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Yoav Shor - Tai Chi Gong Instructor: Movement for a Healthy Life

Yozma ganim, Chativat Givati 31, Modiin
Last Updated: over 2 weeks ago

Group Chi Gong classes, in person or via Zoom.

Chi Gong is the Chinese name for the art of movement for self healing and strengthening the body and the soul, originating in the Far East from Ancient China.

The benefits of Chi Gong include relaxing the joints of the body, increasing blood flow and promoting the release of relaxation hormones, such as endorphins that help create a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. And also raising the level of internal energy in the body, for a feeling of fullness and vitality.

Chi Gong exercises are characterized by slowness and repetition which is intended to deepen their effect on the body and the soul, combined with breathing.

Most of the movements are circular, and some of them require stretching, followed by immediate release. The exercises are performed standing up (for those who have difficulty standing, they can also be performed while seated on a chair).

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Classes take place by one on one or small group Zoom calls by prior arrangement. There are currently no frontal classes.

The content of the Zoom classes is identical to in person classes, and lasts around 45 minutes.

"Chi Gong is an interesting path for learning awareness and introspection through physical exercise. Yoav's teaching method is supportive and interdisciplinary", Udi.

Instruction by Yoav Shor, graduate of the Chi Gong instructors course at the Life in Motion Academy.

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Tuesdays, 17:30-19:00.


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