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  1. 29-07

    Carpentry Work for Home

    From planks to customized furniture - here are people that can help you.
  2. 29-07

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off all services & products at Shuki the Anglo locksmith in Shilat.
  3. 29-07

    Today at the Matnas House

    Two sessions of "HaSabon Bacha Me'od" in story time for ages 2-3.
  4. 28-07

    Deals Ending This Month!

    Over 20 offers worth knowing about that are only valid until Thu, 31st.
  5. 28-07

    New Update from the Iriya

    Lastest info re: events, changes in location of Iriya services & more.
  6. 28-07

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Some 30 local options for whenever you want to order food in.
  7. 27-07

    Over 110 (!) Deals & Discounts

    Click here or on the 'Hot Deals' tab on the app and start gaining.
  8. 27-07

    Donating for the Soldiers (1)

    Link to comprehensive list of co-ordinators in Modiin for donations.
  9. 27-07

    Donating for the Soldiers (2)

    Link to Modiin FB group with updated info on what you can do.
  10. 27-07

    Improving your Home

    And this time: tradesmen to help you with flooring, glass, carpets etc.
  11. 24-07

    There's an Alternative...

    For those looking for natural treatments, chinese medicine, etc + 7 deals.
  12. 24-07

    Libraries in the Summer

    Update re: changes in the opening times of the 2 municipal libraries.
  13. 24-07

    Summer Kaytanot & Workshops

    Over 20 options for the second part of the summer - for all ages.
  14. 23-07

    New Menu on the App

    The menu of Ken La-Pizza at the Keizer Center + family & drink deal.
  15. 23-07

    Renovating your Home

    For the more serious jobs - a selection of local contractors & shiputznikim.
  16. 22-07

    Designing your Home

    Moving? Want to re-style your place? Go for a local interior designer.
  17. 22-07

    Painting your Home

    Looking for a pro to do it? Here are 7 local guys that can help you.
  18. 21-07

    20 Health & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you de-stress a little & stay healthy.
  19. 20-07

    New Events for Teenagers

    Special program for this week, incl. 2 parties, sports activities & more.
  20. 18-07

    City Solidarity & New Update

    1000's donated food to our soldiers & fresh instructions from the Iriya.
  21. 18-07

    Kfar Daniel Pool Update

    Info re: all the activities & opening hours of the pool + membership deal.
  22. 17-07

    The City Sportek Now Open

    All the details re: the new & lit sports complex on Sderot Begin.
  23. 17-07

    What's in Merkaz Renanim

    Need to call a store? Wonder what's there? An invitation to (re)discover.
  24. 16-07

    New on the App - July

    Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us recently & what they offer.
  25. 16-07

    Gain 100's of Shekels

    Use our fixed discounts in over 20 local places - all year round!