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Heichal HaTarbut Modiin - Information & Event Schedule
For highlights of upcoming shows and events - click here! For the full schedule - click here! For movie events and screenings - click here! Modiin's Heichal HaTarbut is a regional cultural center, located near the municipal library and the
‭20/12 - 21/12‬ : "Last of the Maccabees" Show with Asphalt Theater in Ben Shemen Forest - Chanukah 2022
Ben Shemen
A comic performance for the whole family with Asphalt Theater. The show, taking place in the middle of Ben Shemen forest, presents the story of three Jewish warriors from the Hasmonean period, and includes ancient texts, acrobatics, playing
My Ninja - Challenge Sports Center
City Center (Ma'ar)
A social, challenging, competitive and professional sports center for fitness and ninja training for participants of any age and at any level, also for children with special needs. Services include: Chugim, Tzaharon-ninja, one-time entries,
Anava Park & Water Spray Park [Free]
Anava Park
Please note! The boating and the spray park are back! For info re: boating options - click here! The spray park is operating on the hour, every hour, for 30 minutes - during the following times: Sun-Thu: 15:00-18:00. Fri: 15:00-18:00. Sat:
HaMerkaz HaRav Tchumi - Adult Education Center
Learning center for higher education and adult education from age 18 and up. The center includes: Open University academic learning center for first and second degrees. Cathedra learning campus for enrichment and culture. Career and persona
The Open University - Modiin
Offering courses in the following areas: First and Second Degrees Local government Diploma – Certificate Courses (home styling, tour guides abroad and complementary medicine) Dialog – Language Courses For more details click here!
Rav Chen Cinema - Modiin Branch
Azrieli Mall
Cinema complex with 6 screens. Located in the "Azrieli Mall Modiin". For the list of films showing this week, screening times and reviews (in Hebrew) on the website "Seret" - click here or on the link below To book tickets and for info from
Hot Cinema Modiin
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
Cinema complex with 10 screens. Located in the shopping area "Yishpro Center Modiin". For the list of films showing this week, screening times and reviews (in Hebrew) on the website "Seret" - click here or on the link below To book tickets
O'Sullivan's - The Irish Pub
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
From Sunday 1/1/23, becoming kosher, with new opening times: Sun-Thu: 17:00 until the last customer, Fri: closed, Sat: 19:00 - until the last customer. For information about the new event hall of O'Sullivan's - click here! For new Kosher me
Happy Hour with 25% Off the Entire Menu!
Reut Water Park
Reut Water Park has opened it's gates to new members and families! Large family-oriented country club, offering the highest level of facilities in the country. The wide range of swimming and sports facilities include: Two semi-Olympic swim
Maccabim Sports Center
Where sports and health meet. (For the chugim which are taking place at the center - see "Related" at the bottom of the page). The Maccabim Sport Center offers 2 swimming pools: for adults and for toddlers, with a range of activities during
Danny Herman - Private & VIP Tours, Archaeological Expertise
Modiin General
Private and VIP tours to all of Israel, by an archaeologist and a tour guide. 15 years of experience and many recommendations. Lecturer at the Hebrew University, IDC, and Tour guide courses
Matnas Community Center - Amutat Sachlavim
For the full list of chugim for children, youth and adults. For all the information you need, click on the relevant link below. Arts chugim Stage Enrichment chugim for kids Dance & Ballet Music chugim City conservatory Sports chugim for chi
Let's Talk Program - Improve your Spoken Hebrew
Modiin General
Would you like to improve your spoken Hebrew? ESRA MODIIN’S “LET'S TALK” program: Easy conversation exchange on a one-to-one basis. We match you with Israelis wishing to improve their spoken English. Weekly meetings at your own convenience.
Tal Shachar Swimming Pool
Tal Shachar
Swimming season 2022: from Sunday 15/5. In the heart of green-soaked nature, you will find the beautiful and pastoral Tal Shachar pool, which includes a toddler pool, a pool for children and adults with swimming lanes, shading, green lawns,
‭29/01‬ : Karius and Bactus - Children's Show at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Dubi Gal as "Karius", leading the show that taught generations of Israeli children about oral health. To order tickets click here! Two bacteria, Karius and Bactus, live in the teeth of the child Uzi. They dig a hole as Uzi gobbles up candy.
‭22/02‬ : Ori Hizkiah - Stand-up Show at Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Stand up show of one of Israel's best known comedians - particularly famous for his role in the the TV show 'Tzchok Me'Avoda', where he made his big breakthrough. To order tickets click here! Audience will be seated at shared tables. Seatin
‭19/01 - 25/02‬ : Miri Mesika - Live at Moadon Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Part of Mesika's new national tour, including her top hits as well as songs from her latest album, 'Okyanus'. To order tickets click here! Songs on the show include: Melech, Ba'a Eleichem, LeSham, Af Achat, Achshav Ata Chozer BeChazara, Mam
‭25/11‬ : The 17th Modiin Run 2022
Note the updated schedule! Modiin's traditional annual run. To register click here! This year's run includes 6 heats: competitive 21.1K (half-marathon) competitive 10K competitive 5K competitive 1.8K (including the Modiin Macabbim Reut elem
Acord Studio - The Largest Music School in Modiin
Azrieli Mall
Wide range of musical services including music lessons, choir management, recording and rehearsal space. Come and enjoy the range of services offered by the biggest music school in Modiin: Guitar lessons: classic, electric and bass. Drummin
Virtuoz (Yigal Israeli) - Music School, Store & Recording Studio
One of Modiin's most veteran music studios. Private and group music and voice lessons, with top level teachers. The studio also includes a musical instrument store, guitar repair services and a professional recording studio - under the mana
Ironi Modiin in Football - 2022/23 Season
Ligad / The Technological Park
After ten years in the Liga Bet (4th division), Ironi Modi'in managed to finish the 2021/22 season in first place and qualify for the Liga Aleph (3rd division). This year, in the 2022/23 season, Ironi Modi'in plays in Liga Aleph Darom, in w
‭27/12‬ : Story Time at the Public Libraries
Modiin General
Schedule of upcoming story time events at the various libraries in Modi'in. Events are for ages 3 to 6, unless otherwise noted. Tuesday 27/12/22, 17:00 - HaDayag VeDag HaZahav [at the main library, Emek Dotan 49]. Story time with Teatronoya
‭20/12 - 26/12‬ : Chanukah 2022 at the Aladdin Olive Farm
Kfar Rut
"Banu Choshech LeGaresh" - Family tours about olives and olive oil. Come and see how olive oil is made in the olive press, how it was used to light the Menorah in the Beith HaMikdash, and what else can be made out of it. The children will h
‭20/12‬ : 19th Modiin Heritage Conference - Chanukah 2022 [Free]
Einan Hall
Research conference in its 19th year on the geography, history and archaeology of Hasmonean times and the Modiin area, in memory of Prof. Yair Parag z"l. For full program click here Free, registration required. To register click here תוכנית
Ben Shemen Forest
Ben Shemen
The biggest forest in the center of the country - right on our doorstep. 22 thousand dunams of woodland, hikes, trails and picnic areas. For map of forest please click here! Have you visited here? Send us your pictures and we'll add the bes
Park Ayalon-Canada
Park Ayalon-Canada
Rich in natural woodland, planted forests and contains many intriguing historical sites. Ayalon-Canada Park, named after the Ayalon Valley and in honor of the donation from Canadian Jewry for its founding, stretches across 7000 dunam north
Givat HaTitora
A perfect family hike in the heart of the city. The best time to visit the hill is between November and April, when it is full of beautiful wild flowers and blossoming almond trees. Givat HaTitora is the main and most important nature, scen
The Maccabean Graves
Ben Shemen
For info on guided tours over Chanukah - click here! A site located along Highway 443, especially popular during Chanukah, because of a century-old tradition that these are the graves of the Maccabees. In fact, the tombs are from about 500
‭29/12‬ : Volunteers Fair - Giving with Love 2022
Azrieli Mall
Opportunity to meet and learn about the different volunteer-based organizations in Modiin. Dozens of stands of volunteer organizations working in the city with love and caring.
Horbat Ha-Gardi (Sheikh Gharbawi)
Ben Shemen
Sheikh's grave located on a hill overlooking the Arab village of el-Midiah. Nothing is known about the sheikh (his name means "the sheikh from the west" or "the owner of the cart"), and today ultra orthodox Jews venerate the place as the to
Umm el-Umdan
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Site uncovered in salvage excavations of the Israel Antiquities Authority during development of the Buchman neighborhood. The findings include graves, a bathhouse, and a synagogue from the second century BCE. Archaeologists Alexander Onn an
Tel Ayalon
Park Ayalon-Canada
A Biblical mound which gave the park and the valley at its feet their name ("Ayalon Park", and "Ayalon Valley"). The Ayalon Valley became famous as the place where a solar eclipse occurred in the middle of a battle between Joshua and Canaan
Tel Chadid
Ben Shemen
Antiquities site in the heart of the Ben Shemen Forest. The Tel is surrounded by groves of olive trees of impressive ages, dotted with wild prickly pear cactuses. The grove covers around 1000 dunams and along its trails are the remains of a
The Southern Hills
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
The hills south of the Buchman neighborhood contain ruins of ancient settlements, and provide beautiful nature hikes in the winter and spring. For article (in Hebrew), including video, from NRG click here. For article (in Hebrew), including
Nachal Anava (Wadi Anabe)
Anava Park
Ephemeral stream with a path for hikers and bikes along its banks, stretching west from Park Anava. On particularly rainy days, the stream gets filled with water, creating a stunning view at the heart of the green hills along the Keizer nei
Tel Gimzo
Ben Shemen
Tel Gimzo hides within it ancient history of Jewish settlement, and following that a period of Arab settlement. From the heights of the Tel views can be seen of Latrun, Lod valley, and Herzliya on the horizon. In the east the houses of Modi
Givat Sher
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
A hike for the whole family, up to an hour and a half long. One of Modiin's most significant and well preserved archaeological sites, with a great variety of remains from different periods, including Byzantine, Crusader and Hasmonean. The f
Givat Barfilia
Hill bordering the western side of the Keizer neighborhood, with wide views over Modiin and the coastal plain. Hikers can find remains from various historical periods, dating back to crusader times, as well as plenty of wildflowers in the w
Viewing Point on Tamar Trail
Park Ayalon-Canada
Hill at the eastern edge of Park Ayalon-Canada with a variety of wildflowers and stunning panoramic views towards the east, north and west. The easiest access is via a track through the almond groves just before Mevo Choron, with thousands
Nachal Modiim & The Shilat Cliffs
Ben Shemen
No, it's not Scotland and not Switzerland either - it's 15 minutes from Modiin, and yes, you can and people do abseiling. The impressive cliff that you see in the picture can be accessed either from the top or from the bottom. If you're wit
Terminal 4 Pets - International Pet Transportation
Merkaz Renanim
The Israeli agency for international pet transportation, offering a full range of services to people traveling internationally with their pets. Services include: Document preparation Veterinary services Cargo shipments Airline approved kenn
Boating at Anava Park - Summer 2022
Anava Park
Please note! The boating is now active again! Old-new attraction that returned in the summer of 2021 after a 3 year break, with a variety of new boats and a wider range of options. Offering 2 types of boat rentals: pedal boats, and motor bo
Hobby - Crafting & Jewelry Supplies, Workshops & Activities
Yishpro / Merkaz Einav
For info on macrame and jewelry workshops - click here! Seeking employees (valid also for high school students), who love crafts and have good customer relations skills. For enquires call: 054-3017198 New in store: A variety of craft kits
‭26/01‬ : Ariel Zilber - Live at Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
New show for the king of the Israeli groove, produced by Louis Lahav. After the moving performances at the "Tamar Festival" and "Kav Rakia" in which Ariel reunited with the band "Brosh", Ariel now returns to his regular backing band for a s
‭01/03‬ : Haim Moshe - Live at Moadon Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Haim Moshe, the legendary singer, takes the stage at Moadon Gray Modiin accompanied by 6 musicians, performing all his classic hits and greatest love songs. To order tickets click here! Songs that will be performed at the show include: HaKo
‭27/01‬ : Izhar Ashdot Ft. Arkadi Duchin - Live at Moadon Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Izhar Ashdot, one of Israel's top artists-performers, celebrates 30 years of solo career in an energetic and exciting show, with a fascinating combination of rock music and acoustic and electric instruments. Guest artist: Arkadi Duchin. To
‭26/01‬ : Eliad - Live at Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
Hits from the first 3 albums and of course the hits released since as singles, accompanied by a band of seven musicians, in a major production with high quality sound and special lighting. To order tickets click here! Eliad burst into the m
‭11/03‬ : Danny Sanderson - Live at Gray Modiin
City Center (Ma'ar)
Danny Sanderson, the only artist in Israel combining standup with rock and roll, in one big smile. A live performance with the top hits of all times, including songs he composed and performed as a member of Kaveret, Gazoz and Doda. To order
‭11/02‬ : David Broza "HaIsha She'Iti" - Heichal HaTarbut Modiin
Heichal HaTarbut (The Cultural Center)
David Broza celebrates the 40th anniversary of his legendary album "Ha'Isha She'Iti". To order tickets click here! David Broza is one of the most respected and important artists in Israeli music, with a musical career that spans borders and
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