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The Solution for Homework and School Difficulties - 20% Off The First Month!
at Learning Center Modiin - How to Stop Fearing Homework
Is homework a nightmare?  Have you found yourselves sitting for hours this year and h...
Member Prices on Outside & Inside Car Wash!
at City Wash - Car Wash
SUPER package* 6 car washes + 1 free for 420 ₪ 10 car washes + 2 free for 700...
40 ₪ Off Special Pizza + Family Pizza!
at Pizza Hut
Special pizza from Pizza Hut's new line of pizzas + family size pizza for only 110 ₪ i...
5% Off Entire Menu + Deliveries
at Beef - Burger Restaurant
5% off all Beef's delicious burgers and the rest of the menu! Also valid for...
Free Packing Up of Kitchen!
at Edi Fredi Moving Services
Order removal services from Edi Fredi - and get your kitchen packed up for...
Preparing Your Aircon for Summer - Only 150 ₪!
at Everest Air Conditioning
Get you air conditioning ready for summer! Gas check and filter cleaning for only 150...
Free Nutrition Coaching Session!
at IGNITE Fitness for Women - Personal Training & Exercise Classes
Free introductory nutrition coaching session with the purchase of a personal training...
Printed Sugar Paper - 1 for 30 ₪ / 2 for 50 ₪!
at Joy - Birthday & Party Goods Store!
Upgrade your cake! Personalized picture printed on edible sugar paper - 1 for only 30 ...
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  1. 25-04

    Modiin in Numbers...

    How many residents, how many in each neighborhood & more...
  2. 25-04

    Quality Meat for BBQ

    Planning a meat feast on Yom HaAtzmaut? Here's your butchers guide.
  3. 25-04

    Today: Pinocchio

    The classic story of the mischievous wooden boy in a Beit Lessin production.
  4. 24-04

    Donating for Survivors

    Join the big donation campaign for holocaust survivors in Modiin.
  5. 24-04

    Today: The Pianist

    The award-winning film of Roman Polansky in a special screening at Mifgash.
  6. 24-04

    Modiin's Pensioners' Memoirs

    10 personal stories - mostly about the Shoah or the early days of Israel.
  7. 23-04

    Businesses on Yom HaSho'a

    Info re: duty pharmacy + opening & closing times of businesses.
  8. 20-04

    Bug on iPhone Devices

    Important notice for everyone who has iOS version 10.3.1.
  9. 19-04

    Want a Bug-Free Summer?

    Now's the best time to get an exterminator - here are 6 pros to choose from.
  10. 19-04

    Restaurant Guide

    Up-to-date list, with over 40 places, 15 deals & most with menu included.
  11. 12-04

    Tiyulim Near Home

    Over 15 hikes for the whole family - no lines, no traffic, just nature.
  12. 09-04

    Flowers & Plants for Chag

    Special focus on all the local flower stores and garden centers.
  13. 06-04

    Where to Find Chag Gifts

    Over 30 local businesses that offer you a wide range of ideas, incl. 6 deals.
  14. 04-04

    Clearing Out?

    Where to donate clothes, toys, books, housewares, appliances, etc..
  15. 03-04

    Yom Ha'Atzmaut Taster

    Curious to know what's planned? Main event at Hachula Amphi now on.
  16. 03-04

    Swap, Shop & Save on FB

    2 local & active Facebook groups where you can sell & give away stuff.
  17. 03-04

    April at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights and upcoming events that require booking early.
  18. 03-04

    April Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  19. 02-04

    In Focus > Disposables

    All the places in the city that specialize in chad pe'ami, incl. 3 deals.
  20. 02-04

    Need to Print Something?

    Focus on the various printers in Modiin, what they each specialize in + deals.
  21. 30-03

    Furnishing & Styling

    20 businesses specializing in furniture, lighting, ceramics, art & frames.
  22. 29-03

    New Menu on the App

    New delivery service at Peppino - menu included & also gluten-free menu.
  23. 29-03

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Over 35 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 16 deals.
  24. 28-03

    Meat & Fish for Pesach

    Focus on all the butchers and fishmongers in Modiin - incl. exclusive deal.
  25. 28-03

    Dry Clean Before Chag

    All the places that can help you with that & with laundry, ironing etc...