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Burn off the 'Chametz' Deal - Free Fitness Workout!
at Anatomic - Running at Your Speed
Get ready for Pesach, spring and summer! Your choice of 2 deals offering you a free...
Special Adloyada & Purim Deal - 50% Off Sushi Roll!
at SushiMe - Sushi Bar
Valid only from Fri 27/2 until Sat 7/3! 50% off sushi rolls from the range of rolls on...
Special Purim Deal - Mini Burger for Only 9 ₪!
at Burgers Bar - Malibu Branch
Valid only from Fri 27/2 until Sat 7/3! Buy a burger meal and get a mini burger for only...
Special Purim Deal - 2 Family Pizzas for Only 79 ₪!
at Siciliano - Pizza Pasta
Valid only until Sat 7/3! 2 Family trays (8 slices each) for only 79 ₪ (instead of 10...
Sushi - 1 + 1 Free!
at SushiMe - Sushi Bar
1 + 1 free on sushi rolls (fish + 2 vegetables or 3 vegetables for vegetarian roll) on...
50% Off Wool, 33% Off Tricot!
at Ma'ase BaBad - Sewing Supplies & Course
Wool starting from only 5 ₪ instead of 10 ₪! High quality tricot - 800 grams for only ...
Burger Meal & Beer for Only 60 ₪!
at Restobar - Bar & Restaurant
250 gr hamburger + chips + 1/3 liter beer from tap (Tuborg or Carlsberg) for only 60 ₪ (i...
20% Off Entry Price!
at Election Day Happening at HaMerchav HaPatuach Farm
Special for Election Day Happening: Entry price for 40 ₪ (instead of 50 ₪)! Parents and...
Two Free Loaves of Bread!
at HaOfe - Boutique Bread Workshop
All baking workshop participants who come via the app get two free loaves of home baked...
35% Off Introductory Riding Classes!
at Chavat Tut - Therapeutic and Experiential Horse Riding School
4 fascinating introductory horse riding classes for only 340 ₪ instead of 52...
Free Personal Training Session!
at Szwarcberg - Personal Fitness & Sports Rehabilitation Studio
Free fitness training session with a qualified coach - no obligation! Call today to book!
5%-10% Fixed Discount on Travel in Israel & Abroad!
at Ortal Tourism & Leisure
Domestic Tourism: 5%-10% off the official prices (doesn't include kibbutzim, guesthouses...
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  1. 9/10: Weekly Healthy Living Sessions Starting 9/10

    The Premier Program for women to build self-confidence around food and health.   Transform yourself from a chronic ...
    1 Givat C
  2. 3/10: Anglo Sport Happening for the Whole Family

    Family happening in cooperation with the Municipal Sports Department, with demonstrations of the various ango-saxon sports...
  3. 17/10: Pink Night - Fundraising for Breast Cancer Survivors

    A girls wine and desserts night, with karaoke, speaker, and a chocolate fountain. Women only. Cost: 60 shekels. All p...
    3 Keizer
  4. Kashtan Deli

    Not Kosher. Open on Shabbat.  Food store specializing in the import and sale of gourmet food products in Israel. Working ...
    22 Solomon Center
  5. Fedrik - Israeli Style Restaurant

    NEW! Deliveries menu 2015 - click here! For the full menu click here! Get ready for new and tasty food, Fedrik's in...
    54 Yishpro
  6. AKA - Sushi Bar

    Authentic Asian food experience with a range of Japanese dishes, as well as noodle and rice dishes from the Thai cuisine....
    54 Givat C
  7. Zoola - Italian Restaurant

    Large range of authentic Italian dishes including meats, fish, pasta, lasagna, risotto and desserts. The restaurant is also...
    49 Givat C
  8. Greenhouse Cafe

    High quality bistro, surrounded by greenery. Adjacent to Wendy's Nursery.  Breakfasts, lunch deals, and an indulgent ...
    31 Shilat
  9. 29/10: Chagiga BaSnooker

    New musical comedy starring Ze'ev Revach, Miki Kam, Niro Levy, Ofir Ben Shitrit and more. The classic Israeli movie that...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  10. 30/10: Voca People

    International show, created by Lior Kalfon, combining accapella singing with beatboxing - making sounds of drums, trumpets,...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  11. Floroz - Flower Shop & Garden Center

    Specializing in growing and sale of flowers straight from the greenhouse, wide range of house and garden plants and original...
    21 Shilat
  12. Nairobi Nursery

    Garden center that invites its visitors into the world of flora and fauna and offers a huge variety of options for leisure...
    40 Shilat
  13. 29/8: Anava Nights - Singolda & Friends [Free]

    > Postponed From Sat 23/8, taking place at Anava Park as originally planned. === Avi Singolda, Shlomo Artzi's lead ...
    2 Anava Park
  14. 28-29/10: Debuting Designers Festival at Azrieli Mall

    Winter collections from the designers of the future. Handmade leather/fabric bags and wallets. Designer scarves and...
    3 Azrieli Mall
  15. 7/11: Tesha VaChetzi - Show No. 2: Kalabat Shabbat

    The cult Jerusalem group in a show of their best skits.  Dynamic, intelligent, satirical, Israeli, cultural, Jewish and ...
  16. 18/9: Ruth Vineyard Launch Party - New Wine & Live Music

    Festive launch of new wine - Ruth Casual 2013 vintage. Live jazz music with the Yosef & His Brothers band. Open wine bar...
    1 Kfar Rut
  17. 20/12: Chanukah Party for Kitot Zayin-Chet

    With: DJ Angel, DJ Adidor, actors from Galis and the Children Channel.
  18. Shvil Izim - Dairy, Goat Farm & Restaurant

    Family goat farm and dairy, producing goat cheese by a natural process, as well as a dairy restaurant based on the dairy's...
    2 Tal Shachar
  19. Ulpan La-Inyan Hebrew Course

    Ulpan La-Inyan makes speaking Hebrew a reality for new olim, through carefully-crafted, ready-to-use lessons delivered in a...
  20. 29/11-2/12: Maccabean Festival: Children's Shows & Activities at Nili Heichal Tarbut [Free]

    Chanuka stories shows by 'Teatron Poyke', with the participation of the audience, who will be an active partner in the show...
  21. 8/12: Fantasy - Musical for the Whole Family

    Special show for Chanukah with Rinat Gabay, Tuvia Tzafir, Udi veAviad, Miri Bohadana and more...
    Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
  22. 9/1: Project Tesha VaChetzi - Screening of 'Hodu LaShem' + Talk with Director

    Shalti (24) and Zipi (25), an idealist couple from Gush Etzion with two children, travel to India to establish a ...
  23. KeYad HaDimyon

    Fun activity for all ages, at any hour, any day: Open daily from 10:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening,...
    26 Prachim
  24. Ruth Vineyard

    Kosher boutique winery specializing in quality red wines. We would love to host you every Friday, for a special experience...
    כשר 16 Kfar Rut
  25. QT Gymboree

    > 'Mornings at QT' - For this month's events click here! Unique facility for children aged 1 month -10 years old, combining...
    103 Azrieli Mall
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