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  1. 21-11

    Shabbat Times in Modiin

    21-22/11 > Shabbat comes in 16:20, sunset: 16:40, out: 17:11.
  2. 20-11

    On Fri: 'Pick Your Own'

    New attraction in the area for orange & clementine picking at Gimzo.
  3. 20-11

    New Menu on the App

    The updated winter menu of Gelarte for deliveries and eating in.
  4. 20-11

    Youth Club for Dati'im Too

    New club opertaing on friday nights without breaking Shabbat.
  5. 20-11

    Friday Night Zula for Teens

    Inflatables, games & snacks at the hangout place outside the mall.
  6. 20-11

    Fri Night Stand Up

    Meni Ozeri, the huge YouTube success story, at Einan Hall.
  7. 20-11

    On Fri: Farmers' Market

    A reminder that the TA port market is in Reut every Fri - all details here.
  8. 19-11

    Over 120 (!) Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' for the app.
  9. 19-11

    Now at Heichal HaTarbut

    The 1940's comedy Born Yesterday in a new Hebrew version - 'till Sat.
  10. 18-11

    In Focus > Vets

    All the leading clinics in the area, and each one's field of expertise.
  11. 17-11

    In Focus: Children & Baby Shops

    Mostly for clothes, but also for shoes and baby accesories - incl. 4 deals.
  12. 17-11

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Fabio's Pizza +deal incl. free delivery & free toppings.
  13. 16-11

    20 Food & Drink Deals

    One click to see all the local food related deals that you can now use.
  14. 16-11

    Category in Focus: Dentists

    14 of the leading clinics in the city and what they each specialize in.
  15. 12-11

    New Hummus Bar in Town

    Introducing Pachoula in Merlaz, offering also ready made food for Shabbat.
  16. 12-11

    New Categoty > Pet Hairdressers

    You might be surprised but there's a good number of them in the area.
  17. 12-11

    What's On in Modiin

    Forthcoming highlights of the next few days and further beyond.
  18. 12-11

    Nov Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  19. 11-11

    In Memory of Almog Shiloni z"l

    Link to Facebook page in his memory. Yehi zichro baruch.
  20. 10-11

    New Main Category > B2B

    All services for businesses: networking groups, printers, consultants & so on.
  21. 10-11

    New Fixed Discount

    5% off the entire menu of Mary's, incl. all the gluten-free stuff.
  22. 09-11

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Sweet Bar at the mall - incl. deal on chocolate Shawarma.
  23. 05-11

    Sushi & Asian Food

    All the sushi places & Asian restaurants in town - incl. menus & deals.
  24. 04-11

    In Focus: Birthday Parties

    Choose from 40 local entertainers and venues for parties, incl. 5 deals.
  25. 03-11

    New Menu on the App

    The food menu of Beit HaHumous who moved to Malibu after years in Shilat.