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Yesh Atid Modiin Maccabim Reut Headed by Shahar Mey-On - Party for Elections 2018 in Modiin

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More equality. More action.

Ballot letters:



The list represents the residents of the city and its various communities in the ultimate way.

The list is comprised of a majority of women, and offers representation for retirees, the Maccabim Reut quarter, the LGTBQ community, those with special needs, young adults and education.

The list is also characterized by people of action, with experience in leading change processes.


  1. Shahar Mey-On - council member, holds portfolios for the advancement of the status of the child and promotion of small and medium sized businesses and fostering business entrepreneurship.
  2. Adv. Sigal Lazarovich
  3. Adv. Eitan Manor
  4. Adv. Orr Magal
  5. Sharona Sholav
  6. Suzanna Groner
  7. Inbar Amit Avraham

On Current City Council Elected in 2013:

  • Number of seats: 1.
  • Number of votes: 1,286.
  • Functions: Holds portfolios for the advancement of the status of the child and promotion of small and medium sized businesses and fostering business entrepreneurship. Member of the board of directors of Sachlavim, member of the finance committee, member of the planning and building committee.

Why to vote for them (in their words):

"We believe in public service, in giving and helping the entire population and in supervising the work of the representatives of the municipality and its leader.

We believe in a municipality that is transparent and sees its residents as partners involved in decision-making.

We will make sure that the city's retirees can live in our city with dignity and without worry or distress.

We will take care of young children and parents, and act to advance the values of equality, and do much more for the city's residents."


  • For parents and young adults:
    • Shading of playgrounds with an emphasis on toddler play equipment
    • Advancing and improving of the city's 'Psi'ot' program
    • Implementing of the 'Ir Mekadement Yeladim' project, an initiative that puts the needs and rights of the child as an integral part of city policies
  • For businesses:
    • Initiating the portfolio on the council for businesses and entrepreneurship to serve business owners, and encouraging cultural activities and opening of businesses on Shabbat
    • Cancelling the signage fee (roll-ups) for small businesses, saving businesses hundreds of shekels!
    • Initiating exposure events for businesses in the city and promoting neighborhood commercial centers
  • For people with special needs:
    • Making the city more accessible for those with physical disabilities, including play equipment in public parks
    • Launching of a project to deal with the subject of violence against people with disabilities!
  • For the public - providing solutions for hundreds of inquiries, including requests from placing a bench to placing bollards on sidewalks to prevent illegal parking and allow the public to safely use the sidewalk.

Main points of platform:

  • More for retirees - committed to taking care of the retirees of Modiin Maccabim Reut
  • More for toddlers - will work to set up municipal Ganim for ages 0-3 so that our children will have organized education and municipal supervision from birth to adulthood.
  • More for education - will equip schools with education suited to the 21st century, in construction and methods of teaching, will work to add essential creative subjects and encounters, to develop speaking and verbal presentation skills and prepare for the 'data-rich' world
  • More for the community - will initiate an accelerator program for social businesses that will function from the city and influence it
  • More for businesses - will set up an accelerator and networking program for small businesses and female entrepreneurs that work from the city and will initiate the development of a municipal co-working space
  • More green - will promote the placing of solar panels on public buildings and schools
  • More animal welfare - will promote the setting up of dog parks close to home and city adoption days
  • More for the pride community - will work to allocate funds for the promotion of equality and inclusion of the LGBTQ community in the city

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