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Garden Furniture - Up to 33% Off!
at Balcony - Furniture for Gardens & Balconies
Alma set - 2-seater + 2 chairs and table for only 3,990 ₪ instead of 5,9...
Free Month of Triathlon Chug!
at 500 Watts Club - Biking, Running & Triathlon Chugim for Kids & Adults
When signing up for Triathlon Chug till the end of October -  All kids or adults that r...
Range of Phone Covers for Only 20 ₪!
at I-Phone Modiin - Advanced Service & Sales Center for Smartphones
When presenting this coupon - a range of phone covers for a range of leading models for o...
FREE First Exercise Class / Personal Training Session!
at IGNITE Fitness for Women - Personal Training & Exercise Classes
FREE first exercise class - HIIT, Tabata bootcamp, stretching OR free first personal...
33% Off TopGel - The End for Ants!
at Dahlil Garden Center
Revolutionary ant eradication product that really works! Topgel: a large syringe of 15...
3+1 Free on All Dishes + Free Beer on Fri & Motzash
at Jafuf - Grill Bar
Come discover the new grill bar in town with two fantastic introductory...
Free Equipment & Learning Materials All Year Round!
at My English Experience - English Lessons for Children and Youth
Experiential English Learning for children and youth, from elementary school age to...
Free Dryfit Aikido Shirt When Signing Up at the End of the Course!
at Aikido Course for Children & Teens [Free]
Special offer for the participants of the free trial  course.  Sign up for an aiki...
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  1. 31-08

    Shalom Kita Aleph

    All the elementary schools in the city with up-to-date information. 
  2. 31-08

    Shalom Kita Zayin

    All the high schools in the city with up-to-date information. 
  3. 31-08

    Bus Routes for Students

    Update & details of the lines & routes for the non neighborhood schools.
  4. 30-08

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Over 40 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 16 deals.
  5. 30-08

    Changes in Rav-Kav Times

    Different opening times for the Rav-Kav office from 30/8 to 22/9.
  6. 29-08

    Over 30 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and other eateries around town.
  7. 29-08

    Need Help with Cleaning?

    Choose from a selection of local businesses for general or special jobs.
  8. 28-08

    Everyday: Chugim Fair Here

    Click to browse on your phone or PC for over 70(!) local chugim.
  9. 28-08

    Free Aikido Course from Mon

    3 days of free trial for beginners from kita aleph to kita tet (including).
  10. 28-08

    New! Open After Midnight

    New category with eateries that are open at least once a week after 12am.
  11. 25-08

    New Attraction at the Mall

    Introducing 'Escape Route' - new game for the whole family, incl. a deal.
  12. 24-08

    New > Back to School

    Stationery, school book and school shirt shops in one category, incl. 4 deals.
  13. 24-08

    Sushi & Asian Food

    Update of all the sushi places & Asian restaurants in town - incl. 6 deals!
  14. 24-08

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  15. 22-08

    In Focus > Taxis & Hasa'ot

    A choice of 13 companies, incl. accessible taxi, delivery & tour services.
  16. 22-08

    Free Tennis Course from Tue

    3 days of free trial for beginners from kita aleph to zayin and up.
  17. 22-08

    Over 30 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  18. 22-08

    New Fashion Store for Women

    Introducing Emmanuelle, including a special one week launch offer.
  19. 21-08

    Household Utilities

    All the info to save you time re: water, gas, TV, arnona, phone & electricity.
  20. 21-08

    Theater of HaChofesh HaGadol

    Subsidized shows for children by the best theaters in the country - 24-29/8.
  21. 17-08

    Private Tzaharonim & Ganim

    Over 10 varied options around town for this coming school year.
  22. 16-08

    Places to Play in Modiin

    Full details of all the gymborees, plus Jumpolina & the Arcade in Yishpro.
  23. 16-08

    25 Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  24. 15-08

    Restaurant Guide

    Up-to-date list, with over 40 places, 16 deals & most with menu included.
  25. 15-08

    Guide to Pools in the Area

    Info re: the four pools in Modiin & eight more pools in the area.