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Klavim VeSilsulim - Mobile Dog & Cat Hairdresser

Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

New in Modiin and the surrounding areas! A mobile dog and cat hairdresser, who comes right to your front door! No more trips back and forth! No unwanted dirt and hairs in the family car!

The salon uses professional and modern equipment, and is designed in a pleasant, clean and pampering style.

The service is provided by a professional, trained hairdresser, with patience, knowledge and endless love for dogs and cats, and one guiding principal: the welfare of your dog or cat alone! Even the most reluctant and tense ones calm down when they are given hugs and stroked with a calming touch...

The haircut is suited to the season, the type of fur and the dog, and of course to the owner's requests. Options for grooming of fur, thinning, combing and professional brushing, both for short and long haired dogs.

Service includes hair cut/grooming, nail cutting, washing, drying, scent and decoration, and thorough cleaning of ears and eyes, using high quality materials. Range of shampoos suited to the state of the fur and skin of the dog.

Treatment of cats is carried out without sedation!

Pleasant and interesting experience for children of all ages!


Sun-Thu: 08:30-19:00.



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