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30 ₪ Off Gel Lack Manicure + Pedicure!
at Sharon Isaharov Matmon - Medical Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure with gel lack + regular pedicure for only 150 ₪ instead of 18...
50% Off Phone Cover and Screen!
at I-Phone Modiin - Advanced Service & Sales Center for Smartphones
Brand-name, high quality cover for a variety of phones + screen protector for only 95 ₪ i...
5% Off Pesach Meals!
at Gan BaKfar - Ready Made Food, Catering & Restaurant
5% off delicious ready made food for Pesach when ordering meals for 10 diners or...
33% Off Chef Workshop!
at Asaf HaOfe - Boutique Breads & Chef Workshops in Modiin
Sign up for one of the Lechem Avoda workshops and come learn how to make pretzel, country...
Up to 50% Off ART Judaica!
at Nekudat Chen - Judaica, Embroidery & Engraving
Huge range of products for Pesach - now with up to 50% discount! Click here to see ...
15 Unprecedented Home Renovation Deals!
at Osher BaShiputz - Ronnie Osher Aharon
Celebrating 15 years of Osher BaShiputz, and you get 15 deals at unprecedented...
10% Off All Air-Con Jobs!
at Haim Mizug Avir - Air Conditioning Technician
Fixed 10% discount for ModiinApp users on all air-conditioning jobs! Plus, a further 3% ...
50 ₪ Off Rug & Curtain Cleaning!
at Lavender Dry Cleaners Modiin
Special Pesach offer! Get your rugs and curtains cleaned - now with a 50 ₪ discount!
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  1. 24-03

    Shabbat Times in Modiin

    24-25/3 > Shabbat comes in 18:34, sunset 18:54, out 19:28.
  2. 24-03

    Kaytanot for Pesach

    Over 15 different options (+ all the ones of the Matnas) from age 4 to 18.
  3. 23-03

    Thu-Sat: Na'im LeHakir

    Open houses for talks and workshops showcasing 40 female entrepreneurs.
  4. 23-03

    Fri: Leonard Cohen Tribute

    All of Cohen's greatest hits, performed by three Israeli singer-songwriters.
  5. 23-03

    Football On Fri at 13:30

    Ironi Modiin in a game they have to win in order to qualify for the playoffs.
  6. 23-03

    Ready Made Pesach Food (1)

    The chag menu of Maccabis in English - without Kitniyot & also for 2nd chag.
  7. 23-03

    Ready Made Pesach Food (2)

    The chag menu of Gan BaKfar in Shilat, including opening times.
  8. 23-03

    Ready Made Pesach Food (3)

    Special ready made Pesach meal for families at the Grill 443 restaurant.
  9. 22-03

    New Version of the App

    Click here if your phone wasn't updated automatically with this new icon.
  10. 22-03

    In Focus > Opticians

    Info on all 20 optical stores in Modiin, including 2 special offers.
  11. 22-03

    New Burger Place in Town

    Introducing the new branch of HaBurganim at Moriah Ctr - menu included.
  12. 21-03

    Focus for Chag > Hairdressers

    For easy reservation in 39 hair salons + 5 deals worth checking out.
  13. 21-03

    Focus for Chag > Beauticians

    Requiring early reservation as well + 5 deals worth checking out.
  14. 21-03

    Another New Fixed Discount

    10% off (+3% donation) on all air-con jobs with Haim Mizug Avir.
  15. 21-03

    Over 25 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and eateries around town.
  16. 19-03

    Need Help with Cleaning?

    Choose from a selection of 17 local businesses for general or special jobs.
  17. 16-03

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  18. 16-03

    Over 100 (!) Local Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link or on 'Hot Deals' if on the app.
  19. 15-03

    For All Meat Lovers...

    Focus on all the eateries in town that specialize in burgers, meat and grill.
  20. 15-03

    In Focus: Birthday Parties

    11 places where you can find balloons, surprises and supplies - incl. 2 deals.
  21. 14-03

    20 Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  22. 13-03

    Attractions Near Home

    Over 20 options, also indoors, incl. escape rooms, play centers & more.
  23. 08-03

    New Car Wash Place

    Introducing City Wash, located on the way to Ligad - incl. a special offer.
  24. 07-03

    In Focus: Appliance Repair

    10 local technicians to choose from - each one with his own specialty.
  25. 05-03

    New Fixed Discount

    As of March: 10% off the whole menu at Lechem Erez for new parents.