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5% Off Children's Swimming Chug!
at LaGa'at BaMayim - Therapeutic & Teaching Swimming Pool
Want your kids to learn to swim by next summer? 5% off children's swimming chugim...
15% Off Entire Menu!
at Bancho - Italian Style Cafe
15% off the entire menu - including both the cafe and Italian meals! Exclusive deal for...
10% Off Rosh Hashana Gifts!
at Meshek Lin - Bee Farm Shop & Visitors' Center
Chag products and gift packages at an exclusive discount! Including: special honey s...
Free Book!
at HaStudio LeShachmat - Chess Studio
Sign up now for HaStudio LeShachmat's chess chug, and get the new book "המלך הוא אני" - ...
10% Off When Referring a Friend!
at Taekwondo - Boaz Omanut Lechima
Invite a friend to the taekwondo chug and get 10% off the chug for the whole year when...
30% Off Soft Serve Ice Cream!
at Que-Riko Pizza & Pasta - Pizzeria & Catering Services
Que-Riko is cooling down your summer! 1/2 kilo of soft serve ice cream (glida...
Free Gardening Consultation - in your Home!
at Ronen Gardening, Development & Building Services
Free consultation by certified gardener with wide knowledge and expertise in the various...
Up to 5% Off Music Lessons!
at Titora Institute of Art Development
In honor of 2 decades of activity in Modiin, up to 5% off music lessons for new...
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  1. 02-09

    Tonight: Beer & Music with Jems

    The famous beer brewery comes to a special night at Emek Ayalon ranch.
  2. 02-09

    Tonight: Yemima Mizrachi

    Talk by the popular rabbanit at Heichal HaTarbut with Eden Harel & Mika Karni.
  3. 02-09

    The Pool During Sep & Oct

    Full update of the opening times this month, incl. separate swimming.
  4. 02-09

    New Line of Matnas Events

    Wednesdays for ages 3-5, and today: The Library Lion at 17:30.
  5. 01-09

    New Menu on the App

    All the menus of Yashar MeHasir, incl. ready made food menu for chag + deal.
  6. 01-09

    Sep at Heichal haTarbut

    This month's highlights including the paid shows of the Circus Festival.
  7. 01-09

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  8. 31-08

    Over 35 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  9. 31-08

    Private Tzaharonim & Ganim

    Over 10 varied options around town for this coming school year.
  10. 28-08

    Thinking about Chugim? (1)

    Browse over 70 chugim options in one list - incl. exclusive deals.
  11. 28-08

    Thinking about Chugim? (2)

    Check just the type that interests you in a listing divided by category.
  12. 27-08

    Sat Night: Live Music at Anava

    Rock'n'roll party with The Heeby Gee Bees, playing 60s & 70s hits.
  13. 27-08

    If Ordering a Pizza...

    Quick link to all the pizzerias in town - incl. 6 deals to choose from.
  14. 27-08

    New Oleh to Modiin?

    Here are over 20 vital businesses that can make your move easier.
  15. 26-08

    Over 30 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  16. 24-08

    Free Tennis Course

    3 days of free trial for beginners from kita aleph to zayin and up.
  17. 23-08

    New on the App - August

    Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us this month & what they offer.
  18. 23-08

    New Events Hall in Town

    Introducing Blanca Boutique for up to 220 guests + special offer included.
  19. 20-08

    Going Out

    Focus on the pubs, bars & nightlife in Modiin - incl. 2 deals.
  20. 19-08

    Something for your Home (1)

    Where in town you'll find the furniture you're looking for, incl. 3 deals.
  21. 19-08

    Something for your Home (2)

    All the hardware stores in town for anything you need to D-I-Y.
  22. 19-08

    Something for your Home (3)

    The places to find curtains, and local Seamstresses - incl. 2 deals.
  23. 18-08

    New Menu on the App

    The new updated menu of Kilometer 33 & their new health menu + deal.
  24. 17-08

    Over 20 Deals for Children

    One click for all Kids category deals: eateries, clothes, birthdays & more.
  25. 17-08

    New in Modiin

    Introducing the first pain clinic in the city, run by US trained Dr. Jason Cohen.