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at Metalic - Hardware Supplies
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Hot Deals for Fridays & Motzei Shabbat!
at Grill 443 - Meat Restaurant
New! Open Motzei Shabbat. Special deals for Fridays and Motzei Shabbat: Schawarma +...
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at Chanukah at the Chai Goat Farm
Come for a great Chanukah activity for the whole family and enjoy a 5% discount! Valid...
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at Zebra - Fashion for the Whole Family
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at A.D. Design Modiin - Parquet, Curtains & More
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at Michal Sapaz - Cosmetics & Hair Removal
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at Super-pharm - Shimshoni Branch
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  1. 22-12

    Chanukah in the Modiin Area

    The guide that will help you plan what to do with over 30 options.
  2. 22-12

    Attractions Near Home

    Special Chanukah activities at Beit Ha'Ikar, Aladdin, Chai Goat Farm & more.
  3. 22-12

    Today: BaYamim HaHem...

    Modiin's heritage conference & free tour at Givat Barfilia - Free.
  4. 22-12

    Today: Show for School Kids

    New musical production of Topale Tuturitu by Shalom Aleichem.
  5. 21-12

    Free: The Maccabean Festival

    Range of activities, tours & shows at the Ben Shemen Forest - 'till Mon.
  6. 21-12

    Chanukah at Neot Kdumim

    Activities & tours recreating of the daily life in the time of the Maccabees.
  7. 21-12

    Puppet Theater Festival

    Three days of shows for a variety of ages - taking place in Maccabim.
  8. 21-12

    Sun-Tue: Lego Festival

    Three days of free lego building using 1,000s of pieces at the mall.
  9. 17-12

    Over 100 (!) Local Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' for the app.
  10. 17-12

    Wed/Thu: Batim Me'irim

    Modiin families open up their homes for candle lighting & activities.
  11. 16-12

    Chanukah at Keyad HaDimyon

    The special activities program for Chanukah - from Tue 16th 'till the 23rd.
  12. 16-12

    Category in Focus: Judaica

    For everything you need this chanukah, including 3 special offers.
  13. 15-12

    Find your Perfect Donut

    Focus on all the bakeries & patisseries in the area, incl. 3 donut deals.
  14. 15-12

    Staff Wanted for Cafe Louise

    The new cafe is looking for staff in various positions - click for details.
  15. 14-12

    New on the App - Dec Pt. 2

    Another bunch of businesses that joined us recently & what they offer.
  16. 10-12

    New Menu on the App

    The deliveries menu and the full menu of Sushi Me at the mall.
  17. 10-12

    20 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  18. 09-12

    New on the App - Dec Pt. 1

    Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us recently & what they offer.
  19. 09-12

    Hot Ticket for Chanukah (1)

    HaTeatron HaShachor with Lior Khalfon in the show 'FunTazi Kids'.
  20. 09-12

    Hot Ticket for Chanukah (2)

    Breathtaking acrobatics with Circus Bravo in a modern circus performance.
  21. 09-12

    Hot Ticket for Chanukah (3)

    Hansel and Gretel's Sweet Adventure in a new musical adaptation.
  22. 09-12

    Hot Ticket for Chanukah (4)

    Caspion's Great Journey - the 2nd show in the series about the beloved fish.
  23. 08-12

    Gain 100's of Shekels

    Use our fixed discounts in over 20 local places - all year round!
  24. 08-12

    Focus on Dudim

    Over 10 local guys to choose from if you need to install or repair a boiler.
  25. 07-12

    Events & Shows in Modiin

    What's on in the next few days and Chanukah highlights to book now.