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  1. 26-04

    Tonight: Bread Workshop

    Introducing Ha'Ofe - new workshop for breadmaking, incl. a meal.
  2. 26-04

    Book Now (1) > Prince of Egypt

    Last few tickets left for the musical starring Rinat Gabay & Guy Zo Aretz.
  3. 26-04

    Book Now (2) > Hair

    The musical version in Hebrew starring Oz Zehavi - 20-25/5.
  4. 26-04

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off all jobs with English speaker Eti Reichert from Hadbarot BaTzameret.
  5. 26-04

    New Fixed Discount

    15% off all moving jobs, unlimited all-year round at Rami Hovalot.
  6. 23-04

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Caffit in English + kids and morning menus.
  7. 23-04

    Hikes Close to Home

    15 walks & sites for the whole family - no lines, no traffic & totally free.
  8. 22-04

    15 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  9. 20-04

    Modiin in Numbers...

    How many residents, how many in each neighborhood & more...
  10. 20-04

    Quality Meat for BBQ

    Planning a meat feast on Yom HaAtzmaut? Here's your butchers guide.
  11. 19-04

    Yom Ha'Atzmaut Events

    The full program in each of the five event locations in Modiin.
  12. 19-04

    New Menu on the App

    Full menu of the 2 branches of New Deli - incl. deliveries from Modiin Center.
  13. 19-04

    Free on Yom Ha'Atzmaut

    67 historical sites will be open for free - some require sign-up.
  14. 16-04

    The Association for the Elderly

    Details about the activities of the charity, and how to donate or volunteer.
  15. 16-04

    Modiin's Pensioners' Memoirs

    10 personal stories - mostly about the Shoah or the early days of Israel.
  16. 16-04

    Donation to Aviv

    Link to the website of the main Israeli charity for Holocaust survivers.
  17. 14-04

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  18. 14-04

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off the entire menu of Mike Burger on every order, incl. deliveries.
  19. 14-04

    Therapeutic Sports Chugim

    Range of 14 horse riding, swimming & sport chugim - for adults too.
  20. 12-04

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Some 30 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 9 deals.
  21. 12-04

    Over 150 (!) Local Deals

    To check them out: click here for website link, or on 'Hot Deals' if on the app.
  22. 12-04

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off electrical jobs, repair & installation of air-cons with Handyman Tzvi.
  23. 12-04

    New Fixed Discount

    10% off all plumbing jobs in homes & gardens with Roni Instelatzia.
  24. 31-03

    Yom Ha'Atzmaut Taster

    Curious to know what's planned? Main event at Hachula Amphi now on.
  25. 29-03

    New on the App - April

    Another bunch of businesses that joined us this month & what they offer.