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  1. 05-07

    Tonight: Maor Cohen Live

    Acoustic performance at the O'Sullivan's, playing all his greatest hits.
  2. 05-07

    Tonight: Stand-Up Night

    New line of shows at the Resto Bar, this time with the duo Shina'im.
  3. 05-07

    Today: Used School Books Fair

    Info for sellers & tips for buyers + details re: the next fairs.
  4. 05-07

    August Kaytanot & Workshops

    Over 20 options for the second part of the summer - for all ages.
  5. 05-07

    July at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights and upcoming events that require booking early.
  6. 02-07

    The Pool During July

    Full update of the opening times this month, incl. separate swimming.
  7. 30-06

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  8. 29-06

    39 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  9. 28-06

    Focus on Electricians

    Over 10 local pros & how they can each help you with electrical issues.
  10. 28-06

    Need Help with Bureaucracy?

    Check out the services offered for free by Shil - incl. CVs in Hebrew.
  11. 24-06

    Need Home or Other Insurance?

    Here are 8 local pros (some Anglos included) that can help you out.
  12. 23-06

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Some 30 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 16 deals.
  13. 23-06

    Over 20 Deals for Kids

    One click for all Kids category deals: kaytanot, birthdays, swimming etc...
  14. 22-06

    Over 150 (!) Local Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' if on the app.
  15. 21-06

    Night Bus 6 Days A Week

    New schedule & route for Bus no' 222 from Modiin to Tel-Aviv.
  16. 21-06

    Category in Focus: Computers

    Stores, technicians, labs, accessories, support services - all local.
  17. 18-06

    School/Ganim Placement

    Find out today at 4pm where your child's going to be next year.
  18. 17-06

    Over 35 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  19. 16-06

    Painting your Home?

    If you're looking for a pro, here are 15 local guys to choose from + 3 deals
  20. 15-06

    For All Meat Lovers...

    Focus on all the eateries in town that specialize in burgers, meat and grill.
  21. 15-06

    New Fixed Discount

    50% off for soldiers at hair salon Yeladim BeRosh Tov + deal for mums.
  22. 14-06

    New Menu on the App

    The new & full menu of Cafe Maccabim in the Renanin Center + Deal.
  23. 14-06

    Looking for a Gardener?

    Here are some local pros that can help you with all aspects of the garden.
  24. 10-06

    Gifts for Gananot & Teachers

    Special category with over 40 local places that can help you out + 14 deals.
  25. 10-06

    Focus on Interior Design

    For those moving house or renovating - a choice of 5 local interior designers.