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Emergency Services and First Aid

Contact information for Modiin's police, fire department and ambulance services, as well as Terem, the duty pharmacy, the city hotline, snake catchers and more...
Emergency Medic Course at United Hatzalah
Modiin General
Want to save lives? Join Israel's largest volunteer organization for saving lives. Emergency medic course (in Hebrew) for Modiin residents opening soon for suitable candidates. At the end of the training, those suitable will join the organi
Police - Modiin Station
City Center (Ma'ar)
The police station has relocated to its new building in the City Center, on Sderot Dam HaMaccabim 26. The station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Ambulance - Magen David Adom
Modiin General
Emergency services.
Fire Station Modiin
Mitcham HaCaravanim
Emergency hotline for firefighting and rescue services in Modiin and the surrounding areas.
Municipal Hotline - Moked 106
Modiin General
The municipal hotline is on call 24 hours a day for requests and questions concerning hazards and emergencies in the city, including: Infrastructure – roads/sidewalks, street lights and traffic lights, drainage Sanitation and pest control G
Terem Modiin - Emergency Medical Center
Local emergency medicine care clinic, providing 24/7 urgent care, 365 days a year. Treatment for a wide range of emergeny medical care issues that do not require hospital care, from babies up to the elderly. For current waiting time click h
Duty Pharmacy
Modiin General
On Fridays, the Super-Pharm branch on Emek Beit Shean in Shimshoni is open between 8:00-22:00. For the opening times of duty pharmacies on Shabbatot, chagim and remembrance days click here When the duty pharmacy is closed, in emergencies an
Home Front Command (Pikud HaOref) - Info for Modiin Residents
To watch a clip with guidlines for protection outdoors - click here! To watch a clip with guidelines for protection when driving kids - click here! According to the HFC map, Modiin Maccabim Reut is in area 181. Accordingly, the residents of
Yedidim - Volunteer Organization for Non-Medical First Aid
Modiin General
Car stuck? Kid locked in? For every mishap, for every person left helpless and in need of rescue or assistance - there is someone to give free help, regardless of race, gender or religion. The Yedidim organization, which is active throughou
Electric Company
Modiin General
For online bill payment click here For information on electricity outages click here For reporting meter readings For all calls to the 103 service, please be prepared with your 'Mispar Choze', which appears in bold on the top part of your e
Michael Pigeon Removal and Snake Catching
Modiin General
Range of effective and advanced solutions for the removal of pigeons and harmful birds. Service for the private and business sectors, including jobs on high floors and abseiling. Laundry hanging areas Balconies Window sills Balustrades Tile
10% Off All Pigeon Removal Jobs!
Meir Fingold - Snake and Rat Catcher
Modiin General
Snake, rat, pest and reptiles catching services, 24 hours a day. Holds special trapping permit from the Nature and Parks Authority. Call now for more information!
10% Off Snake Catching!
National Poison Control Center
Modiin General
24/7 hotline for questions and professional consultations for emergencies related to poisoning (clinical toxicology). The center is run by trained medical experts. Branch of the Health Ministry.
Environmental Hotline
Modiin General
Emergency Environmental Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Smiles Experts - Advanced Dental Clinic
Moriah Center
All the experts under one roof. Consistently high quality, top level, uncompromising treatment for all, including emergency dentistry and first aid with a free check up*! English and French speaking dentists and specialists. The clinic incl
Doron Shirutey Derech - Mobile Car Mechanic
Modiin General
BS"D. Please do not call on Shabbat. Mobile car repairs services for car mechanics and electrics, with over 25 years experience. Guaranteed arrival time of up to 40 minutes within Modiin! 24/7 car rescue services (excluding Shabbat and Jewi
Natal - Israeli Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War
Apolitical nonprofit organization, offering mental health support for victims of terror and war, and those close to them.
Ronel - 24/6 Sewage Truck
Modiin General
Emergency service for floods and sewage pipe blockages. Clearing blockages in sewage pipes in homes and gardens, using high water pressure from a 'Biuvit' sewage clearing truck. Pumping of water and sewage from floods Pumping water from she

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