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The New Bus Lines in Modiin & Changes Made to Existing Ones

As of 16/8/13, the following updates and changes will come into effect in the bus line services of Modiin and the area - now operated by the transportation company Kavim:

Changes & Improvements to Internal City Lines

Improvement of route in certain lines and improvement of frequency in all lines.

  • Bus Route 1 which includes the neighborhoods Kramim, Nevi'im, Meginim, Avnei Chen, Nechalim & Prachim now offers better coverage of Kramin.
  • Bus Route 2 to Nevi'im, Meginim, Mesoa, Nechalim and Prachim goes all the way to the bottom of Emek Ha'Ela in Kramim.
  • Bus Route 3 includes Prachim, Nechalim, Mesoa, Moriya and Shvatim, and offers better coverage in Moriya, Sderot Menachem Begin and the Extreme Park.
  • Bus Route 4 includes the neighborhoods Prachim, Nechalim, as well as Maccabim and Reut.
  • Bus Route 5 includes the Technological Park (Ligad).
  • Bus Route 6 to Merkaz Einav (Yishpro Center) via HaPrachim and Avnei Chen.

Six New Intercity Bus Lines

All other intercity lines are as before, most of them with better frequency.

  • Bus Route 104 from Kramim and Nevi'im to Tel-Aviv Merkaz (Arlozorov) train station.
  • Bus Route 105 from Meginim and Avnei Chen to Tel-Aviv Merkaz (Arlozorov) train station.
  • Bus Route 113 from Prachim and Nechalim to Kiryat HaLe'om and the government buildings in Jerusalem.
  • Bus Route 114 from Moriya and Shvatim to Jerusalem.
  • Bus Route 116 from Avnei Chen, Meginim and Nevi'im to Jerusalem.
  • Bus Route 153 from Modiin, Hadarim t to Ramle's central bus station, and back via Emek Dotan.
  • Bus Route 154 from the main terminal (near the Iriya) directly to Avi Asirim terminal in Rishon LeZion via Road 431.

Changes to Regional Lines

  • Bus Route 7 from Modiin to Lapid is now no' 27.
  • Bus Route 17 NEW from Modiin Merkaz train station to Nof Ayalon, Kfar Bin Nun and Sha'alabim.
  • Bus Route 28 NEW from Azrieli Mall Modiin to Kfar Rut and Shilat.

Link for the bus routes

Link for the schedule


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