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  1. 31-03

    Ready Made Food for Chag

    Several options, also for second chag, with menus & dates for ordering.
  2. 31-03

    When's the Super Closing?

    Opening & closing times for all supermarkets up until after Pesach.
  3. 31-03

    Yom Ha'Atzmaut Taster

    Curious to know what's planned? Main event at Hachula Amphi now on.
  4. 31-03

    Where to Find Chag Gifts

    Over 30 local businesses that offer you a wide range of ideas, incl. 9 deals.
  5. 31-03

    Today: Mafte'ach HaLev

    A funny and value-filled show for kids based on King Solomon tales.
  6. 31-03

    Today at Beit HaMatnas

    One session of "Apchi" - humorous theatrical performance for ages 3-7.
  7. 30-03

    Get the Junk Out!

    Placing junk items & green waste outside - only up until 31/3 at 12:00.
  8. 30-03

    Women's Business Forum

    Practical lecture at the Rav Tchumi with Ofir Tzuman, expert on presentations.
  9. 30-03

    Attraction Already Open (1)

    Jumpolina, the trampoline park in Modiin, open throughout the vacation.
  10. 30-03

    Attraction Already Open (2)

    Aladdin, the olive farm in Kfar Rut, now open for a Pesach hands on tour.
  11. 29-03

    Sun to Tue for Teenagers

    3 nights of events & activities at the Village, including free transportation.
  12. 29-03

    Pesach Night Bus Schedule

    Operating during the school vacation - full update re: times & days.
  13. 29-03

    New on the App - April

    Another bunch of businesses that joined us this month & what they offer.
  14. 29-03

    Hag'alat Kelim in Modiin

    The full list of one-off stations that will operate between 30/3-2/4.
  15. 29-03

    In Focus > Disposables

    All the places in the city that specialize in chad pe'ami, incl. deals.
  16. 29-03

    Swap, Shop & Save on FB

    2 local & active Facebook groups where you can sell & give away stuff.
  17. 26-03

    Dry Clean Before Chag

    All the places that can help you with that & with laundry, ironing etc...
  18. 26-03

    Meat & Fish for Pesach

    Focus on all the butchers and fishmongers in Modiin - incl. 2 exclusive deals.
  19. 25-03

    Recycling of Electrical Objects

    Where to recycle small electrical appliances, batteries & computer parts.
  20. 25-03

    All You Need for the Garden

    Flowers, furniture, grass, rocks, tradesmen etc - all in one category.
  21. 24-03

    23 Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  22. 23-03

    3rd Birthday for the ModiinApp

    To mark its' third birthday - here it is today in numbers...
  23. 23-03

    Opening of the City Pool

    Swimming season is about to start - all details re: manui'im, prices etc.
  24. 23-03

    Need Help with Cleaning?

    Choose from a selection of local businesses for general or special jobs.
  25. 23-03

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.