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Professional Purim Photography - Starting from Only 100 ₪!
at YBD Photography - Event, Profile & Family Photography
Purim 2017 dream! 30 professional studio pictures on CD 6 printed 15x21...
3 Family Pizzas for Only 100 ₪!
at Pizza Patzatz
New & crazy offers now at Pizza Patzatz: 3 family pizzas L for 100 only 100 ₪! (t...
Salt Room Session for Only 19 ₪!
at Modiin Salt Room
30 minute session in salt room for the treatment of breathing problems and snoring - now...
Over 10% Off Jumbo & Family Pizzas
at Pizza Domino
Jumbo pizza - 55 ₪ instead of 62 ₪. Family pizza - 50 ₪ instead of 58 ₪. ...
30 ₪ Off Gel Lack!
at The Polish Room - Nail Studio
Exclusive deal for ModiinApp users. Gel lack for only 75 ₪ instead of 105 ₪ + free gel...
Couple & Family Meal Deals Before 10pm!
at Shambaz Pub
Couple's meal deal for only 199 ₪*: First course Two main courses Dessert Two g...
10% Off All Types of Sealing Work!
at HaOtmim BeYisrael - Sealing & Insulation
Professional sealing with 10 years full guarantee - now with 10% off for ModiinApp users.
Free Aux Cable, Ring Grip or Phone Holder for Car!
at SMS - Sales & Lab for Cellular Phones & Computers
Spend 150 ₪ in the store or on repairs, and get one of the following gifts free: AUX c...
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  1. 19-02

    Tonight: Live at the Irish Pub

    Singer Erez Lev Ari bringing his special blend of rock music and Jewish themes.
  2. 19-02

    New Menu on the App (1)

    The full menu and the Iskiyot menu of Pizza Domino + a special offer.
  3. 19-02

    New Menu on the App (2)

    The full and updated catering menu of Holy Bagel in English.
  4. 15-02

    Maccabi Update

    Full update of times and services given in the Modiin branches.
  5. 14-02

    Restaurant Guide

    Up-to-date list, with over 40 places, 13 deals & most with menu included.
  6. 14-02

    New Car Service

    Introducing Grace Motors in Yishpro for 100% financing of a new car.
  7. 13-02

    Over 25 Food & Drink Deals

    Special offers (mostly exclusive) in restaurants and eateries around town.
  8. 13-02

    New Store in Keizer Ctr.

    Introducing HaMadpeset - a photo, printing and gift store, incl. a deal.
  9. 12-02

    Gifts for Family Day

    Flowers, chocolates, jewelry & many other ideas all joint in one category.
  10. 12-02

    Sweet Treat for the Family

    Focus on all the local places for ice creams, sweets and chocolates.
  11. 08-02

    New Dog Park

    All details re: the new park that just opened on Emek Hachula.
  12. 07-02

    Food Delivered to Your Door

    Over 35 local options for whenever you want to order food in - incl. 16 deals.
  13. 07-02

    Focus on Electricians

    Over 10 local pros & how they can each help you with electrical issues.
  14. 06-02

    New on the App - Feb

    Fresh bunch of businesses that joined us lately & what they each offer you.
  15. 06-02

    20 Fitness & Beauty Deals

    Wide range of offers that will help you look and feel healthier and better.
  16. 05-02

    Feb at Heichal HaTarbut

    This month's highlights and upcoming events that require booking early.
  17. 05-02

    Feb Events at the Mall

    The updated full schedule for the forthcoming month at Azrieli.
  18. 01-02

    New Car Wash Place

    Introducing Car Speed in Yishpro Center, including a special offer.
  19. 01-02

    In Focus > Pet Stores

    Details of over 10 stores that offer food and equipment for pets.
  20. 31-01

    New Menu on the App

    The full menu of Japanika at the mall, including an exclusive 15% discount.
  21. 31-01

    What's on in Modiin

    The main events & shows of the next few days and further beyond.
  22. 30-01

    Over 30 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  23. 30-01

    Focus on Catering

    25 local options, incl. places you may have not known they do catering.
  24. 29-01

    New Menu on the App

    The full deliveries menu of the Kosher meat restaurant Roza in Yishpro.
  25. 26-01

    New Brewery & Restaurant

    Introducing "BishiQ" who specialize in beers & meat - including a deal.