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  1. 26-09

    New on the App - October

    25 fresh businesses that joined us this month & what they offer.
  2. 26-09

    Tonight: Affordable Housing

    Introduction to the marketing of 524 apartments in 'Mechir Matara'.
  3. 26-09

    New Evening Dress Boutique

    Introducing Studio Aviv Mor, incl. a special opening offer for chag.
  4. 26-09

    Today at Beit HaMatnas

    'Carnival HaChayot' - activity with animals led by Shir Ganish. Ages 2-3.
  5. 25-09

    Focus on Judaica

    For everything you need for Chagei Tishrei, including 4 offers.
  6. 25-09

    Need to Print Something?

    Focus on the printers in Modiin, what they each specialize in + deals.
  7. 22-09

    The Beehive in Kfar Rut

    Special opening times for gifts, honey, wine, housewares & more...
  8. 21-09

    Focus for Chag > Hairdressers

    For easy reservation in over 30 hair salons + 5 deals worth checking out.
  9. 21-09

    Focus for Chag > Beauticians

    Requiring early reservation as well + 3 deals worth checking out.
  10. 20-09

    New Baking & Birthdays Shop

    Introducing the new special branch of Shum Pilpel Shemen Zayit - incl. deal.
  11. 20-09

    In Focus > Moving House

    A selection of local movers and packaging solutions - incl. 2 offers.
  12. 19-09

    Ready Made Food for Chag

    Here are some of the main options in the area incl. menus & prices.
  13. 19-09

    Over 30 Tradesmen Deals

    Range of offers & discounts for all types of repair and installation services.
  14. 18-09

    TA Train Stations Closure

    Info re: alternative buses, and a city facebook group for carpools.
  15. 18-09

    SHIL Update

    Full details of the new address, incl. location on the map and opening times.
  16. 18-09

    In Focus: Birthday Parties

    10 places where you can find balloons, surprises and supplies - incl. 3 deals.
  17. 14-09

    New Menu on the App

    The full updated menu of Biga in Shilat, marking a year since opening.
  18. 14-09

    Looking for Kids' Chugim?

    Browse quickly & easily over 70 varied options, incl. exclusive deals.
  19. 14-09

    Kids' Chugim - Focused Search

    Check just the type that interests you in a listing divided by category.
  20. 13-09

    New Chag Menu (1)

    The full ready made food menu of Gan BaKfar for the Tishrei chagim.
  21. 13-09

    New Chag Menu (2)

    Rosh HaShana menu of Maccabis - to order in advance or buy erev chag.
  22. 13-09

    New Chag Menu (3)

    The Rosh HaShana ready made food menu of HaMitbachon shel Sima.
  23. 13-09

    Focus on Plumbers

    15 local pros for repairs, plumbing works and installation of water filters.
  24. 12-09

    New Pizzeria in Town

    Introducing Pizza Esh that opened in Merlaz, offering also Yemenite dishes.
  25. 12-09

    Over 30 Deals for Children

    All the relevant deals for Kids & Youth: chugim, pizzas, cellular, birthdays & more.