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  1. 29/10: Chagiga BaSnooker

    New musical comedy starring Ze'ev Revach, Miki Kam, Niro Levy, Ofir Ben Shitrit and more. The classic Israeli movie that...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  2. Floroz - Flower Shop & Garden Center

    Specializing in growing and sale of flowers straight from the greenhouse, wide range of house and garden plants and original...
    44 Shilat
  3. Nairobi Nursery

    Garden center that invites its visitors into the world of flora and fauna and offers a huge variety of options for your...
    54 Shilat
  4. Monkey Park and Sanctuary - Rescue and Education Center

    A park that presents visitors with the fascinating world of monkeys in their natural habit, and the monkey's open and ...
    29 Ben Shemen
  5. 17-19/11: Tzlilei Stav Music Festival 2016 - The Free Shows

    Full schedule of the shows with free entry (For details on paid shows scroll down to the bottom of the page). The shows...
    4 Modiin General
  6. Hinnawi Ice Cream

    A large selection of high quality ice creams in a variety of flavors. Ice cream cakes available! Also on...
    8 Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
  7. 8/1: Pablo Rozenberg Live at the O'Sullivan's

    New show promoting Pablo's latest album 'Normali', which was released recently. The show includes all his best known songs:...
    2 Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
  8. 7/11: Tesha VaChetzi - Show No. 2: Kalabat Shabbat

    The cult Jerusalem group in a show of their best skits.  Dynamic, intelligent, satirical, Israeli, cultural, Jewish and ...
  9. Ulpan La-Inyan Hebrew Course

    Ulpan La-Inyan makes speaking Hebrew a reality for new olim, through carefully-crafted, ready-to-use lessons delivered in a...
    3 Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
  10. 29/11-2/12: Maccabean Festival: Children's Shows & Activities at Nili Heichal Tarbut [Free]

    Chanuka stories shows by 'Teatron Poyke', with the participation of the audience, who will be an active partner in the show...
  11. 8/12: Fantasy - Musical for the Whole Family

    Special show for Chanukah with Rinat Gabay, Tuvia Tzafir, Udi veAviad, Miri Bohadana and more...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  12. 9/1: Project Tesha VaChetzi - Screening of 'Hodu LaShem' + Talk with Director

    Shalti (24) and Zipi (25), an idealist couple from Gush Etzion with two children, travel to India to establish a ...
  13. 25-26/12: Batim Me'irim - Chanukah 2016 [Free]

    Modiin Maccabim Reut families open up their homes for candle lighting and a variety of cultural activities, which can be run...
    1 Modiin General
  14. KeYad HaDimyon

    > Extended opening hours during Pesach vacation - starting from 2/4 until 19/4 (inclusive) the studio will be open for fun...
    34 Prachim
  15. YuKids - Gymboree

    ** New from Japan! Activities with special toys. Activities for mothers and children. Birthday parties. Light...
    32 Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
  16. Chai Goat Farm

    Farm and air conditioned visitors center. Goat herding, milking, cheese making workshop, olive pressing, spinning and...
    66 Mevo Modiim
  17. 21/11: Youth Auditions for Mekorock Modiin 2016 with Aya Korem

    Auditions for kitot Tet-YudBet for participating in the music writing workshop inspired by Jewish sources led by the singer...
    The Red Roof Youth Club
  18. 29/1: What's Your Status?

    Workshop in Hebrew about Facebook, aimed at those who want their Facebook business page to be active and...
    2 Reut
  19. Shambaz Pub

    Pub/restaurant next to the pool, on a beautiful wooden deck between palms and olive trees, under the open sky, as well as...
    57 Maccabim
  20. Geppetto Bar - Bar & Restaurant

    > 'Wild West' Purim party - Thu 9/3 & Sat 11/3. Costumes, special decoration, guest DJ, treats from the Kasteel brand &...
    כשר 74 Ligad / The Technological Park
  21. 4/2: Afifoniyada 2017 Modiin [Free]

    Postponed from Jan 28th. Kite-flying happening for the whole family. It's recommended to bring your own kite Sale of ...
    6 Nechalim
  22. Platinum - Conference & Event Production

    Initiation and organization of conferences and professional seminars in Israel and abroad, marketing events, company...
    Modiin General
  23. 20/4: Activities & Shows at Sachlavim House Modiin Matnas - Tzav shel Oren

    Theater story time with Einat Tirosh. For ages 2-5. Thu 20/4, Two sessions at 16:45 & 17:35. 27 ₪, including materials.
    11 Sachlavim House
  24. 17/2: The Prince and the Pauper (in Hebrew)

    Based on the story by Mark Twain. The story of two children: Tom - a poor child, and Edward - a prince, who bear a striking...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  25. Ayala Dagan - Chocolate Maker

    High-quality, hand-made pralines and chocolate workshops. The pralines and chocolate products are created and designed with...
    כשר 16 Modiin General
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