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12/10-14/10 : 21:30 > Slow Release [Free]

Youth stage - Fish Park 4, Emek Yizrael, Modiin

Imagine a world... where every morning children encounter themselves and the world through physical activity, coordination, concentration, and pushing beyond their limits, allowing sharpness and clearness of mind.

Juggling as maths, walking on a tightrope as science, trapeze and tissue as song.

In the reality of the Stefanie Ensemble, which includes youth aged 10-18, young children are given 'slow release', a type of Ritalin, in order to help them function and integrate better in school and in society.

On stage they are able to present a different way. A way that allows different types of talent to be expressed, a way that develops self confidence and curiosity, in order to present a generation that is prepared to develop itself and improve.

Duration: 45 minutes.

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Sun-Tue 12-14/10.

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