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  1. 14-02

    Where to Find Flowers

    For Valentine's Day or generally - guide to all local flower shops & nurseries. 
  2. 14-02

    Tonight at the O'Sullivan's

    The Ro Latino band performing some of the greatest love songs in Spanish.
  3. 14-02

    Tonight: Economic Changes

    Special evening for small businesses with talk by Prof Yair Zimun - Free.
  4. 14-02

    Update Re: The Soldiers' Bus

    All info re: the extended new service for soldiers going to Ir HaBahdim. 
  5. 10-02

    Winter Swimming Lessons

    Guide to the swimming schools in the area, and who's teaching now.
  6. 10-02

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Madelaine - the new cafe & patisserie place in Yishpro.
  7. 09-02

    Sweet Treat for the Family

    Focus on all the local places for ice creams, sweets and chocolates.
  8. 09-02

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Eini Bakery, located next to Ramy Levy in Yishpro.
  9. 09-02

    Gifts for Family Day

    Flowers, chocolates, jewelry & many other ideas all joint in one category.
  10. 08-02

    Over 30 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  11. 08-02

    February Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  12. 08-02

    In Focus: Appliance Repair

    10 local technicians to choose from - each one with his own specialty.
  13. 07-02

    In Focus > Accounting

    Local CPAs, tax advisors & book keepers, incl. ones for US tax.
  14. 07-02

    In Focus > Pregnancy & Birth

    From breastfeeding consultation to special mom & baby stores & activities.
  15. 03-02

    New Menu on the App

    The five different menus of Greenhouse Cafe - now located in Lev Reut.
  16. 03-02

    Over 20 Deals for Children

    All the relevant deals for Kids & Youth: eateries, clothes, birthdays & more.
  17. 02-02

    Blinds, Aluminium & Screens

    A selection of 12 local tradesmen & places who specialize in these fields.
  18. 01-02

    New Restaurant in Town

    Introducing Papow, owned by chef Guy Bensimon - now officially open.
  19. 01-02

    February at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights and upcoming events that require booking early.
  20. 01-02

    In Focus > Beauticians

    Over 30 local options, covering all types of treatments + 9 deals.
  21. 31-01

    In Focus > Vets

    All the leading clinics in the area, and each one's field of expertise.
  22. 31-01

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off all the activities at the Chai Goat Farm in Mevo Modiim.
  23. 27-01

    New Video Game Arcade

    Introducing Bul Kliyah owned by Falafel Ofer, including a special deal.
  24. 27-01

    All You Need Re: Computers

    Stores, technicians, labs, accessories, support services + 4 special offers.
  25. 26-01

    Restaurant Guide

    Up-to-date list, with over 40 places, 15 deals & most with menu included.