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  1. 25-07

    Tonight: The Flying Georgian

    The new dance show of the popular Georgian theater, Legacy.
  2. 25-07

    Tonight: Sporty Monday

    Zumba, TRX bands, surf set and 'Drums Alive' in 4 different parks - free.
  3. 25-07

    Over 30 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  4. 24-07

    In Focus > Moving House

    A selection of local movers and packaging solutions - incl. 2 offers.
  5. 20-07

    New Grill Bar in Town

    Introducing Jafuf, local grill bar that just opened today - menu included.
  6. 20-07

    New Restaurant in Town

    Introducing Anabe, with its' pastoral view overlooking the Anava Park.
  7. 20-07

    August Kaytanot & Workshops

    Over 20 options for the second part of the summer - for all ages.
  8. 19-07

    Need Help with Cleaning?

    Choose from a selection of local businesses for general or special jobs.
  9. 18-07

    25 Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  10. 18-07

    Today at Beit HaMatnas

    2 sessions of 'Yam shel Tnua' - activity for parents & children aged 1.5-3.
  11. 18-07

    Summer Events 2016

    Comprehensive guide to all the events in the area, incl. non-iriya ones.
  12. 17-07

    All Air Con Related Help

    Over 10 stores & technicians to choose from for sales & repair services.
  13. 17-07

    New Cellular Store & Lab

    Introducing 'Cellular Line' who've just opened under Rami Levy in Shilat.
  14. 14-07

    Going Out in Modiin

    Updated focus on the pubs, bars & nightlife in Modiin - incl. 4 deals!
  15. 13-07

    In Focus > Taxis & Hasa'ot

    A choice of 12 companies, incl. accessible taxi, delivery & tour services.
  16. 13-07

    New Menu on the App (1)

    The full and updated menu of the Anglo run 'Lechem Erez' in Reut.
  17. 13-07

    New Menu on the App (2)

    The restaurant menu and the deliveries menu of Grill 443 - incl. a deal.
  18. 13-07

    Anglo Business Networking

    Opportunity to join the English speakers networking group ABC - this Thu. 
  19. 12-07

    Over 35 Deals for Children

    All the relevant deals for Kids & Youth: eateries, cellular, birthdays & more.
  20. 11-07

    In Focus > Locksmiths

    The local people that can help you replace locks, cut keys etc...
  21. 10-07

    Need to Exchange Money?

    Look here first - All the leading places in Modiin for currency services.
  22. 10-07

    July Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  23. 08-07

    Guide to Pools in the Area

    Info re: the four pools in Modiin & eight more pools in the area. 
  24. 06-07

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Over 40 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 16 deals.
  25. 04-07

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu and the new breakfast menu of Carmi's - incl. 2 deals.