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MeEver LaDimyon - Chug with the Matnas & Unique Party Activity


A unique experience - beyond the imagination!

An experience of the body and the soul, meditation and guided imagery, creating a rollercoaster of the senses. An intriguing, challenging and fascinating activity, offering participants a different quality of life, and the ability to listen, empower and relax.

Each activity is combined with plenty of humor, and encourages spontaneous creativity.

It also includes work on the senses, and covering the eyes for maximum sensory experience for some of the time.

The unique sessions utilize a special technique developed from the original tools of guided imagery and meditation by Sarit Neuman, the instructor, over 20 years of work in the field.

Chugim for ages 9 and up in cooperation with the Matnas

Throughout the year, the children will connect to their inner and outer world, and learn unique and creative tools for coping with daily life with joy and tranquility.

The classes are designed for students in 6-8th grade, through the Sachlavim Matnas on Dam HaMaccabim. Length of each meeting: 75 minutes.

Party activities from age 6, and also for adults

Interactive activities suitable for birthdays from age 6 and up, for Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties (not held in event halls) and for adults: bachelorette parties, and social gatherings with added value.

The activities are guided by Sarit Neuman, a guided imagery, meditation and psychodrama instructor for 20 years, very experienced in working with children of all ages and adults.

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