of activities and worksho
Drawing Lessons for Adults
Kfar HaOranim
Chug for all levels. Individual work with each student according to his experience and the direction in which he aims to develop. Unique format enabling individual work while strengthening the foundations in sketching, color, composition, s
Emek Ayalon Ranch - Attraction, Chugim & Treks, Events & Kennel
Mevo Choron
Tourist ranch located in the heart of the Ayalon Valley, surrounded by greenery and with stunning views. Varied and well tended petting zoo for renewing the connection with nature, for children and the whole family. Professional dog kennel
Esther's Fitness - Individual & Group Fitness Training
Native English speaker. Licensed fitness instructor, focusing on fun, creative and challenging routines - in private and semi-private or group sessions for both men and women (separate or as a group) from post army, through post childbirth,
Even Niyar U'Misparayim - Arts & Crafts, Office Supplies & Games
Large and varied range of crafts tools and materials for children and adults, from beginners to advanced, in all areas of crafting. Accessories and craft supplies for all chagim and seasons for your home, for ganim and for school children.
Experiential Youth Center - English Lessons & Coaching
Lev Reut Shopping Center
For info re: summer cloaching course for ages 10-16 - click here! Experiential English learning for children and teens, starting from kita Aleph to Yud-Bet, as well as coaching courses. Learning in small groups, using innovative internatio
Free English Learning Materials for the Whole Year!
First Grade Preparedness Classes
Helping children cope with the changes in the transition from Gan to school, from both emotional and motor aspects, providing a range of tools for coping with their new framework. Emotional reinforcement Strengthening of social skills Impro
FitBox Modiin - EMS Training
Euro Shops
Just 20 minutes of EMS training will give you the results of 4 workouts in the gym! The training method that has taken over Europe, now in Israel! Personal training session, based on a method developed by NASA 30 years ago. The training pro
Fitness for Men with Mordechai
Native English speaker. Fitness classes for men and youth with certified personal trainer and weight room coach. New! Fitness studio in Shaalvim - free trial session. Improve your fitness level, have fun in your workouts, feel healthier, an
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