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  1. 31-10

    Shabbat Times in Modiin

    31/10-1/11 > Shabbat comes in 16:34, sunset: 16:54, out: 17:23.
  2. 31-10

    Free Football Today at 12:45

    Ironi Modiin in an important game Vs. Netivot, who currently lead the table.
  3. 31-10

    Nov at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights including the full program of Tzlilei Stav.
  4. 31-10

    Book Now > Danny Sanderson

    Tickets for the show next Fri in Heichal HaTarbut have almost sold out.
  5. 30-10

    From Thu: Educating Rita

    Willy Nelson's famous romantic comedy - now at Heichal HaTarbut 'till Sun.
  6. 30-10

    18 Food & Drink Deals

    One click to see all the local food related deals that you can now use.
  7. 28-10

    Problems with Kids or Family?

    Discover 13 centers & professional counselors that can help you in these fields.
  8. 28-10

    What's at the Rav Tchumi

    Update re: forthcoming events as well as new MATI courses & one-off lessons.
  9. 27-10

    Gain 100's of Shekels

    Use our fixed discounts in over 20 local places - all year round!
  10. 26-10

    In Focus > Fitness & Exercise

    Over 10 places from the best in town for pilates, personal training etc...
  11. 26-10

    New Neigborhood in Town (2)

    Introducing Nofim - what's planned, location, a virtual tour & more.
  12. 22-10

    Category in Focus: Tutoring

    Local places where you can find private lessons in various subjects.
  13. 21-10

    New on the App - Tishrei 2

    Another fresh bunch of businesses that joined recently & what they offer.
  14. 20-10

    New Year's Resolutions

    Decided to be healthier? Here's 15 places & pros that can help you out.  
  15. 20-10

    What's in the Keizer Center

    Need to call a store? Wonder what's there? Discover and shop near home.
  16. 19-10

    Now It's the Adults Turn

    Over 70 options of courses & chugim for adults, all starting soon.
  17. 19-10

    Looking for Kids' Chugim?

    Browse quickly & easily over 55 varied options, incl. exclusive deals.
  18. 19-10

    Over 120 (!) Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' for the app.
  19. 19-10

    Good at Basketball?

    Sign up for the Modiin Streetball championship that will take place Fri 24/10.
  20. 12-10

    New! Sharing Using WhatsApp

    See how it works and how to check if your device is up to date.
  21. 12-10

    Things To Do in the Area

    Over 20 local attractions at our doorstep & minimum journey time.
  22. 10-10

    Tiyulim Near Home

    Over 15 hikes for the whole family - no lines, no traffic, just nature.
  23. 06-10

    If You're Ordering a Pizza

    Quick link to all the pizzerias in town - incl. 5 deals to choose from.
  24. 05-10

    New Fixed Discount

    5% off all products at Kesem Ha'Itliz on every purchase all year round.
  25. 05-10

    Oct at Heichal HaTarbut

    Quick & easy glance at the highlights of this month's events & shows.