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10% Off Leadership and Riding Course!
at Leadership and Riding Course at Zahala Farm (Ages 9-15)
Everyone coming via the ModiinApp get 10% Off Leadership and Riding Course! * Please ...
30% Off End of Year Party!
at Mysterion - The Game
End of school year party - at Mysterion! Start the summer vacation with a fascinating...
10% Off All Appliance Repair Jobs!
at Sherut MeOlam Acher - Yossi - Fridges, Washing Machines & Appliance Repair
Fixed 10% discount on all electrical appliance repair services all year...
200 ₪ Off Art Kaytana!
at Arts Kaytana - Tzeva HaChaim Arts School (Ages 3-11)
Sign up by June 1st, and pay only 1,800 ₪ for the whole of July (instead of 2,...
Free Professional Makeup with Photo Shoot!
at YBD Photography - Event, Profile & Family Photography
Professional makeup by certified cosmetician at a value of 300 ₪ free when ordering 'b...
2+1 Free on Seasonal Flowers
at Floroz - Flower Shop & Garden Center
Buy two, get one free on seasonal nursery flowers!
20% Off Wraps Platter!
at Kishalle - Boutique Dairy Catering
May is here and with it Kishalle's new monthly delicacy. A wrap plate - filled with 24...
Summer Clothes for Men, Women & Kids at Huge Discounts!
at Zebra - Fashion for the Whole Family
Diadora shirts for men - second tiem 50% off Women's nighties for only 20 ₪ Hooded t...
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  1. 28-05

    All Air Con Related Help

    Over 10 stores & technicians to choose from for sales & repair services.
  2. 28-05

    Affordable Housing Lottery

    Registration now open for 32 housing units in the Tziporim neighborhood.
  3. 28-05

    Tonight: Gil Kopatch

    Humorous delve into Parashat HaShavu'a, the Talmud and the midrashim.
  4. 28-05

    Today at Beit HaMatnas

    2 sessions of "Simlat HaShabbat HaChadasha" - story time for ages 2-3.
  5. 28-05

    Thu & Sat at Heichal HaTarbut

    The Velocity of Autumn - heartwarming comedy, starring  Leah Koenig.
  6. 27-05

    Over 25 Deals for Kids

    One click for all Kids category deals: kaytanot, birthdays, swimming etc...
  7. 27-05

    Carpentry Work for Home

    From planks to customized furniture - here are people that can help you.
  8. 26-05

    Another New Eatery

    Introducing "Chef Shuka" at the Keizer Center, specializing in shakshukot...
  9. 26-05

    Pre-Summer Pet Haircut

    Info re: all six pet hairdressers in the area & what they each specialize in.
  10. 25-05

    Summer Camps & Workshops

    Over 35 options for all ages, in Aug too, some added this week + 10 deals!
  11. 25-05

    New Attraction in Town!

    Introducing "Mysterion - the game" in Ligad. Suitable also for birthdays.
  12. 21-05

    Bakeries in Modiin

    Ahead of chag: discover new places or find stuff you need.
  13. 20-05

    Getting a Driving License

    Info on teachers at the 2 big driving schools, motorbike license & theory test.
  14. 19-05

    Guide to Pools in the Area

    Info re: the four pools in Modiin & eight more pools in the area. 
  15. 19-05

    New Fixed Discount

    5% off all sealing jobs with Yuval Shem Tov - valid all year-round.
  16. 18-05

    28 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  17. 17-05

    3rd & 4th Grades Kaytana

    Registration is now open for HaKaytana Hachevratit for kitot gimel dalet.
  18. 17-05

    New Category: City Updates

    Important annoucemnets from the Iriya & other interesting information.
  19. 17-05

    New Menu on the App

    The updated seating-in menu of Atza, and their new deliveries menu.
  20. 14-05

    Another New Cafe in Town

    Introducing: Capibara, cafe-pizza-bar, incl. menu & deal - open all week.
  21. 13-05

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  22. 13-05

    Swimming Lessons in Modiin

    Check out the 7 leading swimming schools & teachers in the area + 4 deals.
  23. 12-05

    For Building & Renovating Jobs

    A selection of 15 local builders, and what they each specialize in.
  24. 11-05

    Major News for Parents!

    Update on Prices of Kaytanot and Summer School for 3rd & 4th Grades.
  25. 11-05

    School of The Summer Holiday

    Sign-up link + all details re: the summer program for kitot aleph-bet.