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Burn off the 'Chametz' Deal - Free Fitness Workout!
at Anatomic - Running at Your Speed
Get ready for Pesach, spring and summer! Your choice of 2 deals offering you a free...
Children's Winter Collection for Only 15 ₪ a Piece!
at Zebra - Fashion for the Whole Family
Cleaning off the shelves! Zebra's winter collection - pants, shirts, tights and pajamas...
15% Off Helium Balloons!
at Joy - Birthday and Party Goods Store
Great deal for birthdays and parties - 15% off all helium balloons! Exclusive for...
Discounts for Journeys to the Airport!
at Moniyot Modiin Netivei HaDerech
Back by popular demand! Travel to the airport for 100 ₪, instead of 120 ₪ (06:0...
20% Off All Gardening Work!
at Outside the Box - Landscaping, Gardening & Development
20% off all gardening work for private homes, va'adei batim, organizations and local...
Special Price for Bat Mitzva Beauty Package!
at Beauty Gal - The Art of Beauty Managed by Galit Shmuel
Your daughter's Bat Mitzva celebration is approaching, and you are invited to the Beauty...
10% Off All Crane Services & Tree Cutting!
at Tomer Manofim - Cranes & Tree Cutting
10% off all lifting jobs using Tomer Manofim's top of the line cranes, as well as tree...
Special Purim Deal - 2 Family Pizzas for Only 79 ₪!
at Siciliano - Pizza Pasta
Valid only until Sat 7/3! 2 Family trays (8 slices each) for only 79 ₪ (instead of 10...
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  1. 04-03

    Megillah Readings

    Wed night community readings across town, incl. Tzohar minyanim.
  2. 04-03

    25 Food & Drink Deals

    One click to see all the local food related deals that you can now use.
  3. 04-03

    At Heichal HaTarbut Until Sat

    The classic comedy Tartuffe by Moliere starring sasson Gabai.
  4. 03-03

    What's On This Purim

    Updated information on all the chag events of the next few days.
  5. 03-03

    New Italian Restaurant

    Introducing "Carmi's" that replaced Big Apple Pizza - menu also included.
  6. 02-03

    New on the App - March

    Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us recently & what they offer.
  7. 02-03

    Purimonim Across the City

    Game stations & activities run by local youth movements - from Sun to Sat.
  8. 01-03

    New Menu on the App

    The updated menu of Burgers Bar Malibu branch, incl. special deal for Purim.
  9. 01-03

    March at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights and upcoming events that are worth booking early.
  10. 01-03

    Costumes for Purim

    Guide to all the places in Modiin & the area that sell costumes & accessories.
  11. 01-03

    Mishlochei Manot for Purim

    Creative ideas as well as standard ones - all from local businesses.
  12. 25-02

    25 Health, Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  13. 25-02

    New Fixed Discount

    5% off all treatments all year-round at Day Spa in Yishpro Center.
  14. 24-02

    New Interior Ministry Services

    Update re: more services for olim now offered at The Modiin Population Office.
  15. 24-02

    Petition for Kipodan Post Office

    Link to online petition for preventing the planned closure of the branch.
  16. 24-02

    Flooring, Awnings & Glaziers

    A selection of 9 businesses & tradesmen who specialize in these fields.
  17. 23-02

    Gain 100's of Shekels

    Use our fixed discounts in over 25 local businesses - all year round!
  18. 23-02

    In Focus > Vets

    All the leading clinics in the area, and each one's field of expertise.
  19. 22-02

    Changes in Tel-Aviv Buses

    Reminder - as of today, 22/2, the numbers of 2 bus lines to TA are changing.
  20. 19-02

    Walk on the Wild Side

    15 hikes & sites near home, including ones within walking distance.
  21. 19-02

    Open on Shabbat

    Category including restaurants, local attractions, nurseries & more.
  22. 18-02

    2013 Election Results in Modiin

    For those curious to remember how Modiin residents voted 2 years ago.
  23. 18-02

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Mike Burger in the Modiin Center, incl. a special offer.
  24. 17-02

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off furniture restoration & upholstery + vintage items at Attic in Kfar Rut.
  25. 17-02

    New > Professional Makeup

    New category with local places that specialize in makeup for events.