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Modiin Chofshit - Headed by Avi Elbaz

Ballot letters: עם.


  1. Avi Elbaz.
  2. Sara Zicherman.
  3. Adv. Shmuel Shenhar.
  4. Irit Mark.
  5. Zvi Zinger.
  6. Efrat Shelach Yeshurun.
  7. Shlomo Olisker.
  8. Dr. Arye Gilat.
Summary Party Platform:
  • For freedom of religion and equality between the various religious streams in the city.
  • For proper governance and full transparency of the municipality and public institutions in the city.
  • To strengthen general mamlachti, quality public education and democratic schools.
  • Equitable allocation of public land, according to city needs, and the establishment of community cultural centers for all ages, for youth movements and clubs.
  • Oppose the wholesale allocation of plots to synagogues, and will demand the allocation of one plot for every 3-4 synagogues, and at the expense of the establishment of kindergartens.
  • Partial operation of public transportation on Shabbat - within the city and inter-city, for youth and residents who do not own private vehicles.
  • For a vibrant city with cultural activities throughout the week, including Saturdays.
  • Will establish a vocational academic institution in the city.
  • Establishment of a center for arts and music for local artists and musicians.
  • For family events in Anabe Park during Sukkot and Pesach vacations.
  • For proper maintenance of the civil cemetery and to publicize it to the city population.
  • Will oppose the establishment of a religious council in the city, but will support the provision of effective and good religious services by the municipality, in the same manner as it provides education and welfare services.
  • Will oppose the appointment of a chief Ashkenazi rabbi to replace Rabbi David Lau and will promote the idea that there is no need for more than one chief rabbi in our city.
  • Oppose the appointment or selection of neighborhood rabbis at public expense.
  • Object to any kind of exclusion of women.
  • Oppose the establishment of a haredi neighborhood, and will fight religious coercion and the threat of invasion and spread of haredi culture.

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