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  1. 22-09

    Ready Made Food for Chag

    Here are some of the main options in the area incl. menus & prices.
  2. 21-09

    Special Chagim Deals

    Before you go on a shopping trip - over 15 deals worth taking into account.
  3. 21-09

    Where to Find Chag Gifts

    Over 30 local businesses that we brought together for a variety of ideas.
  4. 21-09

    Supermarket Time Changes

    Opening & closing times for all the supermarkets untill Sat.
  5. 18-09

    Sat Night Stand Up

    Reshef Levy, father of seven & creator of HaBorer at Einan Hall.
  6. 17-09

    Dry Clean Before Chag

    All the places that can help you with that & with laundry, ironing etc...
  7. 16-09

    Wed: Women in Business

    Annual conference at Einan Hall attended by 350 local business women.
  8. 15-09

    New Neigborhood in Town - Pt. 1

    Introducing HaTziporim - what's planned, location, who's building & more.
  9. 15-09

    Adir Miller Back in Dec

    Israeli stand-up at its' best. Most popular show in Modiin. To book early.
  10. 15-09

    Focus on Cakes - Worth Knowing

    Discover some of the people in town who specialize in making cakes.
  11. 15-09

    Gain 100's of Shekels

    Use our fixed discounts in over 20 local places - all year round!
  12. 11-09

    What's On in Modiin

    Forthcoming highlights of the next few days and further beyond.
  13. 10-09

    Upgrading the Parks

    Iriya update with details about all the parks that were renovated recently.
  14. 10-09

    Need to Print Something?

    Focus on the printers in Modiin, what they each specialize in + deals.
  15. 08-09

    Over 115 (!) Deals & Discounts

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' for the app.
  16. 08-09

    Make More from your Money

    From family budgeting to investments - get help from local pros.
  17. 07-09

    Finding the Right Chug

    We've added a few more, so you can now choose from over 60 options!
  18. 07-09

    Sports & Martial Arts Chugim

    New category focusing only on this type of chugim with 10+ options.
  19. 07-09

    Dance, Ballet & Drama Chugim

    Another new category dealing with only a particular type of chugim.
  20. 07-09

    Arts & Crafts Chugim

    The third new category for those looking for a particular type of chug.
  21. 04-09

    Focus on Therapeutic Sports

    Selection of horse riding chugim, swimming lessons & fitness for adults.
  22. 03-09

    Focus on Music Lessons

    The leading options around town as the chugim season is starting.
  23. 02-09

    Sep at Heichal HaTarbut

    Quick & easy peep at the highlights of the next couple of months.
  24. 02-09

    Sep Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  25. 01-09

    Shalom Kita Aleph

    All the elementary schools in the city with up-to-date information.