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Pets and Animals

Everything for animals in the Modiin area. Including vets, pet hairdressers, supplies and equipment, dog parks, kennels and more.
Michael - Snake Catching
Modiin General
Snake catcher, certified by Israel Nature and Parks Authority (Rashut HaTeva veHaGanim). License no: 2020/A1947. Fast, efficient and reliable service. Modiin resident. Call now for more information: 050-8090390
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Mistaprim Al 4 - Dog & Cat Hairdresser
Country Center
Meital and Achinoam, professional dog and cat hairdressers, will give your pets loving, warm and patient attention, and a haircut in a calm atmosphere, with no tying down or restricting. Haircuts according to breed and hair type Nail cuttin
My Zoo - Pet Equipment & Food Store and Hairdresser
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Physical store of the MyZoo online store, offering equipment and food for all types of animals, and dog and cat grooming. The MyZoo online store was opened in 2019 based on extensive experience in raising dogs, horses, chickens, ducks, rabb
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Pet-Meds - Veterinary Clinic Under the Management of Dr. Sharon Barel
Lev Reut Shopping Center
Extensive experience in the various fields of veterinary medicine. Professional, dedicated and loving care for pets. The clinic offers a range of advanced veterinary medical services, including: Internal medicine Emergency medicine Surgery
Terminal 4 Pets - International Pet Transportation
Merkaz Renanim
The Israeli agency for international pet transportation, offering a full range of services to people traveling internationally with their pets. Services include: Document preparation Veterinary services Cargo shipments Airline approved kenn
Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Naama Horvitz
Country Center
Fluent English speaker. Clinic for conventional and alternative treatments and therapy for your beloved pets (cats and dogs). Membership packages are available with many bonuses and discounts - for more information send a WhatsApp message.
Whiskers - Veterinary Center
Euro Shops
Advanced medical services for dogs and cats, in a relaxed and safe atmosphere, based on the principle of Fear Free care for your pets. High standard of veterinary medicine - 17 years of clinical experience, and advanced medical equipment. A
Amit Zoo - Kfar Rut Branch
Kfar Rut
Food and accessories for animals you love! The most advanced center for the sale of pet food and equipment! At Amit Zoo you can purchase a huge range of food and accessories for dogs, cats and other animals. Emphasis on fast delivery time,
Mahmadi Dimri Branch - Socially Responsible Veterinary Medicine
Dimri Towers
Open until 21:00, at regular prices (Sun-Thu, and on Fri from 09:00-15:00) and now also on Saturdays (from 18:00-21:00)! Come and visit the new store! Everything for your dogs and cats at the press of a button. Wide variety of products and
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4Pets - Medical Veterinary Center for Pets
Kfar Rut
Dedicated, loving, professional, round the clock medical care for pets in Modiin and the surrounding areas. The 4pets medical veterinary center - the oldest in the area with 30 years experience - is managed by Professor Eran Lavi, an expert
AlfaVet - Advanced Veterinary Center & Emergency Services for Pets
Malibu Center
One of the country's most sophisticated veterinary centers, part of the AlfaVet chain, managed by Dr. Adrian Bulata. The center offers advanced medical services, preventative medicine including inoculations for puppies and cats, periodical
Amit Zoo - City Center Branch
City Center (Ma'ar)
To watch a short clip from the store click here! Food and accessories for animals you love! The most advanced center for the sale of pet food and equipment! At Amit Zoo you can purchase a huge range of food and accessories for dogs, cats an
Ba'a Me'A-Hav-A - Family Pet Pension
Your dog has a home, even when you are not at home. Boarding in a private home providing warmth, love, walks, nature and great conditions. When you travel you can be sure that your dog is in safe and loving hands, and getting constant and c
Dog Park - Junction of Rabin and Route 431
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Sand and gravel dog park located next to the fitness equipment on the corner of Yitzchak Rabin / Sderot HaChashmonaim, at the beginning of route 431. The 350 sqm park is a protected and open space for dogs, and includes unique play equipmen
Dog Park Anava
Anava Park
Approximately 950 sqm large. The park is located in the northern part of Anava park, close to the path leading up to the Caffit and Anabe restaurants. The dogs area includes special play structures for dogs, signage, benches, bins and water
Dog Park Emek Ha'Ela
First dog park in the city with separation between large and small dogs. The park is located on Emek Ha'Ela street opposite house number 26 (opposite the social services department building). The park's services include: water fountains for
Dog Park Emek HaChula
Approximately 800 sqm large, the park is located near Derech Ya'ir Parag on the east side of Emek HaChula, close to the outdoor gym. The park is surrounded by a tall fence with double gates for security in order to allow the dogs to run fre
Dog Park Emek Zevulun
Located next to Park HaMishpacha and the sports hall. The area includes special play structures for dogs, signage, benches, bins and water fountains.
Dog Park Kramim
Approximately 800 sqm large, the park is located in the junction of the streets Nisan and Ein Charod in the Kramim neighborghood. The park is surrounded by a tall fence with double gates for security in order to allow the dogs to run free w
Dog Park Maccabim
Located on Sderat HaMaccabim, in the Eucalyptus grove next to Kikar Rabin. The park includes play structures for dogs, signage, benches, bins and water fountains.
Dog Park Modiin Center
Allocated area for dogs located at the north-east side of Emek Ayalon opposite Givat HaTitora. The size of the park has been doubled recently and includes special play structures for dogs, benches, bins and water fountains.
Dog Park Moriah
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
A 500 sqm park located on Sderot Menachem Begin, corner of Sderot HaChashmona'im (next to the Extreme Park). The decision for the location of the park was made due to residents' requests to place a dog park within the neighborhood, but dist
Dog Park Nofim
An allocated closed section for dogs within the park on Ya'ar Yatir in the Nofim neighborhood. The dogs area includes playing structures, benches, water fountain, lighting, bins and a Saki-Kaki unit.
Dog Park Reut
Located next to Mishol Oz Tzemach, between the tennis courts and the scouts. The park includes special play structures for dogs, signage, benches, bins and water fountains.
Dog Park Shimshoni
Shimshoni (Meginim & Nevi'im)
Located on Motta Gur street, next to the Ironi Gimel high school. The park includes special play structures for dogs, signage, benches, bins and water fountains.
Dogland - Center for Dogs
Complex offering a range of services for dogs, including: kennels, training, grooming, food and equipment. New! Transportation services: collecting and returning your dog from/to your house! Services include: Boarding at the recently renova
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Dr. Arik Elhalal - Veterinary Doctor
Buchman (Shvatim & Moriah)
Veterinary clinic for pets with over 18 years of experience in Modiin. The clinic offers a variety of treatments and services: Preventive medicine Routine treatments Emergency medicine Surgery Laboratory and imaging services Visits by outsi
Eric's Pet Club - Dog & Pet Hairdresser
Merkaz Renanim
Pamper your dog! Dog and pet hairdresser, offering full range of grooming treatments, including haircuts, showering and more, in a pleasant, homey atmosphere. Personal attention for every customer, at especially affordable prices! Option to
Karnuna - A Special Groomer For Special Dogs
Kfar Truman
Native English speaker. Dog groomer specializing in the health and well being of dogs, grooming elderly and special needs dogs, as well as healthy ones. The grooming salon offers a range of treatments for each individual pet and owners need
Kipodan 18 Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Yael Levi-Mazloum
New veterinary clinic, offering top quality treatment, in a pleasant and warm atmosphere, plenty of time per patient for an attentive and patient appointment, a sense of confidence throughout the process, and complete transparency regarding
Meir Fingold - Snake & Rat Catcher and Pigeon Control & Removal Services
Modiin General
Snake, rat, pest and scorpion catching services, 24 hours a day, and pigeon control and removal. Holds special trapping permit from the Nature and Parks Authority. Services include: Snake, rat, pest and scorpions removal Pigeon control and
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Melech HaChayot - Pet Equipment & Food
Modiin Center
The largest, leading chain of equipment, accessories and food for pets. To order or request a price quote on WhatsApp click here! At Melech HaChayot you will find a wide range of high quality products from the top brands on the market - pes
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Sophie's Animal Farm - Beit Uziel Dog Shelter
Non-profit organization founded in 2015 with the purpose of saving and rehabilitating dogs and cats, and arranging for their adoption by loving families. Adoption days every Friday and Saturday 10:00-16:00. The dog shelter is located on Mos
Tnu LaChayot Lichyot Dog Shelter - Kfar Ruth
Kfar Rut
For those looking to adopt a dog, the shelter houses dozens of dogs waiting to be adopted. Some of them can be seen on the website below. The shelfter was originally located in Meshek Dror. Please note, adoption can only take place in the p
House of Veterinary Doctors
Merkaz Renanim
Veterinary hospital 24/7. Surgery, lab, x-ray. Other services include: cat boarding facilities, pet grooming saloon, pet food equipment & accessories.
Raz Hadbarot - Exterminator
Modiin Resident. License no': 1283 + 1855. Exterminator for all kinds of pests: Ants Cockroaches Fire ants Silverfish Mice and rats Mosquitoes Termites Capturing snakes Spraying before events. Safe materials. Special extermination treatment
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Anna Grooming
Dog and cat hairdresser.
Aqua Gan
Kfar Rut
Fish farm for aquarium and pond fish.
Forum Tziporim Commercial Center
Veterinary clinic.
Emek Ayalon Ranch
Mevo Choron
Attraction, chugim and treks, events and kennel.
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